Summoners War: Chronicles Tips and Tricks for a Best Gameplay


A colossal hello to the gaming world and its audience, the gamers. Today we are gathered under this page to discuss Summoners War: Chronicles tips that will grant smooth player gameplay. Summoners War: Chronicles is an MMORPG that will officially enter the gaming world shortly. The game made by Com2US entered the gaming arena last year in the form of pre-registration. This game presents itself gracefully with its extraordinary and unique art style.




Summoners War: Chronicles Tips and Tricks for a Best Gameplay


The game has over 100 characters for the player to choose from. Apart from this, Summoners War: Chronicles also has some gacha features to it. Therefore we can assume this game to be an MMORPG cum gacha game. 


The game is not that complex, but some players might have difficulty making steady progress, so we have bought our Summoners War: Chronicles tips so that gamers can handle the game smoothly as butter. No need to wait more; let us get into the guide. Take Summoners War: Chronicles on PC, and let’s start the guide. 


Summoners War: Chronicles Tips on Tutorial

The first tip we will discuss in our Summoners War: Chronicles tips guide is the tutorial. The tutorial will be the first step you will take when you enter the game. Do not avoid the tutorial stage. The tutorial stage will help you to have a better foundation and understanding of the gameplay. The tutorial stage will provide you an insight into how the game works.


Completing the tutorial will brush up your gaming skills immensely. And this knowledge and experience will also help you progress in the game. Apart from this, the tutorial stage will help you choose the perfect characters and get free stuff which is extremely valuable. So it would be best if you went through the trial and error stage of the game before getting into the battlefield. 


Summoners War: Chronicles Tips on Tutorial


Main Quest

We are all aware that the main quests in any game will bring tons of rewards and currencies. The same formula applies to Summoners War: Chronicles as well. But dear beginners do not take the main quest lightly and complete them at a slow rate. The leading search is one of the most critical tips among the list of many Summoners War: Chronicles tips. Also, you can unlock certain parts of the game only after you finish a particular level of the main quest. 


Apart from the rewards, main quests are an excellent opportunity for all the Summoners War: Chronicles beginners to get a solid Summoners War: Chronicles gameplay basic. The experience will help you to deal with all sorts of attacks from enemies. 


Summoners War: Chronicles Tips on Watching Ads

Another great tip would be watching advertisements. They are indeed time taking. But worth the time. Watching these advertisements will be able to get you daily currency rewards. And these rewards will help you get many items you need in the game. Therefore make sure not to skip the ads and earn as many daily currency rewards as possible.


Daily Events to Level up

One of the main Summoners War: Chronicles tips for leveling up will be the daily events. We all know how great these daily events pay you. So completing all these everyday events is a must. For you would earn some extra better currencies via the daily events. Make sure to grab all the extra income by completing the daily events.


Battle Against Other Opponents

Battling against opponents is one of the pro moves you can use in the game. The more you fight against opponents, the more experience you will get. And also you will be able to master other different styles. Therefore make sure you master these various styles by fighting with other opponents. This will take you into higher stages immensely in the game. 


Battle Against Other Opponents


Summoners War: Chronicles Tips for Progressing 

The central concept of Summoners War: Chronicles would be the gradual progression of the game. Progressing to higher levels is equally essential as drawing suitable monsters. The only way to move in the game would be to Level up and gain experience. These two ways can be done by completing the main quests, side stories, explorations, etc. Therefore we strongly suggest you do all these activities to have a smooth progression in the game. 


Summoners War: Chronicles for Leveling up your Stats

Summoners War: Chronicles for Leveling up your Stats


Leveling up on the stats is vital among the many Summoners War: Chronicles tips. You can level up your stats by leveling up the base stats of your Pets. Leveling up the base stats of your Pets will also increase their health points, defense, and attack. But for this, you must pay various Elixir currencies. There are specific ways to level up the stats:


  • Awakening: this will drastically transform your monster, inherit new skills, and be much more robust. 


  • Skill Up: this will increase the skill level of monsters. Therefore your pet's skills will improve drastically. 


  • Evolution: this will level up your pet's star value, making them much more substantial. 


Join a Guild

Guilds do play a vital role in Summoner War: Chronicles. We highly recommend you join a guild as a beginner. Apart from the fighting experience you will gain by joining the guild and earning Guild Rewards. And these Guild Rewards are inclusive only for the Guild members. And getting into combat with other guilds will get you guild points, and you need these points and rewards to level up in the game.


Summoners War: Chronicles Tips for Dungeon Farming

Players who have played MMORPG games for years would know the benefits of dungeon farming. Apart from arena missions and the primary quest mission, you need to turn towards Dungeon Farming to earn extra points. And after you reach level 20, this will be a necessity. The dungeons are available for an hour. And within this hour, you would need to kill a wave of enemies. This part of the game will get you more XPs and eventually level up in the game.


A Tip about The Combat System

The combat system in Summoners War: Chronicle runs in an auto-battle system. But there are two gaming styles, which would be PvP and PvE. Our tip here would be to try both ways. Try both these modes and see what will be best for you. And most significantly, try the game on the best android emulator, LDPlayer 9. 


A Tip about The Combat System


This emulator is the best for games such as this, which features an auto-battle system. That is because LDPlayer 9 has the feature of a Keyboard Macro. The Keyboard Macro feature enables the player to link multiple actions to a single button by simply writing a set of commands for a smooth gaming experience. Therefore LDPlayer 9 shall be the most suitable emulator for games as such.


Build the Perfect Team

One of the essential tips among the many Summoners War: Chronicle tips will be building the perfect team. The entire game, apart from the summons, would be led by your team, so choosing a balanced squad would be a primary point in the game. We highly recommend you summon characters with different abilities. Do not gather for characters who have similar skills. A perfectly balanced team would have a tank, A healer, and an attacker. This way, you can kill many enemies without losing many points, thus leveling up gradually.



And now we have reached the end of our very long Summoners War: Chronicles tips guide. The Summoners War: Chronicles does not have very tough gameplay; it is quite the opposite and has very versatile gameplay. But the path to level up can be a bit rough. But don't fret because we have our guide to aid you when in need. So dear Summoners War: Chronicles players, we hope you have great gameplay alongside our guide.

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