Summoners War: Chronicles Best Starters - Rank From the Best


Summoners War: Chronicles is the latest addition to the highly popular Summoners War franchise. In this game you take on the role of a summoner, who controls powerful monsters to battle against enemies. The game begins with an epic quest to stop the nefarious Tefo from achieving his treacherous plans. To make this task easier, you must choose the best starter character and learn how to use them effectively.

Summoners War: Chronicles Best Starters

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Each character in the game has unique abilities and strengths, and you must choose monsters that complement their skills to achieve the best results. Through this Summoners War: Chronicles best starters guide we will take a look at the skills and abilities of these starting characters, as well as provide some helpful tips on the best monster combinations to use while playing.

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About Summoners War: Chronicles Starting Characters

The hardest decision you have to make at the start of the game is selecting one character from the three you are presented with in the beginning, since you may not have any idea what is the best one that makes the decision more difficult. But you don’t have to worry about this as much since the game allows you to change between them freely once you enter the game.

About Summoners War: Chronicles Starting Characters

All you have to do to change the character is go to the settings and click on the icon that has two arrow heads pointing each other. This will prompt you to log out of the screen and then you can choose the Summoners War: Chronicles best starters character. 

When you change the character you will have to do the quest from the beginning but all you characters share the mount, inventory, and monsters. So there is no big downside to doing this, pulse you get to earn all the reward much easier with more powerful monsters and the game rewards you for leveling all three characters. 

Summoners War: Chronicles Summoner - Cleaf

Summoners War: Chronicles Summoner - Cleaf

Cleaf can be considered one of the best starter characters in Summoners War: Chronicle for several reasons. First, Cleaf is designed to be a tank, meaning that he is able to take a lot of damage and stay alive for a long time. This makes him perfect for Summoners War: Chronicles beginers, as they can focus on learning the mechanics of the game without having to worry about keeping track of multiple characters on the battlefield.

In addition to his tanking abilities, Cleaf also has good damage potential. This means that while he is able to take a lot of damage, he is also able to dish out a decent amount of damage to the enemy. This is important for new players as it allows them to contribute to the battle and not feel like they are just there to soak up damage.

Furthermore, Cleaf can also provide good support for the rest of the team. He has some skills that can increase the defense of the allies or decrease the attack of the enemies, which can help keep the rest of the team alive.

Overall, Cleaf is a versatile character that can help new players learn the game while also providing them with a valuable asset on the battlefield. With his ability to take damage and provide good damage and support, Cleaf is a valuable addition to any team.

Summoners War: Chronicles Summoner - Kina

Summoners War: Chronicles Summoner - Kina

Kina is a character known for her healing abilities. She is a "loli" character, which refers to her small and cute appearance. Despite her appearance, she is a powerful character when played correctly.

One of Kina's main strengths is her ability to heal her monsters. This is important in battle, as it allows her to keep her monsters alive for longer periods of time. In order to maximize her healing capabilities, it is recommended to build her up with monsters that can provide protection and high DPS. This way, Kina can focus on healing while her monsters focus on dealing damage.

Another important aspect of playing Kina is learning how to avoid incoming damage. Her healing abilities are only effective if she is alive to use them, so it's important to be aware of incoming damage and learn how to avoid it. She also has some supportive skills that can decrease the incoming damage of the monsters in the team.

Kina is not recommended for beginners as she may be challenging to play until you build her up. However, when you have powerful monsters and learn how to play her, you can change to her and start building her easily. With her powerful healing abilities and supportive skills, Kina can be a valuable asset to any team and can help keep the team alive even in the toughest of battles.

Summoners War: Chronicles Summoner - Orbia

Summoners War: Chronicles Summoner - Orbia

Orbia is the female character in the game that is a magic user. She should be played defensively, much like Kina, but unlike Kina, Orbia deals damage and debuffs enemies. This makes her one of the best damage-dealing characters in the game.

Orbia's abilities are based on crowd control, which means that she has skills that can control multiple enemies at once. These abilities are powerful and can end battles quickly, but they can be difficult for beginners to use effectively. She possesses skills that can hold foes hostage in their own hallucinations, sending them into other realms, or simply blocking their attacks.

To get the most out of Orbia, you should focus on building her up with monsters that complement her abilities. This means choosing monsters that can provide protection and high DPS so that Orbia can focus on dealing damage and debuffing enemies.

While Orbia is not a beginner-friendly character, with practice and the right team composition, you can master her abilities and end battles faster than with other classes. With her powerful crowd-control abilities and strong damage output, Orbia can be a valuable addition to any team.

Selecting Monsters to Fit Each Summoners War: Chronicles Character

When it comes to choosing the monsters, it depends on the element of the enemies you are going to fight and the summoner you are using. In this section, we will explain and give you Summoners War: Chronicles tips on choosing monsters according to the summoner, but to know the best monsters on each element, you have to refer to a Summoners War: Chronicles tier list. Same as summoners, all of the monsters fall into one class, and according to the class, they will act on the battlefield, so in order to select the best monster, you have to understand these classes. 

Selecting Monsters to Fit Each Summoners War: Chronicles Character

Knights are the tank class of the game; they are designed to charge enemies, take their attention or attack the closest enemy. So when you are playing Kina or Orbia, you can pick a monster from this class to help you avoid damage. Since Cleaf already fills this position, you should not have monsters belonging to this class when playing him. 

Warriors are designed to target the assassins or to attack the enemies that attack their team members and place a crowd control effect. Same as the Knights class warriors are best to pair with Orbi because of their attacking style; warriors will help you to get rid of the assassins coming after you. It can be used with Cleaf or Kina, but warriors are not the best DPS, and it will increase the combat time.

Mages are good damage dealers that also provide debuffs. They are designed to keep their distance from enemies and deal damage from far away. They will also move out of places when they take damage. They are best to use with Kina or Cleaf since teams made with them lack the DPS. 

Support can be considered healers, and they act similarly to mages. They are a great fit for Cleaf and Orbi but not the best for Kina. The archers are great damage dealers and attack the closest enemies first; they will move out of harm's way the same as other long-range classes. They are a good addition to the Kina or Cleaf team. 

Assassinates have specific targets; as soon as battle starts, they will move to the Mages or support and start hammering them down. They can be useful for any class since they have some defensive capabilities to save themselves. 

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Summoners War: Chronicles release date for global is getting closer. This is why through this Summoners War: Chronicles best starters guide; we wanted to show you the best starter character and explain why you should choose them. We hope this guide helps you to make the best decision. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.

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