Supercell New Game Rush Wars Test, Surprise or Disappointment?


The Crazy and Brave Game Company - Supercell

After nearly two years, Supercell announces that a fast-paced strategy game Rush Wars will be tested only in a limited number of countries, including Canada and Australia. This is really a great news for those who like to play strategic mobile games. How will people react to this game? We can't make any judgment now, but time will tell us the answer.


Supercell Game Company


For this Finnish game company, they will never publish a new game without 100 percent guarantee of quality and great confidence. They are willing to spend 10 months to develop Smash Land, but finally take this game out of service. At that time, many people were truly shocked and surprised by their actions. It is undeniable that they do have the courage that other general game companies do not have.


This is the value orientation of this company: they can not only take all risks but also give up everything if there are any subtle deficiencies in the games. Supercell will try their best to guarantee that the game they finally release will gain both players and markets.


Release or Shut Down - Determined by Players

The user’s feedback during the test period of Rush Wars may finally decide the fate of this game - Officially release or Stop. We can learn that from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale to the latest Brawl Stars. Supercell is very concerned about how players feel about the game and their gaming experience.


After the announcement of the first test of the Rush Wars, many players have shown their support. The reason is nothing more than they believe that games from Supercell must be the best. Actually, after the Clash Royale, Supercell has slowed down its research and development speed for new games because they committed themselves to promote Brawl Stars.




Supercell launched Rush Wars just a year after launching Brawl Stars. By contrast, from the time when Clash Royale was launched and the time when Brawl Stars was launched, we can find the two were separated by a year and a half. Why? This may because comparing with those previous games, Brawl Stars did not bring considerable profits for Supercell (This maybe also related to the temporary absence in the Chinese market due to copyright). 


What kind of game is Rush Wars?

Recently, the game official released a short trailer on YouTube. We can learn about the main characters and the world view of the game. According to the trailer, the Rush Wars is set in a chaotic world, a group of mercenaries united to fight the Mega-Rich.


These mercenaries include pitcher, coach, mechanical dinosaur B.I.G, gorilla, boxer, trooper, and bearman. The trailer shows that they have different abilities and features. Players need to collect different mercenaries to form their own team, then fight with the enemy to get resources. Different combinations of these heroes will have different effects, this is the most interesting thing in this game.


Different Heroes In Rush Wars


Rush Wars is a fast-paced strategy game that allows players to develop their teams in any way they like, the advantages of this game are also very obvious: strong strategic, low threshold, easy to understand, and fight in a team mode. This is supercell’s style, they are committed to creating a game that is very relaxed for players but very strategically playable.




Rush Wars - Mixture? Combination? Superposition?

According to online game screenshots and official trailers, we can find its model may be very close to the previous three games (Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale). Therefore, some foreign players have the following speculation about the gameplay of the Rush Wars:

A mixture of Boom Beach and Clash of Clans,

A combination of Brawl Stars and Boom Beach,

A superposition of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans...


If it is really like these players said, then the advantages and disadvantages are also very obvious. The advantage is that the familiar game mode will make the players understand the game very fast, and will quickly attract the attention of the players. The disadvantage is that there may be lack of some new ideas about game. So this may also cause Rush Wars to be far less popular than Clash of Clans.


All in all, when the game really begins to be publicly tested, we can know all the answers about the game. We are also looking forward to it.


You Can Have a Way to Play Rush Wars on PC


Like many other strategic mobile games from Supercell, it may also has some requirements for mobile phones. If you want to play this game for a long time on the test period, if you want a better gaming experience, using an emulator and playing it on PC will be the best choice.


LDPlayer is a free, safe and clean Android emulator that helps you run mobile games and apps on your computer. Previously, the very popular game - Clash of Clans has been successfully run on PC with LDPlayer. I believe that LDPlayer will also bring you an excellent gaming experience if you prefer to run Rush Wars on your computer in the future.

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