RoboHero Mobile Economy and Earning System Guide - How to Earn More


While we are on a quest to find amazing action battle games that run with tactical insights, we found a perfect game to try out: RoboHero Mobile. This game represents the future world where robot factions fight against each other to take the power of ruling the world to their hands, and you become a commander of one of the factions that should help your own robot faction to be the most powerful in the world. The tactical battles here are awesome; you cannot win without being tactical. Still, today we will speak about the RoboHero Mobile economy because this game comes with a Play and Earn system. So, let's learn about this earning system with this article. 

RoboHero Mobile Economy and Earning System Guide

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Since the game is so interesting to play, most players are curious not only about RoboHero Mobile tips and tricks for beginners to succeed in it but also about the economy and earning system, which is why we decided to create this guide. In this guide, we will speak of the tokenomic system, its uses, and the NFT ecosystem and their uses so that every player can understand how the economy works in this game. So, if you want to learn more about it, let this guide help you. Once you finally understand the earning system here, you can then play RoboHero Mobile on PC with LDPlayer 9 to earn more. 

Tokens in RoboHero Mobile Economy

When speaking of the economy and earning system in this RoboHero Mobile game, the major aspect that everyone must know about is the tokens. The tokens play a great role in the economic system, being connected with every aspect of the game. 

In this game, there is only one token, a utility type called the $ROBO. With this $ROBO token, players can do great things in the gameplay. So it is very advantageous to get a hold of them as players. Also, this $ROBO token will always be deflationary because of the mechanism the game uses when distributed. 

Uses of RoboHero Mobile Tokens

As said earlier in this article, there are many users that the holders of $ROBO can earn through it, and now, through this section, we will take a look at all the users of this token. 

Uses of RoboHero Mobile Tokens

  • You can buy loot boxes through these tokens, which contain many NFT assets such as weapons, robots, and many more. 

  • With these tokens, in addition to purchasing robots, you can level up the robots while evolving them to be stronger. 

  • Buying equipment items and repairing them can be quickly done with the use of these tokens. 

  • While purchasing weapons, you can upgrade and repair them using the $ROBO tokens. 

  • You can craft items with the use of tokens. 

  • Purchasing skins to make your robots look unique is another use of the $ROBO token in this gameplay. 

How Do You Earn $ROBO

Now, you have identified the uses you can enjoy with these $ROBO tokens. And haven't you wondered about how to earn these tokens? Since you are looking for ways to earn this token, we will give you a detailed list of methods to earn these $ROBO tokens. 

  • This token can be earned through exchanges happening in the market here. 

  • When you take part in battles in the PvP battlegrounds against various other players and win the battles, you can earn these tokens as a reward. 

  • By participating in in-game events going on, you can earn tokens. 

  • The higher your rank in the leaderboards for PvP battles, the more tokens you can obtain to your gameplay. 

  • Through various NFT assets that you own, you can eventually earn some tokens. For example, if you own land, you will obtain a small fee of tokens from every battle that takes place on your land. 

RoboHero Mobile NFTs and Their Utilities

NFT assets become an undeniable factor when the earning system in this game becomes a topic. Of course, NFT assets play a huge role in this economy, and today, in this article, we have prepared to let you know everything you should know about NFTs in this game. As NFTs can help you earn $ROBO tokens while you can use those tokens to purchase NFT assets, here we will now look at the NFTs and their uses in this article. 

RoboHero Mobile NFTs and Their Utilities

  • Mines - these are a source of resources that are useful for various things, such as repairing other NFTs such as weapons, robots, etc. You can buy mines, extract resources from them and finally sell them on the marketplace to earn many rewards. 

  • Skins - Here comes the next NFT asset in this game, and these skins are useful for modifying the looks of your robots to make them look unique and special. Sometimes, these skins provide tactical benefits on the battlefield, too. 

  • Robots - these are another NFT asset you will find in this game. As you know, robots are the core companions in the gameplay, and by using them, you can participate in various events that allow you to earn more $ROBO tokens. 

  • Genesis NFTs - owning these Genesis NFTs coming through different rarities offers you benefits such as letting you access premium features of the gameplay, memberships in exclusive community groups, and many more. 

  • Survivor NFTs - These NFTs include various profile pictures you can use during the gameplay. This is a free NFT with benefits such as letting you participate in special bonus events, etc. 

  • Lands - these act as virtual battlegrounds for duels where the owners can earn a commission of $ROBO for every battle on the relevant battleground. The bigger the lands where more battles are happening, the bigger the revenue of $ROBO that can be earned through them. 


With the play-to-earn economy system in this game, any player who tries this game can earn a lot of money. And thanks to this article, we know you have learned every essential point about this economy. Therefore, try this game now with LDPlayer 9, follow the guidelines, and earn money by playing it.

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