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Wanna time travel to the distant future and take a look at how things happen? The RoboHero Mobile game is the best for it. This game represents the year 31337 when powerful robot factions battle for power to rule the whole world. Now, you have become one of those three powerful robot factions, and your goal is to handle your robots and win every battle your faction will go through. So, before you take your commander position officially, take notes about the tips and tricks to win every challenge thrown at you during the game through this beginner guide. 

RoboHero Mobile Beginner Tips and Tricks

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Among the many amazing features of the game, one fascinating fact is that it offers a play-to-earn system, so the RoboHero Mobile economy and earning system has become a great topic when speaking about it. Besides that, the game mainly offers you two game modes, and by completing one game mode, you will open the door to the other. You will face tactical battles in all these modes, and to succeed in them, you need to be tactical. So dive into this beginner guide, find the best tips to get started, and then play RoboHero Mobile on PC with LDPlayer 9. 

Play the Story Mode First in RoboHero Mobile

When you are at the RoboHero Mobile gameplay for the first time, the game teaches you everything through a tutorial. Once the tutorial is over, you are ready to start playing the game on your own without any additional help. So, when you start the game officially, your first destination is the story mode. Yes, tap the play option from the main game screen, and you will be shifted to the story mode chapters window. Choose the chapter that is open to play, and you will see many levels. Start from level one and progress in the stages to finish chapters and progress in the story mode gameplay. 

Play the Story Mode First in RoboHero Mobile

In every stage in the story mode, you can check the difficulty, your battle power, and your opponent's power, and the rewards you will earn depending on the stars you earn from the battle. If your battle power is higher than that of the enemy, you can join the battle and win. 

Acquire the Goals

Here, in every chapter stage you participate in, there is a tactical battle that you have to win. Depending on how you move your unit, your victory will be decided. So, before you try to act to do things you like, we suggest you look at the goals at the top left corner of the game screen. In every battle, there are three goals to acquire, and by achieving all of them, you will be able to obtain more stars in each stage. The more stars, the more rewards you will receive, so start acquiring all the goals in each stage. 

Acquire the Goals

Most of the goals in every stage are about capturing buildings, defeating enemies, etc. As they are already very important movements to win every battle, acquire goals first and make your movements for that. 

Capture Buildings in RoboHero Mobile Battlefields

Once you are on the battlefield, one of the best tips that help you out in this game is capturing buildings. What happens when you capture buildings? When you capture buildings, you will always see that various attributes of your units will be increased. For example, when you capture a building, the damage dealing amount will be increased from a specific value. As in the example, capturing buildings gives you more benefits. 

But when it comes to capturing buildings, you must first get closer to a building because only the buildings on the tiles adjacent to the tile that your unit is positioned on can be captured. And when you capture buildings, it costs you a certain amount of energy. So, while focusing on the energy bar, remember to capture buildings on the battlefield to increase attributes during the battles. 

Try PvP Battles in RoboHero Mobile

After going through many PvE battles, you can unlock the PvP battles where you battle against real opponents. Yes, in the PvP mode, you will challenge real players; therefore, unlike in the PvE mode, here in the PvP, you will face a huge rivalry. And also, as you are facing real players, you need to be very strategic. 

Try PvP Battles in RoboHero Mobile

Remember, in these PvP battles, two major factors affect the victory. The first is the level of your unit, and the second is the tactics you use. If your unit’s level is too high and you know the best tactics to use in the battles, you can win any PvP battle. So, be skillful in the battles; the only way to do it is by practicing a lot harder and participating in PvP battles for more valuables. 

Purchase the Top Battle Units

In the beginning, you have one battle unit to play during battles in this RoboHero Mobile game. Still, when you go deeper, you will experience that it is not enough to deal successfully with every enemy unit you will meet in this game. Therefore, you need much better robots to participate in battles, and when you are in such a need, the only way to obtain the best units is to go to the in-game shop, choose the robots tab and purchase robots. 

There, you can purchase robots using crystals or coins, but the results will always be random. So try buying loot boxes using any of the currencies you are okay with, and get much better and stronger robots for your gameplay to use them and earn victories. 

Strengthen the Robots in RoboHero Mobile

After obtaining the best robots, you must strengthen them in this RoboHero Mobile game because even if you have the strongest robots, you can strengthen them by strengthening them. Here, in this gameplay, there are various ways to strengthen your robots, and now, through this beginner guide, let us learn them. 

Strengthen the Robots in RoboHero Mobile

The first way we recommend is to equip your robots with the best equipment. Here, you can equip your robots with weapons, drones, GCores, energy units, and AI units. By doing so, you will always strengthen your robots by increasing their battle power with much better equipment items. So, always choose highly efficient equipment items for your robots. 

Every robot has a certain set of skills that depicts how they perform in the battles. The skills are three types: supportive, offensive and defensive. Supportive skills are always about restoring HP or helping your robot deal with enemies more productively. Next, you have offensive skills, which are always about damaging enemies. 

Finally, defensive skills will help your unit be defensive when enemy attacks come through. In all these three skill categories, there are many skill options available, but you are in charge of deciding which skill to equip with. So, when you equip any supportive, offensive, or defensive skill, always go for the best, which will power up your robots even more. 


In this RoboHero Mobile gameplay, the battles are tough, and they need you to be very tactical. If you are not tactical enough, there is no other way you are going to win them. Thanks to this beginner guide, you have learned more efficient tips and tricks, and now what is left is to start playing this game using what you have learned here. With these tips, you will never lose!

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