How to Play Azur Lane as a Beginner?

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How to Play Azur Lane as a Beginner


Azur Lane is a side-scrolling game developed by Yuwan Studios. It revolves around a Gacha gameplay style and has a lot of fun quirky levels where you control your battleship, which is manned by a fleet that you choose for yourself. While the game seems quite casual, it is quite intricate in terms of gameplay and surprisingly has a lot of depth to it.


The side scroller is currently available for both iOS and Android. This article covers everything you need to do as a Beginner after you progress a few levels. This guide is mostly for players who wish to develop a general sense of the game so they can level up and progress much faster.


Complete your Side Activities:


Side Activities are probably the best thing a beginner can do to provide them with a decent amount of XP points and golds. It is extremely vital to look at and complete your Daily Missions, Exercises, and Commissions. These rewards mean that you should log in to the game at least once a day and complete your daily quests.


Daily Missions and Commissions tend to give you a lot more valuables and items as compared to most of the main storyline quests. So, doing them is worth it. Exercises are mainly meant for leveling up much faster than usual, as they have almost negligible oil costs.


Purchasing Strategy for Beginners:


Azur Lane has a very tempting shop. Usually, newer players tend to buy everything from the shop without looking into it and suffer in later levels when they find better items in the shop that they can now buy.


We recommend that players complete their main storyline missions as it is possible for players to build an entire fleet just by playing the main questline. Moreover, completing these quests also allow you to open equipment boxes that positively impact your fleet.


How to Play Azur Lane as a Beginner


For the early game, players should focus their gold on purchasing skill books. These skills are a vital component later in the game, and they are much more useful than just aimlessly increasing the stats of your ship.


Focus on Getting Higher Tier Equipment Boxes:


Azur Lane has a very different way of loot distribution in Equipment boxes as compared to most other games. We do not recommend getting the Tier 1 or the Tier 2 loot boxes as they only contain low-level equipment that you can easily get while scrapping ships and doing grinding missions.


Tier 2 boxes only have a 25% chance of providing you with a blue (rare) item. It takes about five of the tier 2 boxes to give you a tier 3 box. Combining loot boxes is much better as it guarantees a blue (rare) item while also giving you a 1-in-5 chance of presenting you with an ultra-rare purple item. So, try to save up and combine equipment boxes instead of going for the lower-tier ones.


Balanced Fleet Composition:


It would always help if you focused on spending most of your gold on skill books at early levels. However, you should still build ships. Therefore, you should only focus on building a ship to fill places in your current fleet composition or get ships that are much more suitable for suitable tasks.


In most cases, we recommend rolling till you get a heavy or a special ship unless and until you are looking for a specific ship. We also always recommend having a stock of at least 20 wisdom boxes in your inventory so you can capitalize on any other special events that might come up at any time.


How to Play Azur Lane as a Beginner


Fleet Recommendations:


For early game grinding, we recommend using Vanguard Units. These are good balanced DPS classes that work with any of the three starting characters.


Moreover, if you wish to lean towards a more support-based fleet, then having Foxhound or Gridley as your starting characters will always be extremely useful.


Another option a beginner can use in Azur Lane is using a Fletcher Fleet. These are extremely fragile classes, but they deal with a larger amount of damage compared to Vanguard Class units.


All of these fleets are generally less durable than most late-game fleets. So, we recommend switching to a more tank-reliant fleet as you progress further into the game. But, since early level missions require a lot of damage and very little survivability, the fleets mentioned above make the most sense.


Keep an Oil Budget:


Oil is an extremely precious resource in Azure Lane. It is the sole resource that is used to steer, pilot, and combat with your ships. It would be fantastic if you always used a fleet that has decent equipment but is also extremely fuel-efficient.


For a generally fuel-efficient fleet, characters like Brooklyn and Penascola can be picked up that have special abilities that reduce the cost of oil needed to use a ship. Oil is extremely vital for the early game and a beginner as it can quickly run out if very quickly. Calculating your fuel consumption every day is quite important as it helps you understand if you are under-utilizing over-utilizing your current oil reserves.


How to Play Azur Lane as a Beginner


Players should always focus on collecting oil from downed ships and buying it at lower rates from the auction house if it is available. Without this precious resource, your ships cannot steer or combat, which means you cannot further progress the main or side quest lines.




Azur Lane is a very expensive game. After you have a basic fleet and sets of equipment ready, you can explore most of the map easily and discover ships and unique storyline. You have a choice of going for waifus, currency, or just discovering and enjoying the game. It is always recommended that you play the game according to your pace.


The game is truly amazing and features a lot of variety in its fleet building. You can use many different kinds of ships and employ a variety of characters that have different abilities and skills. While managing resources such as gold and oil might seem hard at first, they are welcome contributors to the overall challenge and complexity of the game.

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