Nu:Carnival Idol Fest Event - How to Get The Most Rewards


Entering Summer and Releasing its first ever overhauled major event, NU:Carnival is having a first ever major event with a specially designed buff system, a point ladder, an event exchange shop and 3 Specially Rated Up Characters, all rated up in a never seen before type of rate up banner.

This Guide aims to explain the confusing mechanics of this summer-themed limited time event and debate on whether or not you should roll for the 3 new characters: Idol Blade, Idol Olivine and Idol Yakumo.

Let’s play NU:Carnival on PC and find out.


LDPlayer - The Perfect Way to Play NU:Carnival

As NU:Carnival is extremely difficult to install on Mobile devices, it is highly recommended that players play the game on PC as an alternative.

LDPlayer is the perfect emulator to play NU:Carnival on as it not only allows the game to run on 120 FPS and high graphics option, allowing you to enjoy every scene in the game as best as possible. In addition, the video recording function allows you to savor every moment in the game to replay whenever you want.

Special Summer Event - Idol Fest

Celebrating Summer from the 30th of June to the 4th of August, NU:Carnival is having a special event for players to partake in. The Event Mainly consists of 3 different mechanics: Event Stages and Buffs, Farming Stages and Expeditions , and finally, The Point Ladder and Exchange Shop.

Event Stages

During the event, there exist Event Story Stages that players need to complete in order to unlock further rewards. Once you clear certain event stages, you will unlock special Boost Stages. 

These Boost Stages serve as special buffs in the event and help increase the entire team’s stats such as attacks, defense and drop amounts.

The Boost Stages are divided into 4 different sections, with each needing to be leveled up individually. The higher the section’s level is, the stronger the buffs and the more currencies you can get from these sections. Level up these sections as much as possible to have the easiest time clearing the stages in the event.

Farming Stages and Expeditions

For this Event, aside from the usual farming stages like other events, there is also a brand new Expedition Mode added in order to help the players have an easier time obtaining Event Currencies even if they are not online and playing.

The Farming stages are unlocked based on the Sections of Boosts that have already been unlocked and come in 2 stages for each Sections. The latter stages of these Sections give more Event Currencies but cost more Stamina and are a lot harder than the previous ones. The Bonus Effects from the Boost Sections are applied to these farming stages so you will have an easier time to farm without any difficulties.

Expedition Mode involves you sending a team of 5 characters in order to obtain Event Currencies after a certain amount of game time has passed. There are a total of 8 Expedition slots and you can gain these rewards even if you are offline and this is an extremely effective way to gain Event Currencies once you have run out of Staminas.

It is highly recommended that you send a team of 5 Bonus Characters in order to obtain the highest amount of rewards from these Expeditions.

Event Point Ladder and Exchange Shop

Unlike other events before it, the summer event Idol Fest features both a point ladder system as well as an exchange shop system, making the event extremely stamina cost heavy and requires players to min max their Event currencies spending in order to maximize the most important rewards.

The point ladder can be increased by gaining Points both from upgrading the Boost Sections as well as clearing the Farming Stages of the event. The Point ladder consists of various rewards needed to upgrade your characters, notably : Gold, EXP Bottles, Summoning Scrolls and The Rainbow Crystal to unlock characters’ potentials.

The Exchange Shop system is divided into 4 different types of currencies you can use to exchange for various rewards in the shop. The 4 Event currencies can be obtained from the Farming Stages and Expedition, with each Boost Sections providing 1 Event Currency Type. 

It is highly recommended that players farm the more difficult farming nodes of each Farming Stage Sections as it provide both Points for the Points Ladder and Event Currencies to exchange in the shop. Focus on Exchanging the Event Exclusive Items such as Summoning Scrolls, Summer Background and Intimacy Items in the shop as they are extremely important and should be prioritized.

Limited Time Summer Themed Rate Up - Stars of Summer - Should You Roll

Together with the Summer Event is a Banner that features not the usual 2 characters on rate up, but 3 characters rated up at the same time and a brand new banner pity system that guarantees 1 rated up character for every 150 pulls on a 1.5% SSR Chance.

The 3 Rated Up Characters for Summer this time around are SSR Summer Idol Blade, SSR Summer Idol Yakumo and SSR Summer Idol Olivine, each with their own unique and powerful gimmicks and effects.

Idol Apprentice - Blade

Blade appears in a fitting summer outfit with his radiant smile and happy attitude in the role of a Attacker Classed Ally. His strong point comes in the fact that, after he has attacked the enemy, he will apply taunt to himself and if he is hit, he will deal AOE damage to all enemies as a form of revenge. 

Blade’s kit is extremely useful and has the potential to deal massive amounts of damage in addition to shortening the time needed to clear the stages and turns required. However, players will need to pay attention to Blade’s HP as he might be attacked to death if not careful when using his ability.

Ocean Breeze - Yakumo

Donning a straw hat and ready to sing you a soothing song, Yakumo appears in the summer event as a Supporting Class Character. This time around, Yakumo doesn’t deal any amount of damage to the enemies like he usually does, instead he becomes one of the game’s more powerful buffers up to date, making him an extremely valuable asset to have.

Summer Idol Yakumo’s kit allows him to buff the entire team’s atk, in addition to granting them a special barrier and heals the entire team over time for every turn, essentially making an all in 1 package that you can bring to any stages without feeling like he’s a dead weight. While his atk boost is small in comparison to other Supporting Class characters, his utility makes him one of the most flexible characters released up to date.

Radiant Admiral - Olivine

The captain of this event and as radiant as ever, Olivine joins the event as another Attacking Type Character, this time with a little twist to his kit.

Unlike other Attacker Type Characters, Olivine doesn’t prioritize attacking 1 enemy or all enemies, instead he attacks enemies in the odd-numbered positions of the opposing team (position 1,3,5). This allows him to focus his dps on selected annoying enemies that players may find annoying to deal with. However, this gimmick is also the downside to Olivine’s kit as it hinders his ability to deal damage to other enemies in other slots, making the battle flow slower and more tedious to get through.

Should You Pull

It depends. While the banner is extremely tempting, 150 pulls for 1 rated up character pity is still an extremely high amount of pulls required in order to obtain a character. In addition, aside from Summer Idol Yakumo, the other two, Olivine and Blade, are extremely mediocre DPS characters at best, making this banner less desirable to veteran players. If you are a new player and in dire need of DPS characters and a super good Support Character, this is the banner to go, if not, don’t roll on this banner and save your resources.

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