NU: Carnival Codes 2022


Where your love goes for the BL or, in other terms, the Boy Love, NU: Carnival is for you. Several days after this game was released, the action filled with romance and love is here for you to make your world delicious. These guys are just hot as hell, and the game NU: Carnival flows you throughout the game with a fantasy plot to mix the magic and to take results from romance.



If we are talking about the story of NU: Carnival, this RPG game comes with more sexual content. Since the grand sorcerer has disappeared from this world, full control of the spirits has been lost. And now you are in charge of the Gemstone Alters to reestablish this power and make the world into its previous phase. That is the purpose of your transformation here. And to make these all succeed, what do you need to do then? You need to be intimate with them, which is why the game comes with viewer discrimination.

The player base of NU: Carnival will be more suitable for the mature audience, and many of the handsome clan members are waiting for you until you make it happen. The hearts need to be raced here and mastered, and all guys need to be gifted with enough gifts. That is how their hearts are going to rise for you and then unleash their potential. So if romance and sharing things to win hearts is your thing, come to NU: Carnival.


As we said earlier, players have to give them gifts to unleash these handsome guys' every potential. And to have gifts, you will have to own the gems. So that is why you need the help from NU: Carnival codes, as we explained here. Take NU: Carnival on PC with LDPlayer 9 and start earning your free rewards. 

Introduction to the NU: Carnival Codes?

We can say that these are the items gifted to us by the game's developers, and those are literally aiding a player to rank up with their adventures. Most of the time, these codes are included with some free gems materials and also summon scrolls with gifts.



NU: Carnival Codes – Active Ones

The NU: Carnival codes are always coming with a time range, and they will not be live for such a long period. They will be subjected to change with time, and there is a possibility for the codes you see today to not work more on tomorrow. So at this moment, there are some active codes available with the game as follows, and they will come with separate offers to aid you throughout your gameplay.

You need to kindly remember that these codes will expire soon, so it will be very beneficial for a player to bookmark this page and refer to it from time to time to know which one has been updated. We promise to update this guide once there are new codes so you can check this article from time to time.


  • O94LI25VIN2496E - Spirit Gems x100, Essence Vial (M) x3  The above code is valid until Oct 10, 23:59 (UTC+8).

  • PMO7FL89JYAGO3N - Spirit Gems x300, The code is valid until Sep 30, 23:59 (UTC+8).

  • ILOVENUDISCORDearn free rewards

  • 8Q2UI47N365CY93 Coins x10,000, Holy Water (L) x3

  • M8K5OFAJ9GO7N - Coins x15,000, Holy Water (L) x5 / The code is valid until Sep 16, 23:59 (UTC+8).

  • WYA9D58VY47EL - Coins *30,000, Spirit Gems *500

  • TS7ATNAJBGA5A - Coins*15,000 / Holy Water (L)*5

  • KNM3U9ZRY67LA -  Coins*10,000、Tiny Boost*3

  • SLO5RYF9GEO – earn free rewards

  • nucarnival2M – 20 from the essence contracts

  • QERZKOV24FGR – earn 30 from the tiny boosts

  • KEOXV4RNXZ5 – 100 from spirit gems

  • nucarnival100K – 30 from spirit gems

  • nucarnival1M – 10 from essence contracts

  • nucarnival80K – 200 from spirit gems along with 50 from the express passes

  • nucarnival30K – 5000 from coins and 100 from spirit gems

  • nucarnival50K – a basic boost with 200 from spirit gems

  • nucarnival5K – ten from holy water and 50 from spirit gems

  • nucarnival10K – 20 from holy water and 100 from spirit gems


To get more familiar with the game, you can refer to our Nu: Carnival beginner guide from here. 


Redeeming Nu: Carnival Codes with LDPlayer 9

First of all, before you try to redeem these codes from NU: Carnival, note that all codes are highly case sensitive, so a single change for a word can also lead that code not to work anymore. So please be careful enough to type the code as it seems and does not change a single character from it. And if you wish to play NU: Carnival on PC, take your steps towards the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9 as it has the best optimizations done to the game with the most advanced features to aid your gameplay.

So follow these steps for redeeming with NU: Carnival.


  • The first step is to launch this NU: Carnival on your PC from LDPlayer 9.


  • And then you have to tap the three buttons which you can see from the menu on your screen. It will be placed at the right section from your top.



  • Then click Settings



  • After that, press the button named Redeem Code.



  • There will be an appearing window, and you need to type your code in here. Then hit ok to have your rewards.



To know how you can actually play this amazing BL game NU: Carnival on a PC, you can check here to get familiar with more details.


So this is how you are going to be rewarded with NU: Carnival and these are the active NU: Carnival codes available for May 2022. Don't forget that these codes are always coming within a limited time. So take your chance before the time passes.

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