Chimeraland How to Level Up Fast – The Best Leveling Up Tips


Chimeraland is going to capture the gaming world soon with Level Infinite, and this MMORPG game will take you into a whole world for survival. It is solely about an open universe, and you better know that this game is heavily based on mythology. It means you are going to face numerous beats from ancient mythology, and if you want to beat them, you need to be leveled up. So here we are to provide you guidance for a level up in Chimeraland.






If we talk some more about this game, it lets players play with their imagination. This basically means that you are free to do things as per your desires and what is more interesting here is that everything has been mixed with the combat. You don't see a normal world here because it is full of diverse elements and is home to many ecosystems. So anything can happen during your adventure, and your enemy cannot be predicted.


So here is a guide for you to level yourself up faster, and we will provide you with the best details for each step to improve on this gameplay. So let's move into our guide, and here are your best ways to become leveled up to deal with the diverse Chimeraland gameplay.


Bounty Quest

As the first guidance to level up yourself in Chimeraland, let's talk about the Bounty quests. The Bounty quests can be acquired by going into the Tribe, and there you will find some Bounty missions to be claimed. Bounty missions are allowed to be done six times within a day, and if you can complete them every day, it will result in a good level up and an easy path to clear your missions.


Not every Bounty quest you see in this game is easy, and they will be ranked 1 to 5 stars in this game. Each star will define the difficulty level of the quest.


If we describe one by one quest for each star with their offers, we can list them as follows.


  • 5 Star Mission – an Epic Grade Toy gift, 10995 Experience, Golden Thread, Sage, and an Inkblack Stone 
  • 4 Star Mission – a Rare Grade Toy Gift, 10080 Experience, a Golden Thread, and an Inkblack Stone 
  • 3 Star Mission – a Rare Grade Toy Gift, 9165 Experience, a Golden Thread, and an Ink black Stone
  • 2 Star Mission – a Common Grade Toy Gift, 4580 Experience, a Golden Thread, and an Inkblack Stone 
  • 1 Star Mission – a Common Grade Toy Gift, 1830 Experience, a Golden Thread, and an Inkblack Stone



Secret Training

This is also another place where you can level up yourself and know that to enter into this Secret Training, there will always be a portal. Secret Training spots will be placed on your map, and you can dig into a mysterious place by entering it.


This place is full of Experiences and Monsters. If a player can eliminate so many monsters here, they will earn a huge Experience amount for the game, and it makes it easier for players to gradually kill the monsters. In this stage, we recommend you to use a rare-grade weapon or a weapon that has more rank than a rare grade.


Secret training is also the same as the Bounty missions because it doesn't allow you to engage with it all the time. You can only take part in it three times a day, and it will provide you only with 5 minutes to kill these monsters. If you can eliminate so many monsters from the game, you are gaining more experience as well.



How to Kill Monsters Easily?

It is not that hard; you just need your controls' fluency. So we recommend you here for the best android emulator: LDPlayer, if you really want to be fluent with your gaming controls. Most of the time, the reason for failure in most of the game phases is because players are not doing much from their controls and missing the right movement at the right time, causing you a big loss for the gameplay as well.


So if you intend to kill these monsters very fast, here, your best feature to be utilized is Keyboard Mapping. It comes with the ability to kill your monsters with the most familiar key settings, which means you can set some shortcuts for the game. So you are not going to feel difficult for your gameplay as well as not going to struggle anymore for a monster killing.


Tomb Field Spot

Opening the Tomb Field Spot is another way to level yourself up, which is placed on the maps. Try to have some exploration in there so you can see these Tomb Field Spots. These can offer players 10 Sage and 1000 Experience per activation, and it is not that hard to find them because there are many on your map.


Spirit Gather


Spirit gathe is also another place where players can take the Experience from Chimeraland. This Spirit Gatherer needs to be activated by going into Spirit Orb and then for the Arcane. Usually, the Spirit Gatherer requires about 5 Find Boards and 10 Fiber to be crafted.


Chimeraland is all about mythological creatures, mythical lands, and also the imagination you bring to this land. So if you really want to experience it from your heart, just go with the best emulator: LDPlayer, as it is the only way of taking a beautifully crafted gaming experience for yourself.



And that makes a wind-up for our Chimeraland level-up guide, and if you want to make it faster, here is how things are working. There is no need to be overwhelmed about how you are going to be the best in this game with the best rank. Here is how you are going to accomplish it.

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