NU:Carnival Guild System and Treasure Hunt Event


After 2 months since its first debut, the long anticipated Guild system has finally been implemented into NU:Carnival. Together with this new feature, NU:Carnival is also holding a special limited time Treasure Hunt Event to give players the ability to farm potential upgrade materials.

In this guide, we will explore what the newly introduced Guild System is, what rewards you can get from the system and how you can maximize your potential rewards from farming the Treasure Hunting Event.

NU:Carnival Guild System and Treasure Hunt Event

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What Is The Guild System

The recently implemented Guild System is a special system that allows up to 33 different players to join together into a Guild to complete daily missions, raise their Devotion points and claim special rewards. The Guild System consists mainly of 3 different portions: the Daily Missions and Devotion Points, the Elemental Charm, and the Daily Guild Shop.

The Daily Missions and Devotion Points

Every day, there will be 6 missions for every Guild member to individually complete. By completing these, the Guild member will receive Guild Points to spend in the Guild Shop. These missions are:

NU:Carnival Guild System and Treasure Hunt Event

In addition, for every daily mission completed, the Guild member will receive 1 Devotion Point, up to 5 per day. These Devotion points will fill up the Guild’s Elemental Charm.

Always Complete At Least 5 Guild Missions every day, this will ensure that you get the maximum amount of Guild Points to spend in the shop.

The Elemental Charm Gauge

The Elemental Charm Gauge is filled up when individual Guild members completed their daily missions and obtained Devotion Points. The Devotion points gained by the Guild members will then accumulate throughout the week, increasing the Gauge’s amount for the entire duration of that week.

Once the Gauge reaches certain milestones, all Guild members will receive the rewards of that milestone for that week. The Gauge will reset on Monday of every week so it is Important that the Guild fills up the Gauge by the end of the week.

Always Fills The Gauge to Max to get the 1 extra weekly summoning scroll as it is an important resource.

The Guild Shop

The Guild Shop requires Guild members to spend their Guild Points in exchange for a multitude of materials and items necessary to progress in the game. The Guild Shop Resets Daily and gives random items each day, so if you see something important or valuable, it is advised to get them immediately before the reset.


It is important to note that of the important things to exchange for, the Spirit Gems and the Summoning Scrolls are among the most valuable and are the most profitable things to exchange for.

Treasure Hunt Event

Together with the Guild System, this update also brings a new event that is one of a kind and is the first in NU:Carnival history, The Treasure Hunt Event. 

The Treasure Hunt Event is a mini event of sorts, serving as a buffer event in between longer and more grind heavy events and serves as a way for new players to farm the materials you need to update your characters’ talents.

The Treasure Hunt Event is divided into 5 stages, with each giving a specific Potential Upgrade Materials: Monster Claws, Dew and Perfume, Logs, Sconces and Minerals. In addition, these stages also give a certain amount of Gold. These materials are vital for upgrading a character’s potential so it is recommended that you farm these stages as much as possible.

There are 3 difficulties for each stage of the event and you should aim for the stage that you can comfortably farm. Focus on farming the highest stage if possible to maximize your rewards.

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