Best MOBA Games 2022 May


The mobile game industry is taking us through several genres, several game modes and several tactics day by day, and those all are being grown day by day with the greatest demand from the players all over the world. But there is one thing that continuously managed to take the attention of the gamers all day, and it was the MOBA games. So after spending so many years, these MOBA games were adopted into the mobiles. And now we have a doubled demand for them from the gaming world. And that is why we are bringing here the best MOBA games 2022 list.






MOBA is the short abbreviation for the team Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, and we don’t have words to explain how fascinating games are within this genre. Every game that comes with this genre will always make it into a huge player base, and they always manage to have the greatest demand from all. Sometimes, these MOBA games may seem too complicated for players with several characters, spells and mobs, but that doesn’t mean that they are the worst. In fact, they will be the best to offer you a next-level gaming experience.


So here, we have listed the best MOBA games 2022 that you can easily find in the gaming market, and here we are going to talk about the ones that are available for the mobile platforms. So we don’t need to have more discussion here, and let’s move into our list of best MOBA games in 2022.


League of Legends: Wild Rift

Our best MOBA games 2022 list will be started with one of the best games released back in 2022, and Riot Games has made this game alive with inspiration from the League of Legends. Just as they expected, this game took millions of hearts from players, and many players went wild for this with an incredible amount of downloads at the launch.



Wild Rift has some of the greatest mechanics with the best graphics as it was built with the smoothest engine mechanics used and the entire gameplay of this game is totally enough to make Wild Rift one of the best MOBA games 2022 list. We will be provided with so many characters here to select, and they all can be well used with the best strategies to synergize.


For so many years, League of Legends Wild Rift managed to make itself to the top in the MOBA industry, and it has now passed more than 1 million active players in 2022. So if you ever want to start your best MOBA games journey in 2022, this game would be your perfect choice as it has blended all the features that should be included in the best game.


Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The second place on our best MOBA games 2022 list goes to the Mobile Legends Bang Bang, and it managed to be the capital of the MOBA game market due to the massive popularity it has taken from the players. It comes with a huge character roster to select as the players, and there are so many strategies to utilize in this game that makes you stick to it day by day.



Mobile Legends Bang Bang becomes unique from all other games listed in this best MOBA games 2022 list because it has a trial pass. So players can try new heroes from this game to decide if they really want them to add to their roster. It makes an absolute change and a difference for all the game lovers in the MOBA world.


MLBB is very simple from its gaming mechanics, and even a beginner can catch up with the things on it. Suppose you have logged out from the game once you are in a battle. Then this game will give you a second chance to reconnect with its battles, which is how it ranked up to the top of best MOBA games in 2022. So many animations, selections and game modes are featured here to make you absolutely in love with this game for sure.



The third place for our best MOBA games list is going towards Vainglory, the game by Super Evil Megacorp to make you battle against teams. This is identified as a classic game, among others, and our progression will be decoded by the minions killing those who are surrounded by the towers. Players can choose their team with numerous characters here, and every character will come up with unique skills to make you fall in love with Vainglory’s gameplay.



Vainglory is identified as the first-ever game released of its kind, and it supports the cross-platform feature. So even if you are a mobile or coming from a PC, you get the absolute chance to connect to this game from both devices. And we must say that this feature made this game become the top among any other MOBA game because it was much appreciated by having dozen of downloads over the years.


Onmyoji Arena 

This is the next game that we are going to list for the best MOBA games 2022 list, and what makes it more amazed is the historical and technical details put into the gameplay. The Onmyoji game series is totally inspired to make this MOBA game, and all the characters you see from the series are included here. More than 50 Shikigami legends in this game give the exact value of the Japanese folk tales to this game, which is the best feature that attracts players to this game and more.



There are exciting 3v3v3 modes available on this game to engage with triple battles, and it basically creates a labyrinth to experience. Details included in this game are absolutely worthy of your time, and we are sure that if you once played this game, you will never turn your back on it.


Heroes Arena

Heroes Arena made its place in this best MOBA games list due to the balance of the strength of its characters, and every hero will be valued immensely over the gameplay. Even if you are a first-time player, you can catch things from this game very easily, and everything will be simple and dedicated to learning as well.



Heroes Arena holds very realistic gameplay with it, and you will encounter six classes, Mage, Assassin, Support, Marksman, Warrior and Tank, here for your characters. They are built on this game nicely with the best features included with them, and every game mechanic will make you amazed with each step.


You will see fair battles here, and the developers made each hero from this game strong enough to face each battle. You may also encounter some of the overpowered heroes here, which can make you go through the game effectively with Heroes Arena.


Arena of Valor

This is the last game that is included on our best MOBA games 2022 list, and this one will be based on the 5V5 formula of a classic game. The character base from this game will come with more than 40 heroes for it, and needless to say, each one of them will be unique with its own powers here. Everything here is very detailed, and we have to battle against opponents by giving our best pressure to them. So it makes us excited and interested in the gameplay of Arena of Valor because it is very challenging.



This game also had a huge place taken from the Esports matches because many players managed to make it to that path because of the competitiveness this game holds. So more than anything, Arena of Valor has great popularity over so many other MOBA games.


This game is allowing its players to put bets as well, and that is thanks to the competition this game holds. So even if you are watching someone play Arena of Valor, it would be an absolute pressure, and playing would make it double for sure. So for the players who are looking for a change from traditional MOBA game styles, this game would be their perfect chance, and it is absolutely better to take part in this game if you want to experience something better.


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And that marks the end of our best MOBA games 2022 list, and here lie your best options for the best MOBA within the current gaming market. Every game that we have included here will take your gaming experience to the next level, and we can assure you that you will have your best excitement and enjoyment if you give it a try for one of these games.

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