Moonlight Sculptor In-depth Crafting Guide


Item Crafting can be a vital option to use in any good MMORPG. Moonlight Sculptor is one such MMORPG that lets you create and explore many different aspects of its cute and chibi world. 


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There are many things to learn and explore in Moonlight Sculptor. Not all of them are easy, which can make the learning curve a little steep. However, if broken down step by step, this game is not very hard to get into and can really provide an immersive feel like none other.


One of these hard-to-understand aspects is Crafting. So, to help you understand how crafting works, we have broken it all into bite-sized chunks that will help you make excellent and efficient crafting decisions!


If you haven't already, you can download Moonlight Sculptor for free on LDPlayer.


Crafting Mechanic in Moonlight Sculptor:


Like many different massively multiplayer online role-playing games, Moonlight Sculptor also relies on the crafting mechanic to get stronger and survive. Most of the various in-game pieces of equipment, eatable foods, and sculpting items can be directly crafted by yourself as you progress through the game.


However, the best part about crafting is that it follows a linear scaling curve. Meaning that the higher your crafting level grows, the higher value equipment you can craft. This, in effect, increases your character's overall performance and capabilities and makes it easier to progress through the game.


What Are Crafting Tools?


As the name suggests, crafting tools are something that enables you to craft different kinds of objects. In Moonlight Sculptor, crafting tools are usually located somewhere near their Corresponding NPCs. These tools allow you to craft objects ranging from normal equipment to powerful sculpting items.


To locate the equipment or cooking NPCs with these crafting stations nearby, simply open the World Map and tap the NPC in charge to quickly move your character towards the NPC in charge and its corresponding crafting equipment. Doing so will save you some navigator efforts and possibly time as well.


How to Craft?


Moonlight Sculptor In Depth Carfting Guide How to Craft


Once you reach the crafting station, tap the "Crafting Tool" icon, which will open up a screen menu where the item can be crafted along with a list of recipes and such.


However, it is not as simple for Sculpture item crafting as you specifically need to call a request by tapping on a Sculptor NPC. However, this mechanic can become more efficient as the game progresses since you become able to learn skills to craft Sculptures yourself through different kinds of quests.


Types of Item Crafting:


Through crafting, you can make many items, including Pieces, Cooking, Weapons, Armor, and many more. This also becomes easier with the game's progress as you get to unlock a wide variety of materials which in turn, lets you make a wide range of different items.


Armor Crafting:


As the name suggests, armor crafting lets you create defensive and offensive armors for your character to equip and use in battles. Armor crafting lets you make different types of armors through recipes and materials. There are also vanity clothes that you can make via armor crafting to give your character a new look.


Weapon Crafting:


This kind of crafting lets you make low to rare tier equipment seamlessly. You can collect the desired materials for a weapon of your choice by looking at its recipe and paying a small amount of gold to produce that weapon. It can be a beneficial asset in early to mid-levels and can help you in beating stronger monsters effectively.


Alchemy Crafting:


Alchemy crafting lets you craft different kinds of potions that have a set effect against monsters in-game. Potions not only have high strategic importance against hard-to-beat monsters and bosses but can also be crucial for boosting your leveling up speed and growth.


Alchemy Crafting lets you create potions in exchange for their respective recipe materials and gold.



How Does Crafting Level Growth Works?


The crafting mechanic of Moonlight Sculptor is diverse and exciting to use. The Items that can be crafted have a unique level assigned to them depending on their item types.


How Does Crafting Level Growth Works


As you craft more items, the crafting mechanic level starts to grow as it receives experience points on every successful craft.


The higher the level of the crafting mechanic means the higher chance of crafting valuable items. These valuable items can be classified as "Fine" and "Great Success" items.


Just like weapons and armor, the cooking level can also be increased through "Culinary Research." You can input around four or lower materials for the recipes to attempt new higher-level cooking recipes. By the off chance you get successful in making one, you will quickly obtain a new recipe and experience points for it.


Item Effects Through Crafting:


Crafting in Moonlight Sculptor has a certain chance of failing and succeeding in producing desirable rarities. It can often result in great success. These Great Success items come with even more added effects.


Cooking and crafting sculpture items not only give you experience points but can also give specific additional unique effects depending on what is being crafted.


Cooking Effects:


In the case of Cooking, the unique effects are generally not permanent and can last for a particular duration when eaten.


Crafting Sculptors Effects:


For Sculptures, however, the exact unique effects can be utilized again and again unless and until you leave its area of effect zone wherever they are installed. These effects can also be further enhanced through a method and mechanic called "polishing," which lets you give the final finish to the item once it has been crafted.


Crafting Sculptures have a certain chance to produce Fine, Superb, and Masterpieces results depending on the level of your crafting mechanic. Installing such sculptures in your vicinity instead of common and average ones will give you much better bonus effects.


Grade Up System:


However, the scale of upgrades is not limited to the Masterpiece level. The Grade of such Sculptures can be increased using a particular system knows as "Grade Up."


Item Effects Through Crafting


This Grade Up system lets you upgrade the current quality of your crafts from Masterpiece to Transcendent level. That is when you can truly maximize the raw stats of your crafted sculptors.


In order to use the Grade Up system, you can submit your loot items in the Grade Up screen to upgrade the quality of a particular structure. Once the Sculptor reaches max quality, you can submit your materials and let the Grade Up happen.


LDPlayer for Moonlight Sculptor:


LDPlayer packs a combination of graphical and mechanical features for your game.


One of the best ways to benefit from LDPlayer is by setting up Macros. They let you repeat the same process repeatedly, which can be really useful during bulk crafting and material farming for crafting items.


You can use the Keymapping feature to enhance your gameplay to the level of an actual pc game, as the multitude of buttons on an MMORPG can be hard to access with just touch or click commands.


Keep in mind that you must download LDPlayer's latest version, which is version 4.0, to download and play the game smoothly.




Moonlight Sculptor is a generally new role-playing android and IOS MMORPG that seeks to add classical mechanics for modern players. This guide will help you with crafting and recipes to make your Moonlight Sculptor progression easier.


A better understanding of the game will always help you achieve much more than those who don't know the ins and outs. It will not only make the game more fun but will also let you self-evaluate yourself so you can understand what you are doing wrong and what you can improve upon. Therefore, we presented an in-depth crafting guide to help you get ahead of your competition and enjoy the game to its fullest!

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