Moonlight Sculptor Beginner's Guide For Newbies


The latest entry into mobile MMORPG, Moonlight Sculptor, is a beautiful and charming MMORPG from Kakao games filled with Chibi and cute little characters and monsters with a clean graphical look that's easy on the eyes has won the heart of many MMO players. It is an MMO after all with many things to do and a huge array of mechanics to learn and dungeons to go through. This does require you to go through a learning curve as this is an MMORPG which is Grindy by nature but if you continue reading our guide; this can become much easier for you.



Moonlight Sculptor Beginner’s Guide


Quests and Board Missions:


It's a Grindy MMORPG so besides questing, grinding is a must in this game. Always do your quests and before starting the grind, don't forget to finish the sub-quests to get every ounce of XP, and not just XP monsters will give us equipment and other stuff too as well. This game supports Auto-questing so tap the button to do that, no need to manually play the game especially when you're grinding as this is an Auto MMORPG.


Moonlight Sculptor Beginner’s Guide



Don't forget to do Board missions as they give a lot of XP and other rewards. In the Board missions, select higher grade missions being A or S. Rank A missions you can refresh twice a day to get better missions when needed. You can get up to 10x XP by doing S missions but keep them for when you've finished the lower ones so you get much more benefit but can always do them when needed to get a boost. You have to find yourself the sweet spot considering the time you can put into progress.

Complete tasks each day to get daily rewards. Similarly, finish dungeons daily as they also reset every day.


Automatic Skill Settings:


Whenever you gain a new skill, you need to add that skill to the given slot. You need to manually select each skill that you want to use Auto. You can do this by tapping and holding your skill icon at the bar and drag it up. This way your character will use skills automatically during auto-battle. So every time you get a new skill, you should do this because the enemies in this game are really strong. Similar steps can be followed to turn off automatic skills when you need to fight a tough boss and want to use your skills at appropriate times.


Moonlight Sculptor Beginner’s Guide


More skills are needed to do damage to them and that is why a Party is recommended for grinding.


Auto-Party Feature:


You can create a party or use the Auto-Party feature in the setting so you can have a party immediately. When you have the Auto-Party feature turned on, you will get a party to play with each time you enter a new area, and this way you will farm together and gain more XP. You can create your party so people can join.


Pets and Buddies:


Pets and buddies aren’t just cute animals, they give you stats, gather items for you and you can even send them to town to sell extra equipment. Pets can be used for Fusion. Don’t forget to kill all monsters in an area to fill up the codex. Also look around for monsters that you can tame which need a certain amount of Charisma to succeed, do remember to look into the codex for more information and the region that these monsters spawn in.


You can check the amount of Feed and Charisma you need in the Codex as there are different types of feed like meat, grass, bugs or honey and each monster has its preferred feed. You can purchase feed from Pet Supply Shop if you’re running low on certain feed.


Moonlight Sculptor Beginner’s Guide


You can get at least 1 pet at the beginning of the game as you have eggs to spawn them. These can be spawned by going to your inventory and selecting Buddy egg.  Only archer class can tame monsters and pets are important because they give stats and buffs. If you’re playing as an Archer, find a pet that increases your ATK and CRIT.


Go and look in the codex where it will show the timetable of monsters. You can also look for pets that suit the stats you need in the shop in town. Though do remember that if you are not an Archer, you will only be able to learn the Taming Pet skill at level 45.


Moonlight Sculptor Beginner’s Guide


Gathering Settings:


You can use the Auto-play feature also to gather materials. You can do this by going to the Auto-Play settings in the settings menu of the game and select the option to Collect materials and by selecting this option, you will be able to gather objects automatically nearby when questing.

You have the option to increase the range to higher by increasing the priority of the gathering.


Using Food to Satiate your Character:


Food is useful as well. It gives you buff and increases your satiety because, at 100% satiety, you do 10% more attack damage.


Changing Potions:


This is when you finally get better potions than your default one. You can simply select a new potion from the Potion slot.


Enchanting your Character and Equipment:


You can always use the useless equipment to enchant and increase your passive stats. Even your equipment can be enchanted this way too. So spread across the enchantment starting with lower grade normal equipment. You can also stat bonuses to your equipment or switch to another bonus to fit your character build. Even though we can use normal equipment to get ore but you can do that later when adding Normal equipment for enchantment doesn’t give you enough XP.


This game allows you to use all sorts of equipment but doesn't forget that you won't be able to use your skills if you don't have the right equipment. For example, Alchemist needs to wear spell dagger and flask so they can use their skill Throwing bottles at people.

Making sculptures will give out some stuff too. Don’t forget to look for the hidden class sculptor.


Sleep Mode:


Sleep mode has been introduced when the Global Version was launched, this mode helps you to improve your characters when you are not present in the game and can play due to your normal life. You gain extra XP and Gold by keep on fighting though this may be inefficient, you can't be logged in at all times during the day. Do remember that the mode will stop if you run out of potions and specific equipment for certain classes.


Moonlight Sculptor Beginner’s Guide


To activate sleep mode, choose the Sleep option from the menu. The sleep mode cannot be used at all locations; the game will inform you when and where you cannot sleep. If there is an area where you can’t sleep or you don’t have the equipment level low for a certain area, you will see the message that you cannot activate sleep mode. Therefore, you need to meet the requirement for each new area before you can use sleep mode.


LDPlayer features for Moonlight Sculptor:


LDPlayer packs a lot of features but choosing the right feature for your game can be hard. That is why you need to know what features you can use in Moonlight Sculptor.


First up is a macro, macro allows you to repeat the same process again and again and it’s really useful while farming as you have to repeat your steps. You can also use LDPlayer’s keymapping to customize features according to your liking to make the game a bit easier.


Keep in mind, you will need to download LDPlayer’s latest version, which is version 4.0 to download and play the game smoothly.




Moonlight Sculptor is a brand-new game role-playing game for android and iOS players. To make it easy for you to progress further and fast in Moonlight Sculptor, we have brought you a comprehensive beginner guide. You can mark those points and play the game accordingly to become one of the best Moonlight Sculptor players.

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