Moonlight Blade An Ultimate Guide to Challenge the Best with Tips


Moonlight Blade is an exciting MMORPG that offers players a thrilling martial arts experience in the mystical world of Moonlight Blade. Based on the famous Chinese novel of the same name, the game features rich and diverse lore, stunning graphics, and dynamic combat. To navigate this immersive world and challenge the best players, it's essential to understand various aspects of the game, such as the six sects, the character customization, the skill system, the dungeons, the PVP modes, and more.

Moonlight: An Ultimate Guide to Challenge the Best with Tips

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This comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable tips and insights to enhance your gameplay and achieve greatness. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you will find something useful and interesting in this guide. Play Moonlight Blade on PC with LDPlayer 9 for the finest visual experience and streamlined gameplay. Let's delve into the intricacies of Moonlight Blade and discover the ultimate strategies to succeed! 

What are Experience Points in Moonlight Blade

In Moonlight Blade, experience points are crucial for character development and leveling up. You can find your experience value displayed at the top of the game interface, represented by a yellow progress bar. This bar indicates the experience you currently possess and the amount needed to reach the next level. While completing main tasks is a primary way to gain experience, there are other methods to acquire it.

What are Experience Points in Moonlight Blade

Acquisition of Experience Point

Apart from main tasks, several supplementary gameplay options allow you to obtain experience points. These include sect meditation, guild daily quests, and engaging with various in-game activities. To view the daily quests in detail, open the "Must Do Everyday" section located on the left side of the small map in the top-right corner of the game interface. However, note that some quests may require reaching a certain level before participating.

What is Xiuwei in Moonlight Blade

Xiuwei refers to the cultivation base used to enhance your character's abilities. Xiuwei encompasses the cultivation of meridians, mental techniques, and the acquisition of skills provided by Xinfa. Let's explore the different aspects of Xiuwei and how to acquire it.

What is Xiuwei in Moonlight Blade

Cultivation Base Acquisition

There are various ways to obtain cultivation bases in Moonlight Blade. These include gaining knowledge, looting bandits, engaging in consonant meditation, dismantling needle stones, participating in identity gameplay, and completing gang tasks. You can find knowledge, consonance, and bandits marked on the game map.

Notably, consonance includes hidden locations that are not indicated on the map. You need to discover these by yourself. When you reach the location of consonance, you will receive prompts, and careful meditation will reward you with cultivation bases.

What is Knowledge

Knowledge plays a vital role in the plot of Moonlight Blade. In addition to the main storyline, there are numerous side missions that enrich the game's narrative experience. These missions utilize unique technology and puzzle-solving methods, making them more engaging and rewarding.

Knowledge Activation

Each map in the game contains a series of stories that become activated after completing the main mission. When you notice a small yellow icon in the lower right corner of the screen, it signifies that a knowledge experience is activated. By clicking on the icon, the game map will display the location associated with that knowledge.

Knowledge Entry

Some knowledge entries have specific conditions based on the daily challenges, night, and weather in the game world. For instance, you may be required to search for a mysterious figure who appears only at night or find a contact waiting at the pier during rainy days. Keep in mind that the night in the game occurs after Xushi.

Story Difficulty

Upon entering the main plot, you can check the difficulty and recommended level of each task by clicking on the "!" next to the task tracking. If you find a plot too challenging, you have the option to seek assistance from heroes of the rivers and lakes. Simply click the help button on the tracking interface to invite them for support. 

The storyline customs clearance feature allows you to join the narrative-driven quests. When you receive a task from an NPC, the system transports you to a designated "plane" or instance where you undertake the storyline journey. During this journey, you will not only experience captivating plotlines but also enjoy thrilling martial arts competitions.

Weapon Spectrum

The weapon spectrum in Moonlight Blade mobile offers a range of martial arts challenges for you to undertake. By accessing the "Comprehensive" column in the lower-right corner of the game interface, you can open the weapon spectrum panel.

Among the various challenges in the weapon spectrum, the Jianghu Trials stand out. These trials feature martial arts masters from different levels, and your progress is determined by the completion status of each challenge. 

The challengeable levels correspond to the lowest level of each map. For example, Hangzhou's low level is 11, Jiangnan is 21, and Dongyue is 31. It is advisable to attempt these challenges when your character's level matches or exceeds the specified level range.

Clicking on a character within the weapon spectrum panel reveals their detailed profile, including the rewards obtainable through challenges. Each task offers two trial levels: normal and difficult, each with its own set of difficulties and rewards.

Extreme Challenge

Once your character reaches level 45 and beyond, you unlock the "Extreme Challenge" gameplay within the Weapon Spectrum. To participate, you can either approach Zhang Zhenyi near the weapon trainer in Kaifeng or directly enter the challenge map through the "Start Challenge" option in the lower-left corner. Each day, you can undertake one challenge, allowing you to earn rewards upon successfully completing each level.

What is Identity Play

Moonlight Blade introduces a unique system called Identity. This system combines crafting occupations with daily gameplay, providing you with a wide range of activities to engage in the world of Moonlight Blade. Whether it's equipment production, daily gameplay, or dungeon battles, the Identity system adds depth and versatility to your gaming experience.

Identity Choice

Once your character reaches level 25, you can preview the details of each Identity and its unique features. After level 30 and upon completing the corresponding main task, you can choose and assume an Identity that resonates with your character. Each Identity has its own set of characteristics, skills, and advancement paths. Let's explore the characteristics of the seven available Identities:

Identity Choice

Scribe (Male Characters Only)

  • Crafting Skills Gained: Lining, necklaces, wristbands, bracelets, brewing, calligraphy, and painting

  • Identity Skills: Compose, transcribe, perform

  • Attribute Promotion: Increased Identity and internal strength damage. Ability to share the skill with friends.

Actor (Female Characters Only)

  • Crafting Skills Gained: Headwear, tops, lining, rings, women's dresses.

  • Identity Skills: Compose, transcribe, perform.

  • Attribute Promotion: Provides energy and heart rate boost. Enhances friendliness when teaming up with teammates and extends disguise time.


  • Crafting Skills Gained: Bottoms, necklaces, rings

  • Identity Skills: Assassination warrant

  • Attribute Promotion: Increases killing intent and damage. Enhances the effectiveness of understanding and insight.

The God Catcher

  • Crafting Skills Gained: Main Weapons, Hidden Weapons, Bracers

  • Identity Skills: Arrest

  • Attribute Promotion: Increases strength and defense. Exclusive gameplay for policemen, where the team must be led by the policeman to undertake capture tasks.


  • Crafting Skills Gained: Main Weapons, Belts, Bottoms, Bracelets

  • Identity Skills: Dart betting

  • Attribute Promotion: Increases root bone and blood volume. The Escort master can enhance the dart car's speed, dart betting income and provide blood restoration for the dart car. Additionally, they increase the probability of double red goods on the dart car.


  • Crafting Skills Gained: Secondary weapons, concealed weapons, tops

  • Identity Skills: Treasure digging, pity flower treasure

  • Attribute Promotion: Improves root bone and external power attack. Rangers excel in treasure hunting and locating pity flowers, significantly increasing income from treasure digging and pity flower treasures.


  • Crafting Skills Gained: Secondary weapons, headgear, belts

  • Identity Skills: Capture, hunt

  • Attribute Promotion: Increases strength and tenacity. Orion's capture and hunting tasks to earn experiences, providing a casual and enjoyable gameplay style.

Alliance Introduction

In the vast world of Moonlight Blade, alliances hold significant importance. You can choose one of the four alliances to join based on your values, interpersonal relationships, or aesthetic preferences. Alliances provide opportunities for passionate PvP battles, provide fixed teammates for PvE encounters, and even camaraderie during scenic journeys. Let's explore the essence of alliances in Moonlight Blade.

The Gang

Upon reaching level 32 and completing the corresponding main task, you can join a guild or gang. By joining a guild, you gain access to various guild-related features, including member lists, guild events, the inner court of the guild, and guild rankings. 

The "Looking for a Gang" option on the left side allows you to choose a gang within the alliance. You can also participate in guild activities such as gang appointments, guild dailies, and guild weeklies by clicking the appropriate buttons. Furthermore, you can receive daily benefits in the form of alliance and gang salaries.

Leader Fight

Leader Fight

Under each leader of the four alliances, a player assumes the role of "master rudder" to assist in managing alliance affairs. The chief rudder appoints deputy chief rudders, military advisers, and other cadres. Exclusive powers, such as material transfers, monetary transactions, and food management within the alliance warehouse, are reserved for the chief rudder.

To ensure a constant influx of fresh talent, the alliance implements a three-level competitive recruitment system: main rudder, sub-helm, and member. Ordinary gangs within the alliance can challenge sub-rulers, and sub-rulers can challenge the general helmsman. 

The battle for helmsman takes the form of large-group PvP, with one team pitted against another. Successful challengers swap titles with the defenders, and a cooldown period is enforced for the defeated party.

League Building

Each alliance consists of a main helm and a sub-helm, along with various buildings and facilities within their respective domains. Constructing these buildings requires collaborative efforts from all alliance members. 

By collecting necessary materials, such as wood and stone, from designated locations and hiring craftsmen in the main city, alliance structures gradually rose, offering increased protection and bonuses.

Alliance Battle

Alliance Battle

Alliance battles encompass two distinct categories: challenging the chief rudder and alliance Raid battles. These battles feature different gameplay mechanics, emphasizing strategic planning and tactical execution. Both types contribute to a vibrant and diverse battle landscape, catering to players' preferences and playstyles.

Be the Best in Alliance Battle

Be the Best in Alliance Battle

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Moonlight Blade presents an immersive and expansive world where players can challenge their limits and experience the wonders of martial arts. By mastering experience acquisition, Xiuwei cultivation, engaging with knowledge, unraveling the main plot, embracing different identities, participating in alliances and gangs, and exploring the intriguing storyline customs clearance, you'll unlock a wealth of gameplay opportunities and achieve greatness in the realm of Moonlight Blade. Keep in mind that the information presented here is based on the Moonlight Blade beta test and that we will add more details to this guide once the game is launched worldwide.

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