Heroes Arise Beginner Guide – Best Gameplay Tips for a Thrilling Combat


Heroes Arise the new combat game where you are going to dive into an epic battlefield. This free-to-play 5v5 game can bring you everything that you are looking for in a fast-paced battling game, and you have to team up with friends and battle with some real players. There will be PvP battles that you have to dominate through the game, but nothing is going to become successful when you aren't familiar with the game to the best. So, what are you going to need? It is a guide with some tips.

Heroes Arise Beginner Guide

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The question is, when is the Heroes Arise release date? That is not what we want to discuss because it is now on a beta test, so you better be ready for a quick launch for this game. But once it is here, you will be in trouble if you don't know what team to be created, what gameplay options you can take, and how you become better.

So, if you are looking for a perfect chance to become better at the battles, continue reading as we are going to take you through the best beginner guide with the best gameplay tips. From start to end, we are going to let you know how you can become successful through the game, and these gameplay tips can become a better chance for you. So, start playing Heroes Arise on PC with LDPlayer 9, and let's become the best player with all these tips.

Heroes Arise - Knowing Your Heroes

First and foremost, as we all want, the primary thing to be learned as a beginner will be about the heroes. The Heroes Arise tier list of characters is divided into several classes, capacities, and ranks. Now that they have different skills and abilities in the game, you need to be careful enough to choose a perfect hero for your team. By selecting the most powerful ones for your team, you will be able to do the most out of the battles in this game.

You can control your heroes by using the joystick provided by the game by default, and through that, you can make them battle, move and perform their actions. If these movements are tricky with the joystick, you can set it with keys, and now it can be done with the best Android emulator: LDPlayer 9.

What you only need here is the Keyboard Mapping called a feature, and it just gives you the opportunity to set key controls for your game. As an example, you can set key A for running and key B for attack, and so on. So you are eventually going to be fluent with your gameplay with the smoothest functions of heroes.

Regarding classes, our heroes in this game are divided into 6: Fighter, Tank, Supporter, Mage, Assassin, and Marksman. Other than this, the capacity of each hero will also be different from one to another, and there are 5 of them which can define the use of our heroes in the Heroes Arise gameplay as follows.

Heroes Arise - Knowing Your Heroes

  • Economy Lane – this is for destroying the cannons as it can provide us with bonus gold, and the heroes that will suit this lane will be the Marksmen. Because to operate well through the game, they need the best items as they can power them p

  • Duel Lane – Duel Lane is where you will see the most fights through this game, and you better have Mages here as they have the best damage skills as well as the highest bursts

  • Growth Lane – just like in the Economy Lane, you will see the cannons to destroy here, and as a reward, you can have bonus XP through it. The tank heroes, as well as the fighters, are the ones who will be suggested here as they need more upgrades.

  • Support – support capacity is there for growing your allies. This means it is there for the supporters because they can debuff our enemies in the fights as well as buff all the allies.

  • Jungle – Jungle is the one that requires beating enemies through the lane, so the most suitable heroes here would be the assassins

Prevent the Movements and Actions of your Enemies

To do the best in the Heroes Arise combat, you can have the best crowd-controlling effects rather than continue fighting and attacking against the enemies. If you use the best out of it, you can easily prevent the attacks of your enemies, leading you to the easiest victory through the battles.

Prevent the Movements and Actions of your Enemies

So, we have several types of crowd-controlling effects to be used with our heroes, and knowing what to use at when will give you a better advantage over the combat as follows.

  • Stun – can stun the enemies by preventing them from attacking, moving, or even casting their abilities for a certain time.

  • Silence – can silence units to prevent them from casting their skills, using active items for a specific period. But please note that you are still vulnerable to basic attacks here.

  • Slow – this effect will slow down the enemies for a time.

  • Pull – this skill will be effective against the monsters as well as the troops, and it will pull off the first unit.

  • Knock Up – this effect can prevent enemies from attacking and moving, and that will be done by knocking them into the air.

  • Taunt – the units are going to be prevented from casting their abilities.

  • Knock Back – this effect will knock back the targets.

  • Suppression – here, you can see your targeted units are unable to move, cast their skills as well as to attack

  • Drag – dragging the units to the destination from a straight line.

  • Transform – targeted units are no longer able to attack or cast skills.

  • Root – the targeted units will no longer move

  • Ground – the targeted units will not going to cast their abilities, but they will have their basic attacks with them

  • Freezing – freeze the enemies

  • Haul – this is more like the Drag effect and is going to haul the units

  • Dash – the caster is going to have a move with the units which are being affected by this effect

Understanding the Heroes Arise Game Modes

If you are a player who wants to become better at the game, make sure that you understand the game modes clearly. You are just a beginner who is trying to figure out the game as a first-time player, so you will need an understanding of how the gameplay goes on. Knowing about the Heroes Arise game modes is the best way to understand the game.

We have three game modes available in this game, and each has different purposes as well. You have certain tasks to be done in each game mode, and we can give you a basic overview of them now.

Understanding the Heroes Arise Game Modes

First, it is about Ranked Play. As the name says, you can see how this game mode works because this will be operated based on the ranks of the players. All the players are going to be divided according to their ranks and then fight with each other to make a higher rank in the Heroes Arise gameplay.

You will be able to earn a single star with the victories you gain from the ranked play, and at the same time, you are going to lose one star if you have been beaten by your opponent. Your ultimate goal here is to earn as many stars as possible, and once you win a match, you can move to the next division. But if you fail, you are taken back into the previous division. But there is one thing to be noted here: if you are a new player to these sections, you will not lose your stars even if you have been defeated.

Then we have the Matchmade PVP, and this is where the game brings you the 5v5 matches. Although, at first hand, it may seem like a ranked game, there are a few changes here. The main change you can see in the Heroes Arise matchmade PVP is that there is no star-gaining or losing process.

Then last, we have the Training game mode, and you can train yourself here. There will be tutorials, CO-OP VS AI modes, and the custom modes to be taken here, where beginners can take the best advantage. Since you have no experience related to the game, you can take this mode and make yourself ready for the upcoming fights so you won't find it difficult to proceed through other fighting sections.

Understanding the Heroes Arise Game Modes

In the Training game mode, you can take the tutorial mode to replay all your stages, and this is more like practice for you. It just teaches you about the Heroes Arise game's basic features. It will teach you about the basic abilities and gaming commands, as well as about combat, and you can earn your first clearing rewards here.

If you want to have some custom-made games in the Heroes Arise, you can try the custom section from the training mode, and here, you can choose the AI as your opponent. You can also create a lobby here, set it with a password, and then make it up for a match. But please note that if you are in a custom game, you can no longer take the events from this game.

Play Strategically By Hiding

Heroes Arise is a game that makes your way through so many enemies, so playing strategically with the best tactics is a must to win. So, whenever you are in combat, the best way to become successful is by using the bushes. There are so many bushes spread through your map, and you can use one of them and hide yourself so that you are going to be covered by the enemies. By doing this, you can easily target and plan your attacks and then have a perfect fight by launching the most unexpected attacks.

But please note that you better be much more careful when hiding through the bushes because you can't see what is inside or behind it. So it is more like you are being vulnerable to the enemies, so be careful as much as you can. But still, neither your enemies nor the minions will see you when you are in a bush, so you are no longer vulnerable to damage. We strongly recommend you hide through these bushes when you are at a low HP level because it can save your life rather than roaming through the outside. But beware, same as you; your enemies can also be seen hiding under the bushes.

Take More Daily Quests

Daily quests are some tasks provided by the Heroes Arise game, which are reset daily. But still, there will be several missions that you have to complete on a daily basis here, and by completing them, you will be able to open more chests. This means you will have a chance to earn more rewards here.

Take More Daily Quests

You can have more gold and gems by taking these daily quests, and please note that the tasks which are being provided here will be reset daily. But if you want to pack yourself with more resources, make sure you do these daily quests as much as possible.

Resources in the Heroes Arise

There are three types of resources that you can earn in the Heroes Arise gameplay, and they all have their own types of uses in the game. So if you need to become a master through the game, know all of their uses and how you can earn them.

There will be tokens, gems, and gold in the Heroes Arise as the resources; among them, gold and gems are the ones you will use to buy your heroes. And gold is something that you can use to buy packs from the store while gem can be used in the lucky wheel. On the other hand, the token can be used to buy several things in this game, and you will be able to buy more packs, skins, and rolls through it. More of these resources can be earned by taking events, quests, and daily missions.


With that, we will end the Heroes Arise guide and tips for beginners, and it is time to become a master of it by referring to all these tips. Don't make yourself fail through the game while you have the best guidance here, and by using these all, it is sure that you will become a better player in the Heroes Arise gameplay.

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