Beginners Mistakes in Marvel Future Revolution


Marvel Future Revolution just got released in Canada. With its vast number of heroes to choose from, it can be not very clear sometimes. The game has. If you also fall in the class of individuals sitting tight for this game, and the entire open-world MMO game style is a lot for you. We will help you by listing down the things you need to avoid.


Mistakes You Shouldn't Make in Marvel Future Revolution:


Marvel Future Revolution isn't an easy game to begin with. The game has done of items and feature that takes time to understand so its inevitable to not to make mistakes. But don't worry if you are having trouble pointing those mistakes out. We will do that for you. So following are all the things you shouldn't do in Marvel Future Revolution.


Upgrading Omega Cards Without Thinking:


Future Marvel Revolution Omega cards


Omega Cards hold a significant role in upgrading one's hero's stats. But the sheer amount of Omega Cards in the game can be very confusing. So instead of trying to upgrade every Omega Card, you see, try to find the best one for your needs. 


The thing with Omega Cards is that there are three different rarities Common, Rare, and special Each rarity type has different cards. Some cards are also cards, and some exist in the form of a set.


It's always better to go for special or rare rarity cards as they provide you with better bonus Stats. The gold and materials you used to upgrade these cards are also a hefty amount. So be careful not to waste too much of it on the wrong card as it can cause you gold shortage, which in the late game can create problems of its own.


Also, don't discard Omega cards with rare or special rarity as it will be a very bad deal for you. Also, if you get your hand on six or 7-star cards, even if it's a common rarity, it's always best to hold onto it. 


Picking Up The Wrong Gear:


Future Marvel Revolution Choosing gear


Planning your gear has to be one of the most important parts of the entire Marvel Future Revolution game. The gear isn't only for looking like your favorite Marvel character, but it also helps your stats by a lot. Each gear has a different kind of stats boost.


Upgrading gears that are hard to come by causes many problems late. You get stuck if you can't find the upgrade parts, and then you have to change your gear. Due to that, all the material and time you spend on that specific gear will be a waste.


Using regional gear as your daily driver is a bad decision as they are very rare. Unless you are planning to spend a lot of real-life money, so save yourself some time and spend your resources wisely. Being short on resources can have a detrimental effect on your progress.


Discarding Your Battle Badges For Space:


Future Marvel Revolution battle badges


Good Battle Badges are very hard to come by. One can only be used once, and the same ones can't stack onto each other. Due to which people tend to discard them to save some space but by doing that, they hit themselves on the leg with an ax.


Battle badges give increased stats, and each battle has a star to indicate its level. There is a total of 7 stars, with seventh being the strongest one. Don't ever throw away a badge that is higher than level 5 to make space.


Sometimes a player will only be using one character, which in itself is a bad idea. So for making space for other inventory items, they will throw away battles badges—the squad cap, which will cause you to use alt heroes.


Squad ranks are the collective rank of all your heroes, and without it being a certain level, you can't progress. If you throw away all the battles badges, you will find it harder to increase your squad rank as your squad rank is made up of your character level.


So instead of throwing away your Battle badges, use them wisely. You can increase your character level by using alt heroes and spending the badges on them. Plus by doing that it will make your game profession easier.


Spending Gold On Skills You Don't Use:


Each hero has four different skills they can use apart from their ultimate and basic attack. These skills can choose from a list of skills available. All these skills have different effects in game-like damaging, healing, teleporting, etc.


At first, the skills are very cheap to upgrade, so players tend to upgrade them a lot. But with each upgrade, each skill starts costing a lot, and the gold you spend grows exponentially.


Many players will keep on spending their material on skills they don't even use. However, That will drain their gold supplies as well as other materials. It is making them have low-level skills compared to other players as they have equally spend it on each skill.


So instead of spending your gold and materials on different skills. Only spend your goal on the ones you use, or you plan to use. As with each upgrade, the skill becomes more expensive your gold supplies will be depleted real quick, which will make your progress at the game very slow.


Hitting The Squad Rank Cap:


Future Marvel Revolution squad rank cap


Marvel Future Revolution is a squad game, and it tells you that the hard way. With each level up, your in-game character gets your Squad Rank also increase. Squad decides whether you would be able to progress in the game further or not.


Players tend to get one character, and they will upgrade it till max. This is a very bad thing as after a character level is Max. It means the squad rank is capped. Due to this cap of Squad Rank, the game will force you to play another character.


Now that you are stuck with playing a new character and trying to increase your Squad Rank, your precious time is wasted. Side quests also tend to give fewer rewards which makes it even slower to increase your level. Hence spending all your resources on your main hero is a real bad decision.


Not Doing Side Quests Or Villain Hunt’s:


Side quests and villain hunt is the only way you can get materials and collectibles in this game. If you don't do side quests, you will fall behind in level and end up losing raids. 


Villain hunts, especially ones with Supervillains, drop a lot of high-tier loot. Ignoring these events will just decrease your chances of finding special loot. Some of these loot items can only be found from such events, which can hinder your performance by a lot.


So every time you find yourself in an event like this, try to complete it. It will only help you gather more materials which will increase your chances to progress.


LDPlayer Features for Marvel Future Generation:


Marvel Future Generation controls are very hard to master on a mobile screen. So we mostly suggest keymapping, as using a keyboard will help you have a better steady movement. Other than keybinding, you can enhance your gameplay with higher graphics settings




Marvel Future Revolution is a new open world MMORPG so their many things to learn. These mistakes are mostly made by anyone who hasn't had any experience with MMORPGs before. So if you find yourself doing these things , try to redeem yourself by following this guide. Also, If you are trying to find some help, check out our Beginner Guide on Marvel Future Revolution.

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