Lost Sanctuary Eternal Origin Classes Guide for a Best Gameplay


Who doesn't love to deal with mythology? And here is another mythological MMORPG game by Eyougame, and it is time to dive right into an immortal world with real-time combat. This time with this new game, you are going to dive into a unique experience among all of these battles and evil, it is a must to find your way to deal with heavy damage, and there are the Lost Sanctuary Eternal Origin classes to choose from.







Classes have a special role to play in this game because they can decide if you are failing or winning throughout the game. They can deal with the damage, support the teams, and absorb so much damage from the enemies. So if you ever wanted to know who is the best in all aspects and you really want to make yourself a pro player at this game, then it is a must to know who will be the best class. But the thing is, there are a lot of classes featured in this game, and beginners wouldn't be able to decide on a perfect class that suits their playing style.


So, we have made this Lost Sanctuary Eternal Origin classes guide to make you aware of each class, so in the end, you will be able to do the most out of your game with a perfect understanding. At the end of this guide, you will have a clear idea of what class does the best at the gameplay, and there is no need to have more talking here. Let's get straight into the class guide by now.



Monk is our first unit to bring on from the Lost Sanctuary Eternal Origin classes, and this is a warrior. He is fluent in martial arts and single target damage, and a holy power comes with him to damage his enemies over time. Monk is a perfect unit to use on more challenging enemies, and it is better if you can use him to deal with a big crowd.


Monk has the same playing style as Ascalon, which we describe as our next unit and raw damage that comes with him with the highest defense and an HP.





The second unit we will talk about under this Lost Sanctuary Eternal Origin classes guide and thus is a sword-wielding class to the game. Ascalon has a perfect balance for offense and balance to this game, and it is more like a tank. This unit has a high defense stat as well as the highest HP than other units, and he is also good at controlling the enemies.


There is an amazing CC that comes with this class, and you can choose him to do solo play at this game because this class is perfect for dealing with AOE as well as damage. Ascalon is a great unit for a beginner as well.





Kali comes from third place on our Lost Sanctuary Eternal Origin classes guide, and she is more focused on the damage. She is a tank but doesn't have much capability from the defense skills. Kali can be easily deployed over a long distance, and she is dealing with any type of enemy when she maintains a needed amount of space.


Kai can be called the best unit that you can use to farm in this game, but she is not so ideal with the boss fights.





Sibyl is the next class from this Lost Sanctuary Eternal Origin classes guide, and this is a fighter that can deal with an ultimate defense. Sibyl can be called the most powerful unit in the game as she has the greatest damage output. This unit is very fast from her movements, and that makes it somewhat more challenging for a beginner to handle. But she doesn't have any difficulty in handling any enemy, and it is better if a player can use it against the bosses. So you will be able to eliminate them quickly.





Nuwa from this Lost Sanctuary Eternal Origin classes guide is a nimble cater. She is more fragile than the other DPS units in this game but has the best damage potential of any unit. But know that this class doesn't come with an excellent CC power and if you use her, know that it will be a bit challenging to pass through the game.


With the right mastering and practicing, Nuwa is doing great with her skills as she can move through the most powerful enemies and bosses without making it more complicated.




Great Sage

Here comes our most balanced unit from the Lost Sanctuary Eternal Origin classes guide, and there is a range and high DPS combined with this unit. Great Sage features the best CC potential and the defense to the game, and if you are a beginner, we recommend this unit to deploy in your game as it is fair to use even though you are a beginner. Great Sage is doing the best as he has the best CC potential and the game's defense skills. This class is also great to be utilized in your combat.





The last class to bring you from this Lost Sanctuary Eternal Origin classes guide is Ruby, and she is also the DPS unit. But she is not an ordinary DPS unit as she is powerful with her defense as well as offense. So for the players who are looking for the best DPS unit with the best powers, Ruby is the best. She can take you through almost any difficult situation without making it any harder.


As a beginner to this game looking for the best DPS unit, Ruby will be the best support you can have in this game than any other.




Best Skills and Best Performance from All Classes

For the players who are looking for the best performance from each of these classes, we can recommend the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9. This comes with the best feature called Keyboard Mapping, which facilitates you with the easiest controls and movements with all the classes in this game.


By using this feature, you can set the keys W, A, D, and S to move through the game easily, and if you want to specify their attacks with one button, it is also possible here. It means that if you try to attack, you can set a more engaging key like Z to unleash an attack than tapping on the screen here, which makes you have greater involvement with each unit. It basically provides you with the personalized key settings to ease your gameplay in every aspect with these classes.




The second thing that can give you the most performance from the game is the Keyboard Macros. This will ease your repeating actions by setting one key to all. So there will be no excess contribution for unnecessary repeating actions anymore. So no more overwhelming over repeating. 



So that is all that we have to bring you from this Lost Sanctuary Eternal Origin classes guide, and choosing the best unit is up to your hand now. Please review all the units we discussed here and follow up on their best skills to do the most at your gameplay.

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