Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Tips to Make You Better with LDPlayer 9


The Idle role-playing game Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice has been created to reflect the aesthetic of the Saint Seiya manga and anime series. In this game majority of the time, battles are fought in an automated fashion, with your characters attacking and filling their special meter on their own accord. 




You will have the most fun if you experiment with a wide variety of different character combinations and test them out in a battle to see which ones give you the best results. 


Even though an AI controls a majority of the game, there is still a significant amount of clicking and navigating through menus to be done by players, and to play the game effectively, having some Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice tips might help, which is why we created this Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice tips to make you better with LDPlayer guide.


Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Tips for Team-Building


Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice strongly focuses on random chance like most gacha-based games for team composition. You'll have to rely on sheer luck if you want to summon powerful characters and then combine them into a team that can stand a chance against really powerful opponents. 


It's a good thing that the game's rewards and progression system are so generous. With this, you shouldn't have to put in much work to get your knights to the next level. Let's see how to build the best teams possible with what you get from early game pulls.


  • In Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice, tanks are essential since they bear the brunt of enemy strikes and protect your primary DPS. Also, don't forget to give them your best gear to help them out with their HP and defenses.


  • Make sure you're well-prepared by practicing with two tanks in the front row and don't forget to add two sources of damage dealers and a character that can heal or buff your troops in the back. If you want to eliminate your opponents swiftly, go with a character with great damage output, more like an assassin class.


  • The connection among your knights is crucial since it will enable you to gain power from elemental boosts in attack and defense. Using three characters from one element and two from the other is the best strategy at the moment.


Effective Teams to Create With Starting Heroes


  • Water and Fire are formed by Moses and Shiryu in the front row, while Death Ikki, Shaina and Mask are at the rear.


  • To create an improved Water and Fire team, add Algethi and Moses to the front row, while Aiola, Athena, and Shaina should be added to the back row.


  • Argol and Moses in the front row is also a great combination, with Mu, Misty, and Saga in the back row. This would be an example of effective composition.


Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Tips for Team Building with Elements


A typical battle system is based on the elements Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Light, and Darkness, each doing increased damage to the other elements while simultaneously being vulnerable to the other. Following are what you get from building the right synergy.


  • 10% attack and HP boost for three knights of the same element
  • Attack and HP bonuses of 15% for three Knights of the same kind and two Knights of a different type
  • A 15% attack and 20% HP increase for four Knights of the same element.
  • Each of the five knights has a 20% attack and HP boost.
  • Attack and HP boost for each additional knight of the same element: 25%


Star Level and Knight Management


The summoning rank of that knight determines the power of a knight. A 5-star Knight is obviously more robust than a 3-star Knight in terms of strength. Remember that upgrading your new knights might help lessen this power gap if you don't have 5-star heroes.


First, you can spend money and resources to get your Knights to a higher level. Then, in the Hall of Knights, you can combine three (or two for higher star level characters) of your characters as fodder to raise their star level. One star will increase the strength of the hero in total. 


Once your character has reached the highest level possible, you can use Magic Stones to push them further and open up new levels. The only other way to move forward and make the characters stronger is to get better items. Every new thing you find along the way will give your character a little more power.


To begin, we suggest that you concentrate on a select group of really noteworthy characters. Don't worry about spending resources. You'll always be able to get your resources back with knight resetting; while you are at it, you can choose which resources you want to get back. Use this tool to the fullest to get rid of your stale knights and raise the profile of the newcomers.


Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Tips to Get More Gems


The most important thing a player may need to get great heroes is gems; you should constantly be pulling on banners because to improve the star level, you must utilize another two heroes as fodders. So having a bunch of duplicates is not a bad idea. As previously said, you don't need to worry about upgrading materials because you can destroy your heroes to get upgrade materials. 


Go to the knight's section of the game and read your unlocked heroes' handbooks; in the top left corner of each character, 100 gems will be waiting for you.


LDPlayer Operation Record for Automatic Progress


Typically Idle games require little to no action from their players. This is good because who has the time to play for hours constantly to get the resources needed to upgrade the characters? With LDPlayer operation record, we can do battles without actively involving it; you can do other things while the game is running in the background and, once in a while, pay a visit to upgrade your heroes. The method goes like this.


  • First, download the LDPlayer if you haven't already.


  • Now download the game by going to AppStore.


  • Once the game has been installed, run the game and press Ctrl + 8 to run the operation Record.


  • Click on start record, simulate any battle once, and stop the record.


  • Now click on the gear symbol on the created operation record and select the option run until stop and save. 


You have to create separate records for different kinds of battles. Because the process is a little different; for example, the main screen battle is different from the battle in the training section, but it fairly simply renames them with the battle name and runs according to the battle you need to do. Operation record is capable of doing the work for you.


Easy Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Tips to Get Your Favorite Heroes


LDMultiplayer and the Multi-Instance Sync feature may help you acquire the heroes you want by combining them. Using this method, you may quickly get your hands on the heroes you want. We are just going to talk about how to automate the rerolling process here, so we advise you to read that before reading this section and come back here after loading the game on all clones. Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Rerolling guide.


So once you set up all the clones to run and choose the one clone as your main clone, start syncing and follow the below instruction.


  • Press Ctrl+8 to open the Operation Record on your main clone before beginning the combat.


  • During Operation Record, do game combat and other actions like skipping conversation. When the record is finished, stop it (doing a single battle and skipping your dialogue is enough).


Now that you've established an Operation Record, you may modify its parameters to make it operate continuously until terminated. Now, run the record for a while to get some gems and check back to upgrade the heroes to progress further on all accounts. Once you have enough gems, start rerolling and choose the account with your favourite heroes.



We will end our Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice tips to make you better with the LDPlayer guide here, but we hope the information provided here helps you to play the game more efficiently and better. But if you want more information on the game, check out our Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Beginner Guide and Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List.

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