The ultimate Guide to Become Pro in LOL: Wild Rift


You all have a good idea of what League of Legends Pc and LOL: Wild Rift is all about. We all know how the game is gaining a lot of attention while being in Beta Testing LOL: Wild Rift should be on your next year's playlist.


The ultimate Guide to Become Pro in LOL: Wild Rift


What more is it's a 100% free-to-play mobile game that allows you to obtain all champions of your liking without any limit. Each champion has its unique abilities, which can vary from physical damage to healing.


Champions in LOL: Wild Rift has two types of damage-dealing abilities: Physical and Magic Damage. However, some champions like Zac, Galio, etc., can go both ways meaning they can build physical damage or magic damage according to their opponent. That's what makes them versatile champions for every situation.


The first and important thing you need to know before playing LOL: Wild Rift is about versatile champions and then Solo Carry. These two types of champions can change the result of any battle with a lot of practice and patience. Today, we will discuss all of this and much more in detail to make the game a lot easier for you. So, without further ado, let's get started.


Everything to know about Champions:


You might know all about Champions in LOL: Wild Rift, but are you sure that you know everything about them. I would say probably no, and the reason is there is so much to cover in a video or few guides. What you need is to practice by yourself and understand champions by yourself.


As we have mentioned earlier, each champion has different abilities and different types of damage. The damage depends on your abilities and build; build is the items you buy from the in-game shop. This is one of the best features of LOL: Wild Rift.


Selective items do not bound you; you can build any item of your liking or feel confident with it. In each game, you will have the same chance again and again. The build is one of many factors that directly affect the outcome of each solo and team fight.


The ultimate Guide to Become Pro in LOL: Wild Rift


Understand each Champion and build according to his need; for example, if your enemy lineup is mostly magic, then you can build items to cancel their magic damage or at least low their damage. The next up about champions is the abilities you pick before each match: Flash, Ignite, Teleport, etc. These abilities define you and your champion.


Flash is one of the must-have abilities to take into each match. The Rune system is a bit hard to understand; it directly affects your champions. You can choose runes of different stats, including HP Regain, Damage, etc. Last but not least factor that affects your overall result is the practice. You must have a good grip on the champion you choose to play, including the secrets of that champion.


Different Scenarios and how to react to them?


When it comes to LOL: Wild Rift, there are multiple scenarios that can happen in the game, and trust me, you can't take notes of all scenarios because each player brings his creativity and strategy to the game, and that strategy, along with creativity affects the battle's outcome.


However, I have compiled a list of possible scenarios and how to react in those scenarios. These scenarios will give you an in-depth idea of other possible scenarios.


The first scenario is for Junglers. You know your role is to provide help to all of your teammates and put pressure on the enemy lineup in any way possible.


The most common way is ganking lanes now and then. But what happens when you can't gank, or you are offline in the early stages of the game. In that scenario, you will need help from your teammates and focus on the farm as much as possible.


The ultimate Guide to Become Pro in LOL: Wild Rift


Keep in mind; you will only worsen the situation if you tried to gank or got in a fight when you are behind in every possible way. Make sure to level up first and then help your teammates.


The second scenario is related to Trinkets. Trinkets are what you can buy from the in-game shop. You can use them to reveal a small amount of the enemy's hidden area to know the location of the enemy Jungler.


If you haven't used Trinkets in the enemy jungle, then it might be the sole reason for your loss. Not a single team has won any match without using Trinkets, and that goes for you too. To avoid this scenario, you have to take baby steps from the beginning. Always use trinkets even if you have to farm extra gold to buy other items.


The third scenario is during fights. Think like your enemies during the early game; you can understand your opponent and how he/she plays. Keep that in mind, while engaging in team fights later in the game.


During team fights, you will have two options: Join your teammates and fight enemies or push the solo lane to destroy enemies' turret. Team fights are also important; make sure to discuss with your teammates and then act accordingly because no matter what the scenario is, the game is all about teamwork and communication.


The ultimate Guide to Become Pro in LOL: Wild Rift




You must understand your objectives, and your primary objective is to destroy enemy NEXUS before they can destroy yours. The secondary objectives include destroying turrets and inhibitors. These are two secondary objectives that are not optional, so you have to destroy turrets to destroy inhibitors and, at last, the NEXUS.


There are three inhibitors and three turrets before them—destroy any of the turrets and then destroy the inhibitor right behind it to access NEXUS. But before NEXUS, you will have to destroy two more turrets before you can deal damage to NEXUS. These secondary goals help you achieve your primary goal meaning you can't win until you finish your secondary objectives. You can win by destroying five turrets in the game, but it's hard to do so.


There is a total of 11 turrets in LOL: Wild Rift:


⦁    Three in Top/Baron Lane.

⦁    Three in Mid Lane.

⦁    Three in Bottom/ADC Lane.

⦁    Two Turrets are protecting the NEXUS.


The HP of NEXUS and Inhibitors regenerate overtime when you don't attack them. You can make other objectives like getting PENTA KILLS or kill a specific laner for your satisfaction. The personal objectives are the number of kills and total damage dealt.


When I used to play League of Legends PC, I always focus on two personal goals. I wanted to get kills and also die for my teammates. My champion's life is important in the game, but it's not important then Mid Laner and AD Carry.


The ultimate Guide to Become Pro in LOL: Wild Rift


These are two champions you must save at all cost. As a Jungler, you can have personal goals, but keep in mind you can achieve personal goals if you are not playing with your team.




LOL: Wild Rift is a progressive game in which your playstyle and understanding matter the most, among other things. You can also communicate with your teammates using headphones, which are preferred to plan your movements.


You can do many things and participate in different modes, and if you want to spend money on the game, you can buy the adorable skins of every champion. However, skin does not provide a boost or any other buffs in the game, giving every player a fair chance.


As mentioned above, the game is free-to-play, and playing a game that creates a fair gaming environment is much more preferable than other games. The above-given LOL: Wild Rift Ultimate guide explains everything about Champions, Objectives, and Turrets.


Make sure to read and understand each tip and utilize it in your every match to increase your chances of winning, and one more time, the game is about teamwork; there is no I, Me, or My in LOL: Wild Rift.

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