League of legends Wild Rift Orianna Build Guide, Orianna Skill Combo, and More!

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How is the gaming world going with League of Legends Wild Rift on PC, There is a vast scenario going with the game, and now, it has taken a new face with Orianna. So who is this Orianna, and what does she be capable of within wild rift?


League of legends Wild Rift Orianna Build The Ultimate Guide, Orianna Skill Combo, Counter and More!


Orianna is known as a technological marvel, and she has comprised from the clockwork. She will be accompanied through a brass sphere, and you can see this Orianna as a hero who has dedicated to protection and companionship. She uses the ball for doing damage, and through that, Orianna can control the battlefield. You will also be empowered from her shielding, speeding up her allies, launching enemies for five-man control, and slowing up the enemies as well.


If you want to participate with Orianna on Wild Rift, you can download LOL Wild Rift on PC here.


LoL Wild Rift Orianna Overview and Tier, Class


Orianna, or the Lady of Clockwork, is known to be a Mage character in LOL wild rift, and she plays the role of support in the game. She belongs to the super and the highest skilled tier of the game called S Tier. This hero finds to be more strong, and the funniest character for the game playa, and she is a definite selection for the pro playing. Orianna's kit is super strong, and it hasn't built into making her weak.


This hero can control the crowd and also give some consistent damages. Orianna holds a unique playing style than the other heroes in the game, and she suits any team. And also, Orianna is one of the best picks up to choose in any team. She can turn over any battle to her favor by using her unique skill command shock wave, and it gives no options for the enemies.


Orianna's back story and her unique kit turn every player to choose her, and she is excellent for a mid laner. When she is in the early game, she will spread her long-ranged spells for the enemies, and she plays a vital role in the team fights in the late game. Orianna is not a character who can easily manageable to the enemies, and she is so vital for the whole gameplay.


LoL Wild Rift Orianna Stats


Orianna's stats are divided from Damage, Toughness, Utility, and difficulty. So we can say that her damage is dealing with an average role while the toughness is weak. And also, the utility is somewhat medium, and moderate roles are given to the difficulty.


League of legends Wild Rift Orianna Build The Ultimate Guide, Orianna Skill Combo, Counter and More!


  • Damage★★ – Average
  • Toughness ★ – Weak
  • Utility ★★ – Medium
  • Difficulty ★★ Moderate


Orianna's Stats


  • HP – 530 in level 1, 2180 in level 15, 115 in per level
  • Mana – 435 in level 1, 1233 in level 15, 57 per level
  • Attack Damage – 46 in level 1, 84 in level 15, 57 per level
  • Ability Power – 14 in level 1, 14 in level 15, 0 per level
  • Armor – 30 in level 1, 79 in level 15, 3.5 per level
  • Magic Resistance – 30 in level 1, 42 in level 15, 0.86 per level
  • Attack Speed – 0.75 in level 1, 0.75 in level 15, 0 per level
  • HP Regen – 8 in level 1, 16 in level 15, 0.57 per level
  • Mana Regen – 12 in level 1, 28 in level 15, 1.14 per level
  • Movement Speed – 447 in level 1, 447 in level 15, 0 per level


LoL Wild Rift Orianna Runes


Most ongoing and the super runes dedicated for the Orianna is Electrocute. And there are more runes, and they are in detail as follows.


  • Electrocute


The rune Electrocute one that Orianna can proc easily in the phase of laning. It is helping her to be strong against the enemies in the laning phase, and it can increase the burst damage f. Electrocute can increase this champion's potential to perform one combo that helps Orianna kill enemies in the late and mid phases of the game.


When the Aery plays a support role, it is best to pick the keystone rune because it deals with damage for the shield allies and the enemies. Electrocute is a rune that is most popularized to the Orianna as it can increase the linear damage her. It will be beneficial in the long fights when it is increased, and a rune called Electrocute is the best option for this champion for sure.


  • Brutal


Brutal is adding AP and the magic power to Orianna, and it can help her increase the burst potentials. Here, weakness is act as the support alternative to her, resulting in increasing the team damage to control the opponents or make them slow.


  • Hunter – Titan


This rune is resulted in increasing Orianna's HP and her crowd controlling resistance. It is making happen on to the takedowns for helping you to survive against the mid's of enemies. The support alternative for this rune is Loyalty, and it can give you bonus armor with magic resistance ability. These abilities are not only for you but also for the nearest champions in allies.


LoL Wild Rift Orianna Item Builds

There are several items builds related to Orianna as follows.


Mage Clockwork


Mage Clockwork Is Orianna's standard build, and it can build her to be a mage of powerful long-ranged poke. This build will be very effective throughout the whole gameplay in the wild rift.


Archangel's Staff


Archangel's staff allows the champion to have an unlimited supply of mana with some bonuses for haste and high AP. When you upgrade this, it will give you a shield for the places where you drop your HP percentage. This update is known as the Seraph's Embrace, and it makes Orianna impossible to kill as she gains three layers in shield along with the barrier and the E command of hers.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity


This build can increase Orianna's haste ability, and it can help you to spam spells as much as you can. You can upgrade it with the stasis enchant, and it will grant huge damage champions. Or you can try to upgrade this build by the Quicksilver Enchant if there is a vast crowd control ability to the enemies.


Liandry's Torment


This build can make Orianna burn her enemies based on the HP values them. This build is synergizing with the hit of Orianna and with the regular poking play style and run. When this build is using, if the fight gets longer, it makes Orianna stronger.


Rabadon's Deathtrap


This build can provide Orianna with a high AP to the game, and it enables her to kill many of the non-tank champions with the use of a single combo.


Void Staff


This item can give a magic penetration with a considerable amount. When you have this, it can destroy every champion from a single combo.




This item can help Orianna have a Magic penetration with Grievous wounds, and it makes her easier to defend the heavies champions like Dr. Mundo. If you buy this item in the early part of the game, it makes your team face this kind of hard champions easier.


Orianna Skill Basic Introductions (Combos) and Spells


League of legends Wild Rift Orianna Build The Ultimate Guide, Orianna Skill Combo, Counter and More!


Clockwork Windup


This is a passive skill of Orianna, and her balls or the brass sphere are the primary things on her skills. These balls are returning to Orianna automatically in the times where she is far away from the balls. You can stack up these balls two times, and its attacks are dealing with 16 magic damage bonuses. If you attack for the same target subsequently, it can deal with extra four magic damage within 4 seconds.


Command Attack


This is the first ability of Orianna, and here, she is commanding the balls to fire on some specific target locations. It can deal with 67 of magic damage to her targets. When it hits the units, it is going to decrease the damage by 10% for each. After performing the damage, the ball is going to remain at the location where you target.


Command Dissonance


This is the 2nd ability, and it is commanding the ball to release to electric pulse. These electric pulses are doing 69 of magic damage to the closest enemies. In the field, these electric pulses can leave their energy for about 3 seconds, resulting in slowing down the enemies from 20%. And also, it can speed up the allies within 2 seconds by 20%. When time goes, the effect is automatically diminishing.


Command Protect


As the third ability, this can command for the ball to attach for an allied champion. It can grant a special shield that can absorb the 66 of damage within 4 seconds and deal with a 65 of magic damage to the enemies passing through that. As a passive skill, this ball grants the players ten armors and the magic resistance for the champion it has been attached.


Command Shockwave


This is the 4th ability that makes commands for the ball to do a shockwave. This shockwave can burst a 160 of magic damage, and it launches for the nearest enemies.


Spells of Orianna is dealing with two as Ignite and Flash


Orianna’s combos are as follows.

  • Easiest 1st combo – 1st skill + 2nd skill + 3rd skill + auto attack
  • Easiest 2nd combo – 1st skill + ultimate + 2nd skill + 3rd skill + auto attack + 1st skill + auto attack
  • Medium 3rd combo – ultimate + flash
  • Medium 4th combo – 1st skill + ultimate + 2nd skill + auto attack + 3rd skill
  • Hard 5th combo – ultimate + flash + item
  • Hard 6th combo – 1st skill + 2nd skill + 3rd skill + auto attack + ultimate + flash


  • Ignite


Ignite can target the enemy champions, and it deals with actual damage of 60 to 140. It will be based on the levels. This ignite spell is happening over 5 seconds by damaging the opponent with some Grievous wounds. Grievous wounds are results for reducing the healing effect by a percentage of 50%


  • Flash


Flash spell is resulting in Orianna teleports around a short distance. It can move forward or move towards her target direction.


Orianna Abilities and Analysis in Wild Rift


Orianna in Wild Rift becomes special as she can act as a support damage dealer or a mage who controls in heavy. And also, she is a defending machine. You can attack the enemies in the lane by skill 1, 2, auto-attack with skill 3. This is an excellent combination of skills to damage your enemies with auto attacks and the ball heavily. Orianna can shield at any place, and because of that, she can perform excels within short trades of the lane.


Use skills 1, 4, 2 with auto attack and skill 3 for all the opponents. You have to use skill two right after skill four because none of the opponents can escape from that attack. Most of the enemies die in this combo, and it will be so much helpful for you to the lane dominance.


You can place the ball for a teammate who is in with his skills 3 and 4. By doing this, you can surprise your enemies because they don't expect a ball attached to an opponent. This is great for team fights.


Make sure to chase your enemies while you are using skill 2. It increases the movement speed and places your ball in front of yourself with the combination of skills 1, 2 for an incredible speed. And also, you need to attack enemies continuously.


Orianna Skill Progression


Leveling up Orianna's skill has a specific way as follows


  • Level 1 with skill 1
  • Level 2 with skill 2
  • Level 3 with skill 3
  • Level 4 with skill 1
  • Level 5 with skill 4
  • Level 6 with skill 1
  • Level 7 with skill 1


LoL Wild Rift Orianna Complete Guide


League of legends Wild Rift Orianna Build The Ultimate Guide, Orianna Skill Combo, Counter and More!


Early Game


Orianna is known to be a mid-lane bully, and it forms level 1. It happens due to her long-ranged from the Q command attack and the increased damage with her passive skill clockwork windup. In the early game, you need to establish dominance for the lane earlier. It has to be done by Electrocute activation procs whenever you get the chance to deal colossal damage effectively.


You have a higher HP value in here, and your enemies are now going to back away. When it happens, you need to position it in the mid part of those minions. And place the ball between the enemy and with you. So the enemies are not getting a chance to get closer to you, and you are getting chances to deny them and gain experience. You need to move toward from a side of the river at once to prevent the ganks from happening to you. And do it if you are going to do this whole scene.


If your enemies are fighting back, you can use the combo of Q, W, and E with an auto-attack as you have the shield. So you can easily manage your enemies.


Late Game


You need to be at every team fight from the middle to the late game. Orianna has excellent damage, and her team became eventually strong due to it. Her team also becomes so strong due to Orianna's slow down skills, movement speeds, knocking up, and shielding.


Suppose you are with an alley that has a powerful crowd control ability or an initiation. You need to coordinate on command shock wave ultimate with the crowd controlling. Or you can distract your enemies from taking paths by placing the ball at a chokepoint. If you are taking a baron or a dragon, this technique will be beneficial for you. You need to spam on your abilities continuously so that it supports your allies and damages the enemies.


Wild Rift Orianna Gameplay


As Orianna is a support mage role, she is used to be played in the mid lane. One of the most specific things to be so much power is that Orianna can turn over her whole team's gameplay by using her ultimate. This champion is so much power within the early game as she is a great opponent for her enemies by bullying them with her ball. Orianna can easily burst down her powerful enemies if you use her skills in the correct method.


All of the skills Orianna is coming through her balls are the primary part of her skills. Her passive skills are adding extra damages to the auto-attacks, and she is a powerful hero who cannot be defeated. Her attacks are speedy and deal with massive damage, and she tricks her all enemies by attacking them strategically. She runs here and there on the battlefield to attack enemies, and her passive skill is dealing a significant role in the damaging of enemies.


As Orianna is a great crowd controller, she can turn up any battle in her favor, and by using her, any team can earn the victory with some bit of effort. Although Orianna doesn't possess any escaping skill, she is the greatest champion to deal with the game.


Wild Rift Orianna Pros and Cons



  • Orianna is an all-around champion and adequate for the whole gameplay. She is an excellent selection for the whole gameplay in the early to the late, and she fits with every team combination.


  • She is a hard one to defeat and known to be a lane bully. Orianna is a more brutal champion against the lane, and if you use her continuously, she brings more winds to yourself.


  • Orianna can slow down and hasten the enemies by using utilities from long-ranged damages.


  • She is improving her whole allied defense, and she is shielding herself from enemy attacks.


  • Orianna is the strongest AOE crowd controller, and she is turning the who,e game into the favor through it.




  • Orianna is a high susceptible champion for ganks as she does not possess any mobility skills


  • She is only having the slow and the shield for self-peeling


  • Orianna is hard to play champion, and it will take so much time to learn her completely.


Synergies and Counter Champion - Orianna Weak Against




  • Jarvan IV – he can quickly dive into the team of enemies and creates a bursting wombo combo gameplay with Orianna


  • Wukong's Cyclone – he makes Orianna land the command shockwave easier


  • Alistar would be engaging support for Orianna as it has powerful initiation skills to match with command shockwave.


Orianna Weak against (Counter Champions)


  • Zed – Zed is known to be the bane for Orianna, and he makes the game harder for her, along with his killing pressure from upwards of level 3. You need to build all stasis enchants against this Zed


  • Corki – Corki is compatible with a long-ranged ability, and he got a mobility tool. The mobility tool of Corki is making him survive and take a win from the lane against Orianna. Compared to Orianna, Corki is more potent in the mid and the late game. When he is with his package, corki got an influential crowd controlling ability with Initiation.


Orianna Good With


Orianna matches well with these champions as they synergize well with her and work well when playing with them.


  • Malphite
  • Jarvan IV
  • Yasuo


Orianna Strong Against


Orianna can counter strongly against these champions because they got some low win rates and low mobilities.


  • Akali
  • Azir
  • Cassiopeia
  • Diana
  • Gangplank
  • Karma


LoL Wild Rift Orianna Skins


There are three skins of Orianna as follows.


  • Dark Star Orianna


League of legends Wild Rift Orianna Build The Ultimate Guide, Orianna Skill Combo, Counter and More!


Epic is the rarity of this, and it will cost 990. You can get this skin from the store.


  • Winter Wonder Orianna Skin


League of legends Wild Rift Orianna Build The Ultimate Guide, Orianna Skill Combo, Counter and More!


This is a rare skin that costs 725 wild cores. You can get this also from the store.


  • Gothic Orianna Skin


League of legends Wild Rift Orianna Build The Ultimate Guide, Orianna Skill Combo, Counter and More!


This is also a rare skin from the store that cost 525.


Final Thoughts


When thinking about all the abilities and the skills Orianna holds, she is a champ[ion we should always pick up, and she matches the total gameplay. So as a basic summary, we can say that Orianna is an excellent champion for an extreme win for the game in Wild Rift.


You can use LDPlayer's key mapping feature to deal with Orianna in the best way to the gameplay and click here to know a fully detailed introduction about the key controls in the wild rift. It will surely make it easier to deal with her best controlling.




Orianna is an excellent fit for every occasion in League of Legends Wild Rift, and she is an all-around selection for the game. Wining is never be more challenging when you use Orianna and make your game more interesting to lead in wining with Orianna.

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