LOL: Wild Rift - 5 Efficient Ganking Tips for Jungler and Mid Laner


League of Legends is a well-known PC game, and guess what, you will be able to play this game on Mobile too. This specific news has become too long, so we have brought some good stuff to cheer you up while anxiously waiting for the game.


LOL: Wild Rift - 5 Efficient Ganking Tips for Jungler and Mid Laner


Finally, after a year and a half, RIOT has launched LOL: Wild Rift on some servers included Europe, and it is not too late that you will be able to play the game by yourself. Now let's talk about what we have brought for you today and how it will change your life in such ways you wouldn't imagine.


By far, you might have a solid idea of how this game works and what's the basics are, and you also might be aware of how complicated this game can get. To solve that problem, we have brought special Jungler and Mid Laner Ganking Tips. The answer is Yes if you are thinking about Mid Laner and Gank. Mid Laner also ganks lanes from time to time.


For your ease and comfort, we have divided all Ganking Tips into two categories:


⦁    Ganking as a Jungler

⦁    Ganking as a Mid Laner 


Ganking as Jungler:


You might know what a gank is, but for those who don't know, a gank is when you stay hidden and attack your enemies with your teammate and successfully execute your enemies. A successful gank is when you or your team kill the opponent, and a fall gank is you can guess.


The worse gank can be the one in which you and your teammate both die from a single opponent. Being a Jungler is not so easy, and as a Jungler, it's your job to successfully gank a lane and provide the support your teammates need, and pressurize your enemies. But the fact is you can't gank if the enemies know your position.


LOL: Wild Rift - 5 Efficient Ganking Tips for Jungler and Mid Laner


Avoid these Situations:


  • You can put a ward of your own, and that should be your first concern. Avoid going into areas where you have no wards. A ward can reveal the enemy location and your location too. You can also destroy the ward by using Control Ward.


  • Stay hidden and only walk through your Jungle. Make sure you don't get spotted by opponents.


  • Do not stay in one place after being seen. You must change your location, and that is not only if you get spotted.


Avoid being on the wrong lane when your other teammate needs your help. For example, you are of no use to your teammates if Baron Laner needs your help and you are in Bottom Lane (where you are not needed)


Dominate your Jungle as well as the enemy:


This is one of the most important tips you must know and follow if you want to win. Show your domination by farming in the enemy jungle in the early and late game while keeping an eye on the enemy jungle too.


At the start of each match, you must ask your teammates to accompany you in the farming enemy jungle, and then, later on, you can do it by yourself. Keep in mind; it's easier said than done, so you must have all enemies' locations while farming in their Jungle.


Show your domination by poking enemy Jungler where it hurts and go for a kill if you think you can overpower him. Stop him from farming and leveling up.


Understand your Champion:


LOL: Wild Rift - 5 Efficient Ganking Tips for Jungler and Mid Laner


A lot of players just pick Lee Sin, Master Yi, and other Jungle Champions without understanding how they work and everything. Well, Master Yi is quite straightforward; all you need is attack speed, attack damage, and a FED Laner and you are good. But, there's more to being a junlger than Master Yi shows.


For example, your teammates need a gank from you, but you are not ready because your champion is useless until he reaches level 6; what will be your solution. Ganking lanes depends on what you can bring to the table as you being there won't help.


While we are at it, keep in mind, Ganking lanes when you have Thresh or Leona or Blitzcrank in your team is quite easy, but it's way too hard when the enemy team has them. In that situation, if you know your Champion, then you will be able to outplay them.


Ganking as Mid Laner:


Ganking as a Mid Laner might have come as a surprise to you, but this is true. Mid Laner can also gank other lanes just like Jungler but wait, don't just start doing that without completed knowledge. There are certain situations when Mid Laner can gank, and they are as follows:


  • Mid Laner can gank other lanes once he/she has destroyed the first turret in his/her lane and dominating the enemy.


  • Mid Laner can only gank if he has teleport or has a good how-to of his champion and ganks.


  • Mid Laner can only gank when his opponent dies or isn't in the lane.


  • These are some situations a Mid Laner can gank other lanes. Keep in mind, as a Mid Laner, ganking other lanes will be quite hard because you can't stay away from your lane for a longer period.


  • Mid Laner can only gank when it's really important, dominating his/her lane, or is super FED.


LOL: Wild Rift - 5 Efficient Ganking Tips for Jungler and Mid Laner


What Mid Laner doesn't need?


  • A Mid Laner doesn't need any specific build for ganking.
  • A Mid Laner doesn't need Smite spell to act as a Ganking Champion.
  • A Mid Laner doesn't need to pick any specific Champions to gank other lanes.


Three Gank Paths Jungler and Mid Laner should know:


As a Jungler, these three paths will help you in ganking Mid Lane, and as a Mid Laner, you will have to keep an eye on these three paths; and you can also use these paths to gank other lanes; however, it is not recommended.


⦁   Shallow Gank Path is one of the most used ganking paths in LOL: Wild Rift. It is right beside the Red and Blue Buff in your Jungle. This path can only be used to gank mid lane and only when the opponent is way out of his turret range.


⦁    Standard Gank Path is the common river path a lot of players use to Gank mid lane. The problem with this path is wards. If your opponent team is good, then they will always keep a ward in the river, and you won't be able to sneak on them. The best way is to buy a sweep and control ward and destroy the enemy ward before ganking. This path is quite risky as you also have the disadvantage of almost being under the enemy turret. Plan it and execute it well so your enemies can't run away.


⦁    The third and last path is the Deep Gank path. The path goes deep into the enemy Jungle, and you make your way from it. To make this gank a successful gank, your teammate must deal damage to the enemy champion so you can gank from behind and finish the enemy. The one and the only problem you are going to face is running into an enemy ward.


LOL: Wild Rift - 5 Efficient Ganking Tips for Jungler and Mid Laner


There are a few ways to spot enemy wards without using a control ward or sweep. For example, you are going Deep into the enemy Jungle and planning to gank, but all of a sudden, you notice the enemy Mid Laner backing off. This means the enemy knows your location, and you can't gank.


The other way to spot enemy wards without sweeping or control the ward is through checking the brush. You can plan a fake gank and then check the bushes in the river and enemy jungle and teleport back to your base to deceive them.




Ganking is quite easy in LOL: Wild Rift if you know your champion and react according to the present situation. Do not over push or overestimate your abilities.


Keep in mind; your teammates are better off if you are going to gank their lane and die. So, don't be that guy and read all the above-given tips and tricks and gank lanes according to that and provide your teammates the help and support they need to win the game. Also, make sure you know and understand every secret of Jungle, which we have mentioned above.

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