LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Magic/AP Lineup?


LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Magic/AP Lineup


What champions to pick against a Magic/AP Lineup is one of the hardest decisions to make in LOL: Wild Rift, especially when you are not good with many Champions. Today in this LOL: Wild Rift guide, we will share some valuable tips that will help you pick champions against a Magic/AP Lineup. Before we jump into the main topic, let's talk about what is AP Lineup and how to spot it?


What is a Magic/AP Lineup in LOL: Wild Rift?


Magic Lineup is when you or your teammates have more than two Magic/AP Champions. If you have more than two champions, your team will be considered an AP Lineup, and the same goes for the opponents. Most of you might not be aware of how to pick champions in LOL: Wild Rift.


Before the match starts, every player gets a limited time to select a champion of their liking and ban the champion they don't want to go up against. Players can pick one Champion, but each team can ban a maximum of three champions.


That's been said, let's talk about how to pick champions. So, before the match starts, you can pick your champion, but every player gets a turn to pick a champion, which is as follows:


⦁    If your team got the first pick, then the enemy team will get two picks, in which two of their teammates will pick their favorite champions.


⦁    You will also get two picks after that, in which two of your teammates will pick the champions.


⦁    Then there will be a banning phase, and after that enemy will get two picks, and then your team will get two picks, and then the enemy team will pick the last champion.


⦁    All of this can be the opposite if the enemy team gets the first pick, but rules will stay the same.


LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Magic/AP Lineup


How to spot a Magic/AP Lineup in LOL: Wild Rift?


You and your teammates can spot a magic lineup after the third pick from your opponent team. Let's say they got the first pick. Now you know what they have picked and pick a champion that can counter the enemy champion.


In the next pick, the opponent team will pick two champions, and that's when you can count the campion and spot a lineup. If the enemy team has a Magic/AP Lineup, then you need to pick Physical Champions.


Physical Champions are those who deal physical damage like attack damage and usually focus on attack speed, attack damage, etc.


AP Champions in LOL: Wild Rift:


Magic/AP champions are those champions who rely on the magic attack, which is known as ability attack in LOL: Wild Rift. Their build, runes, and every move they make is according to an ability power champion.


The following are some of the AP Champions available in LOL: Wild Rift:


⦁    Ahri

⦁    Akali

⦁    Alistar

⦁    Amumu 

⦁    Annie

⦁    Blitzcrank

⦁    Barum

⦁    Dr. Mundo

⦁    Fizz

⦁    Gargas

⦁    Janna

⦁    Lux

⦁    Malphite

⦁    Nami

⦁    Nasus

⦁    Orianna

⦁    Singed

⦁    Sona

⦁    Soraka

⦁    Twisted Fate

⦁    Ziggs


LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Magic/AP Lineup


Now make a wise choice if you see more than two champions from the above list while picking up your champion in LOL: Wild Rift.


How to counterattack Magic Lineup if you have Physical Damage Champions?


There are two ways to counterattack the Magic/AP Lineup. One of them is selecting Physical Lineup against them, and the second is building magic resistance with attack damage.


Physical Lineup:


The usual problem with the first one is that you can also get stuck if your lineup is physical and enemies' lineup is magical, then they can build crit resist items against you while building AP. The best way is to pick a Champion (if possible) who can go both ways, meaning he can work as ability power or attack damage.


A fine example is Ezreal; Ezreal is commonly known as a marksman. Almost everyone uses him as an ADC because of his attack damage and attack speed, but he can also be used as a Mid lane champion with Ability Power build. These champions should be picked in LOL: Wild Rift, but the best way to pick a versatile champion is to pick Jungle and Top Lane as versatile lanes.


Tryndamere is also one of many versatile champions available in LOL: Wild Rift. He is a top lane/jungle champion, which can build AP or AD according to the requirement; he can also become a tank for your team.


The following are some of the Champions you can pick against a Magic/AP Lineup:


⦁    Yasuo

⦁    Xin Zhao

⦁    Olaf

⦁    Ashe

⦁    Ezreal

⦁    Darius

⦁    Draven

⦁    DR. Mundo

⦁    Evelynn

⦁    Fiora

⦁    Garen

⦁    Graves

⦁    Jarvan IV

⦁    Jinx

⦁    Lee Sin

⦁    Jax


LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Magic/AP Lineup


Counterattack Items:


Counterattack items are usually the best pick against AP Lineup, but it is wise to at least have three Attack Damage champions so you can easily execute your plan. You can build these counterattack items against AP Lineup and also depending on your champion.


  • Abyssal Mask is a perfect build against heavy AP Champions as it provides cooldown reduction, health, magic resistance, and mana. What you need to aim for is Magic Resistance, so keep that in mind too. Abyssal Mask's passive also restores mana equal to 15% of the damage taken and health equal to 20% of mana spent.


  • Maw of Malmortius is also one of the best picks against AP Lineup as it provides you 45 Attack Damage, 10% cooldown reduction, and 35 Magic Resistance. The best part about this item is that when you get magic damage, the item's passive will automatically activate. The passive will provide you a shield that will absorb 350 Magic Damage for 5 seconds if your health is below 35%. Maw of Malmortius passive will also provide 30 Attack Damage, 10% Magical Vamp, and 10% Physical Vamp until out-of-combat.


  • Athene's Unholy Grail is also an item suitable for counterattacking AP Lineup, but this item will be best if you have an AP champion too. Athene's Unholy Grail provides 55 Ability Power, 10% Cooldown Reduction, and 40 Magic Resist.


  • Spirit Visage; talking about magic resist item, and you forget Spirit Visage is not fair. This item is quite famous for its hidden power against AP Lineup. Spirit Visage will provide you the best stats you can wish for against a magic lineup, including 10% Cooldown Reduction, 350 Health, 100% Health Regeneration, and 45 Magic Resist. The best part comes from its Passive ability, "Blessed." Blessed increases drain effects, all healing, and regeneration on yourself by 30%.


  • Adaptive Helm is usually suitable built for a tank champion or a tank jungler. Adaptive Helm provides 300 Health, 100% Regeneration, and 60 Magic Resist. Adaptive Helm's passive "Adaptive" reduces all magic damage taken from a spell or effect by 15% for 4 seconds if you have taken magic damage from that specific spell or effect. The best part is that the passive's timer will be tracked separately per source.


LOL: Wild Rift - What Champions to pick against a Magic/AP Lineup?


The above-given counterattack items will help you fight against an AP Lineup and provide you more attack damage with more health. Build this on your Tank and dominate your opponents in every match.




Above, we have mentioned everything you need to know about Itemization against Magic/AP Lineup. The guide contains every AP Champion available in LOL: Wild Rift and some specific items you can build as a Tank, Jungler, or ADC. You can gain a lot of HP, Magic Resistance, and attack damage or more HP according to the situation.


Don't be that guy who doesn't change his build according to the situation. In LOL: Wild Rift, there is teamwork and team win; you can't win a solo game so try to work with your teammates and communicate with them. Make a strategy and evolve with the situation because this will bring you many wins in LOL: Wild Rift. Read the above guide and follow it to the letter to start changing your match's results.

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