LOL Wild Rift: 10 Strongest Ultimate Abilities


We have talked about many on the LoL Wild Rift so far. So Wild Rift would not be an unfamiliar word for you all gamers anymore. You already know this multiplayer online arena game for the battle is dedicated to Android and iOS by Riot games.


Enjoy the features and beauties hold by the world Runeterra and be a part of this fantastic community with a huge fan base.


LOL Wild Rift: 10 Strongest Ultimate Abilities


You already know this game is a shorten and extract version of the League of Legends' PC version. So there is no much difference hold by it, and the only thing that changed is the console you play. Dive into jungle monsters and online battles throughout the game with some fantastic unique battle system. You may never regret to choose this to play.


There are so many champions available in the wild rift, and their powers are unbelievably great. Powers are simply the abilities you get to handle the game by champions. Once you started t use these abilities in a high percentage, you get more favors throughout your game.


So every action you perform by using a champion is known to be an ability. Then what are these Ultimate abilities? Why let the curious to hold? Let's get into the Ultimate Abilities.


What are Ultimate Abilities?


Ultimate abilities are the ones you got more useful and powerful. That means these are the abilities that perform great in every situation they face. All of these abilities' actions are revolving around one main power, and you can use them wisely to change the condition of the game for the benefit.  


LOL Wild Rift: 10 Strongest Ultimate Abilities


And another thing that holds by an ultimate ability is sometimes they can impact the game by various methods. And also, most of the time, these abilities are having less time for the cooldowns to lead a player to his works efficiently.


You can even change the nature of your game currently holds in the right way by using this. It doesn't only care about the damages but also impacts many ways for a player to do his role successfully to the victory.


What are the Strongest Ultimate Abilities?


Ultimate abilities cannot be specified in the best ones by their champions. They always lead to your game's success, and there is no single one to identify as bad. But here, we are listing you ten different ultimate abilities that we consider seeing as good than the others. So let's dive into them.


  • Bullet Time


LOL Wild Rift: 10 Strongest Ultimate Abilities


Bullet Time is a skill weapon holds by Miss Fortune, and this is great to deal with massive damage towards the enemies. This skill is becoming super due to its ability to be in a combo team. Use this skill to stay in an area where you are will be safe by altering the secure killings.


  • Curse of the Sad Mummy


The Amumu holds this skill, and this curse will wrap its enemies by using bandages. So eventually, the enemies of Amumu will not be able to run or move. As this skill is holding a great versatility towards enemies, you don't have to be panic on facing the enemies.


LOL Wild Rift: 10 Strongest Ultimate Abilities


Your enemies will feel massive damage by this curse, and it automatically converts the Curse of the Sad Mummy into an ultimate super ability on the game.


  • Cataclysm


Cataclysm is a skill own by Jarvan IV to enter into the battle with a target on making the surround into a battle arena. The impact of his powers is nearly killing the enemies around his area. You can use this ultimate ability to stuck your enemies into a specific area and keeping them within that.


LOL Wild Rift: 10 Strongest Ultimate Abilities


Enemies are not the only ones you can stick in the area. You can also do that to your teammates, depending on the situation.


  • Destiny


This is a super skill holds by the Twisted fate, and he uses it to teleport any location in seconds. He can see all champions by the map, and his versatility towards enemies is in a very high percentage. When it is bad luck in the battle, Twisted Fate is highly capable of teleporting him and his team into another area. The versatility holds by this champion is lasting until the end, so it is a super ability to use throughout the game.


LOL Wild Rift: 10 Strongest Ultimate Abilities


  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow


Ash is using the enchanted crystal arrow to deal with enemies by firing an ice missile. This ice missile is going a right straightway to hit on an enemy. If an enemy beats this arrow, it goes through damage and a stunning phase towards the enemy champion. The reason for being the handiest ultimate ability is its controlling features.


LOL Wild Rift: 10 Strongest Ultimate Abilities


This enchanted crystal arrow is turning it all versatility features by considering its direction within the fight. Remember that this ability is a top tier ability, and use these arrows in the phases where you have a dedicated space with your enemy.


  • Final Spark


Lux's Final Spark will be the next ultimate ability in this list, and it is dealing with massive damage towards the enemies in your current area. You can aim at your enemies anywhere you in by looking at the map, and it is good to hear that this skill is having a short period for its cool down.


LOL Wild Rift: 10 Strongest Ultimate Abilities


  • Hextech


Hextech has associated with the champion Camille, and this weapon is highly capable of locking its enemies in a specific area. The hextech will push other enemies from you and have a little bit of invulnerability towards enemies. This is a weapon that can play the role of dodging.


LOL Wild Rift: 10 Strongest Ultimate Abilities


We can assure you that this weapon will be a massive support for you to make the maximum effort in the gameplay and win the 1v1 duels effectively.



Use Master Yi's highlander powers to move unparalleled. Master Yi is also highly capable of increasing his powers step by step, turning him into a most versatile hero to the gameplay. He will be immune to all of the slowing effects, and using him cannot be a disappointment for your ongoing battle.


  • Spirit Rush by Ahri


The reason for being a supreme ultimate ability is this Spirit Rush is going to work well before it takes it's calm down. You can use this skill to casting on three times before happens the cooldown. So it is pretty much an excellent factor to consider as an ultimate ability. Use this skill when you go into level 5, and you can even use this ability defensively and aggressively to hit on enemies.


LOL Wild Rift: 10 Strongest Ultimate Abilities


It will not be needed to use the three castings at once and try to space them from time to time. So you can use the maximum effort takes by the Spirit Rush.


  • The wish of Soraka


This skill holds by Soraksa can be known as the most effortless skill to master yet so powerful. You can heal your team members by using this skill by leading your team to reach victory. Taunting your enemies with this wish is giving a high versatility, and you can heal your team members by looking at the map of the game.


LOL Wild Rift: 10 Strongest Ultimate Abilities




Once you get into laying League of Legends Wild Rift, you will realize that every champion you see on this game is holding unique abilities for themselves. So knowing their best powers are up to the players.


But using ultimate powers is quite different than using an ordinary skill as it can lead you to a definite victory in the game. So make use of these ultimate abilities wisely and become the most powerful hero in your favorite Wild Rift.

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