LOL Wild Rift: Darius Edition - A Complete Guide


(League of Legends) LOL: Wild Rift is a very vast game with a lot of free-to-play champions. LOL: Wild Rift will be released soon in other regions, but for now, Europe can enjoy the League of Legends Mobile version and show their skill.


LOL Wild Rift: Darius Edition - A Complete Guide


LOL: Wild Rift is developed by RIOT, who are behind the major games likes Valorant and League of Legends. The idea of bringing such a famous game to mobile will completely change 2021 for many players. Today we will focus on Darius Top/Baron Laner and how good he is, and what else you can achieve by practicing him. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Darius Champion Overview:


Darius is one of a few champions who can solo carry the game in LOL: Wild Rift. You can call him a one-man army, and it would sound fair as he is famous for his different AD abilities. Darius has three abilities, including three Active, one Passive, and one Ultra. Keep in mind that Darius is a melee fighter who sticks to targets, drops their health with bleeds, and finally executes them for a kill.


Darius Skills/Abilities an In-depth review:


  • Darius's passive skill/ability is Hemorrhage. Hemorrhaging enemies bleed, taking damage over time for each stack. Darius also gains speed for every bleeding enemy champion. Darius's passive is one of the core abilities of his entire kit. It's a damage over time ability that applies every single time you damage an opponent with auto-attacks or his abilities.


  • Decimate is the first active skill/ability Darius has - in the PC version, it's known as Q, but in LOL: Wild Rift, it will be known as 1st skill/ability. Decimate allows Darius to swing his AXE around in a circle, damaging all nearby enemies. Enemy champions on the edges of the circle take additional damage compared to the one close to Darius.


  • Cippling Strike allows Darius's next basic attack to deal bonus damage and showdown his target. Also, you can decrease the cooldown timer of Crippling Stike with each Hemorrhage stack. To increase damage output, make sure to max out this skill as soon as possible.


  • Apprehend does make a difference, but it's not that important. All it does is pull the enemy close to you so you can land your abilities and score a kill. The wise choice is to get 1 point on Apprehend and leave it that way till last.


  • Noxian Guillotine is Darius's ultimate ability, which allows Darius to leap towards the enemy champion and deals with extreme damage. The only way to increase Noxian Guillotine's damage is through Hemorrhage stacks. The ability that makes Darius a scary champion in top lane is Ultra, and the reason is: If you manage to land the killing blow using his ultra, then it will be immediately refreshed.


LOL Wild Rift: Darius Edition - A Complete Guide


Darius Skills/Abilities Order:


Skills/Abilities order is one of the many factors, which define the battle's outcome even before you engaged in one. The following is the most effective Skills Order on Darius without any question:


⦁    Max out Q (Decimate) first

⦁    Max out W (Crippling Strike) by level 13

⦁    Max out E (Apprehend) in the end at level 18

⦁    Max out R (Noxian Guillotine) at the specific levels.


Each skill/ability is important in LOL: Wild Rift, but you can base it on priorities. For example, Darius needs his Q and W at max as soon as possible, whereas one point on his E is more than enough for him to make a difference. However, his Ultra is situation-based and for team fights.


Darius Runes:


As for Runes on Darius, you must follow something which provides Health with Attack Damage or Attack Damage with Heath Regeneration. The following is a fine example of Darius Runes, and you can copy these runes to deal more damage and to stay alive:



⦁    Triumph

⦁    Tenacity

⦁    Last Stand



⦁    Demolish

⦁    Bone Plating/Second Wind


These runes will provide you the attack speed you need to engage in team fights or solo carry the whole game. You can pick two types of runes on each champion. The runes provide you multiple buffs along with physical and magic damage. The first and main rune pick should be Conqueror and then sub-runes, as mentioned above. The next runes you should pick is Demolish, which you can turn into Bone Plating or Second Wind.


LOL Wild Rift: Darius Edition - A Complete Guide


Regarding Bone Plating and Second wind, it usually depends on the situation, and the current meta - Meta is the most effective tactics available, which changes with every patch/update. For example, if you are against Jax, you might want to have Bone Plating, and if you are against Jayce, you might want to have Second Wind. That's where you need to understand the current meta and act accordingly. With each update, you must adapt to the new changes and make adjustments in your rune and build accordingly.


Items Build and Summoners Spells:


Before we talk about Build, you must know the summoners' spells, which are quite important and can affect every single battle. Darius is a top laner, and as a top laner, you can go for Flash with Teleport (which has a high win ratio too), or you can go for Flash with Ignite (which is preferable only if you are good with Darius and know how to dominate in your lane).


The Ignite combo with Darius Hemorrhage stacks is quite impressive as it will kill your enemy before they even know what hit them. However, the recommended spells are Flash and Teleport. Flash is a must-have spell, and no matter how good you are, you can't ditch this spell. Teleport allows you to teleport to your turrets or minions, which saves you a lot of time.


Item Build for Darius depends on the enemy lineup. Let's just say you want Darius to be more effective and become a solo carry for your team. In that case, you have two builds: Black Cleaver and Trinity Force.


LOL Wild Rift: Darius Edition - A Complete Guide


You can go for Black Cleaver for a full tank in the early stages and move toward Sterak's Gage. This is where the enemy lineup defines your next build. Suppose you are against the magic lineup, so you will have two options Spirit Visage or Adaptive Helm, which take you to your next build. For armor build, you can go for Deadman's Plate or Randuin's Omen.


The second build starts with Trinity Force and follows the same build as Black Cleave after that.


The difference between Black Cleaver and Trinity Force is not significant; it's rather a situation based. The following will explain what build you need and when you need it:


⦁    Black Cleaver is useful when you are against tanks, team fights, and when you are behind for some reason.


⦁    Trinity Force is when you are against squishy champions, or you are fed, and you just want to finish the game.


Early Game with Darius:


Early lanning depends on the matchup and your opponent. As Darius, you must become a bully and make a strong impression in the first few minutes. Make sure to mark your territory by dealing as much damage to your opponent as possible.


The enemy team also knows what you are capable of, and so does their Jungler. That being said, look out for ganks because enemy Jungler will try to put pressure on you. You must establish a strong impression and focus on your build to deal massive damage to your opponent.


LOL Wild Rift: Darius Edition - A Complete Guide


The best way to avoid ganks is to know the location of enemy Jungler, and to know the location of enemy Jungler, you must use trinkets to reveal the dark areas of enemy territory.




The only way to excel with champions in LOL: Wild Rift is to understand how they can be effective in different situations. The combos are one of the many ways that can turn any fight around. However, the combo depends from champion to champion.


For example, suppose you are against Fiddlesticks; at that point, you should start with Decimate into a basic attack and Crippling Strike.  Save his Apprehend for the situations where Fiddlesticks tries to run. Use apprehend and secure your kill.


The second situation is against Twisted Fate. Keep in mind Twisted Fate is a ranged champion, so you must start with Apprehend into Decimate and Crippling Strike Combo. Use ultra to finish off Twisted Fater (If you have ultra). These situation-based combos are where the real strategy of a player shine. So, you must have knowledge about your champion as well as all other champions in LOL: Wild Rift.

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