How to Improve your DPS in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

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Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a newly released game by Com2uS. The game is a turn-based role-playing game followed by IDLE Functionality, which is more than having two accounts simultaneously.


How to Improve your DPS in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes


If you have been playing Skylanders: Ring of Heroes since its global release, then you might be around the stage where you are getting tougher opponents. The damage they deal is quite massive compared to low levels, and at that level, every resource, every equipment you have matters the most but do you know why you are facing a challenge even though you have good Skylanders, which can make a difference?


The question seems like a tough one, but the answer is simple but before we go into answers, ask yourself these questions: Are you focusing on what you need to defeat those level? or Do you know what you need to defeat those levels? Or Are you focusing on the right Skylander Formation?


You can find answers to all of these questions along with some essential tips in this Skylanders: Ring of heroes Guide. So, without further ado, let's get started.


Basics of the Game:


We all know how the game works and how to win every single match in the first run, but this specific guide will show you tips to improve your DPS, and nothing can stop you once you have improved them. DPS Skylanders play an important role in every match; you can have one tank but having more than one tank decreases your total amount of damage, which decides the battle's outcome.


DPS Skylanders should be your top pick; you need a maximum amount of damage you can carry into the game, and with the following essential DPS tips, you will be able to see massive changes in a couple of days.


How to Improve your DPS in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes


Essential and Crucial Tips to Improve DPS in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes:


The following are some of the tips that can make a huge difference if done correctly; you might know a few, and if you do, then make sure to give it another read if you have missed something.


Team Building and Optimization:


In Skylander: Ring of Heroes, you will find something different in Team Building and Optimization, which is different than many other games you might have played.


You might have read about Elemental System or noticed it in the game, but it's not important. It doesn't provide any damage over other elements or buff. You don't have advantages and disadvantages with Elemental System, so you don't have to pay much attention to it while building your team. This freedom allows you to make any combination of your liking, even if it's based on the look (not recommended, though).


You have the option to pair/combine those Skylanders, which make sense. For example, you can build a poison-based team, a bomb team, a freeze team, etc., You can bring a fire element-based team if you have a universal leadership that provides damage.


The formations and combination are limitless when building a perfect team in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. You need to look out for how much value you are getting out of each combination, and you can do that by reading Skylanders' abilities. Keep in mind; your resources are super limited, so you have to make the right decisions at the right time, and instead of leveling up three or two teams at the same time, you should make one perfect team and use them in every mode.


How to Improve your DPS in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes


Equipment and Equipment Resources:


Equipment is also one of the most usual places where a lot of players mess up their entire progress in the early game. No matter how good looking or tempting those 1-Star and 2-Star Ethers are, they are just not worth spending resources.


Yes, you might grab some buffs but trust me, those buffs are nothing compare to the amount of game money/equipment resources you will spend. You must wait to clear the Fourth Floor of Cyclops Ether Fortress in Challenge to get high-level Ethers, and then you can invest all of your game money/equipment resource into leveling those Ethers, and it will be worth it every single time.


The worst part about leveling up Ether Equipment is the Power-up Rate. The Power-up Rate defines if your Ether is going to Power-up or not. Believe it or not, but Power-up even fails at an 80% Power-up rate. Most of the time, I tried to level up my Ether Gear; it took double the amount of resources to max them out. For example, if you need about 5K game money or equipment resources, then you must have more than 10K because it will cost extra for sure.


Now imagine spending 10K resources on low-level equipment. If you do so, you won't be able to extract that specific Ether from your Skylander, and if you want to, you will have to use Extracting Tools. Instead of using low-level Ether, you can use the Ethers you get from adventure mode and use them. You must level up your Skylanders and use Evolving, Super Boosting, Awakening, Transcending to increase their stats.


How to Improve your DPS in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes


Later, when you clear the fourth floor, you can increase your Skylanders stats through Ether Equipment. Just make sure to save your resources as much as possible and invest in your main Formation.


According to a rough calculation, I spent about 7500+ Equipment Resource on leveling up a Three-Star Heroic Head Armor. The first level required about 422 resources, which increased with each level. At level 8, I needed 583 resources to power-up my Ether Equipment to level 9, but I ran out of resources, and that is because of the Power-up Rate.


You will find out why you need to save these resources when you multiply eight levels with 583 resources each. It made a total sum of 4664, meaning the rest of the resources went to trash because of Power-up Rate. The worst thing that happened after that was recycling. I was given the option to claim 4727 game money for that level 8 Three Star Heroic Ether Equipment. Make a wise choice and level up your DPS and their High-Level Ether when you really need it.




One thing regarding Skylanders you must know is: don't just look at their skills for extra attack damage, affects, among other things; instead, you should look for the abilities, which provides the reduction of endurance. Endurance is the cooldown on your Skylanders' abilities, and the lower it is, the higher your chances of winning are.


A lot of you might know the importance of knocking down and getting endurance. Make sure to not overlook Skylanders with endurance reduction ability because some Skylanders can break down endurance levels by four once you have maxed them out. A fine example of endurance reduction is Eruptor, who can break down endurance level up to four once his skill is maxed out.


How to Improve your DPS in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes


Best Team Formation in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes:


The best Team Formation I have found in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is as follows:


⦁    Stormblade as your Team Leader

⦁    Boomer

⦁    Chill

⦁    Flashwing (a healer)


Stormblade provides a boost in attack damage to all allies, which increases their damage drastically. Even with a Skylander like Flashwing, you can deal more than 2000 damage in a single hit if Stormblade's leadership skill is active.




You can find other ways to level up your DPS, but the above-given steps will favor each free-to-play player as the guide also has some tips to decrease your losses as much as possible.


One more time, make wise choices when it comes to leveling up Skylanders and Ether Equipment and save all of the experience potions you get from adventure mode for legendary Skylanders or for a new Skylander (if and when developers add new Skylanders).

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