How to Play Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel on PC Guide


Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel is new RPG based on the Alicization Arc of the Sword Art Online anime, which now is available for Android. LDPlayer, an Android emulator, will allow you to play Android games on a larger screen with keyboard and mouse. That is to say, you will earn better gaming experience, like great visual effect, smooth gaming process, if you play Sword Art Online Alicizaiton Rising Steel on PC with LDPlayer.



What is LDPlayer

LDPlayer is a free Android emulator with high compatibility which permits you to download and play Android games or apps on your computer. Besides, LDPlayer makes it possible to play games with many additional tools, such as multi-player, shared folder, keyboard mapping. Therefore, LDPlayer enables you play mobile games on PC with tools which are not offered by mobile devices.


How to Install Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel on Your Desktop

LDPlayer will not disclose your personal information or make your computer infected by virus, which is clean and safe, thus you can install and login LDPlayer without any worry. The download process will take you a few minutes, but Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel is worth downloading. The following is a simple guide about how to download and run Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel on PC with LDPlayer.


Download LDPlayer Android Emulator On PC


Step-1: Click the button “Download” to download LDPlayer and run the installer.

Step-2: Open the installer to complete the setup and then run LDPlayer on desktop.

Step-3: Search for the game Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel on LDPlayer.

Step-4: Click the “Install” icon to download Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel.

Step-5: Follow the instructions and finish the installation of Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel.

Step-6: Once installation completes, click the icon “SAOARS” to run the game.


Do you know how to download SAOARS on desktop with LDPlayer now? That’s great! You can launch SAOARS  now and start your new adventure.


Benefits of Playing Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel on PC

Enjoy Great Animation Effect on Larger Screen

You will get exquisite visual effect if you play Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel on PC. Once you launch the game, you will be attracted to its stunning graphic animation. You will experience flamboyant characters, vibrant battles and energetic story on a larger screen. In short, you can enjoy amazing animation effect with Android emulator.



Use Keyboard Mapping for Better Controls

LDPlayer provides you with Keyboard Mapping that is beneficial to your game control. You can enable the keymap setting from the toolbar. As SAOARS involves movement actions, you can grab the command icon “move control” to the main window for convenience. Without using a mouse, you can move the anime character just with keyboard.


Longer Duration than Mobile Devices

It is a fact that a mass of players are intrigued by interesting storyline of Sword Art Online Alicazation Rising Steel, so that you will spend much time and energy to play SAOARS. Many things will interrupt your gaming process if you play SAOARS on mobile devices, like low battery, low performance or phone calls. However, there are no limitations of battery or disturbing calls if you play SAOARS on PC.



Tips of Playing Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel PC

Progress Through The Main Quest

Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel provides a series of new and unique plots through the main quest, which is the same as other RPGs that contain story to follow. The main quest not only makes you immerse in the game, but also is the main source of experience that helps you level up to the next level.    


Use Different Skills to Win the Battles

In order to triumph in battles, you can charge you incarnation and unleash powerful moves, deal massive damage with your incarnate skill, or use three types of skill: A, B and C. The A, B, C respectively are assault (deals greater damage), break (greatly lowers an enemy’s incarnation), and charge (greatly charges incarnation).



Aim to Accomplish Missions for Extra Rewards

In addition to getting rewards from every stage and quest in the game, you can store more rewards through the game’s missions. Through clicking the notepad icon at the upper right side of the screen, you could access to missions. Notice that missions have many tabs and when tab indicates you, you can collect your rewards. 



All in all, you can play Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel on PC with LDPlayer for better visual effect, longer duration and better performance. To enrich your gaming experience, we recommend you to download the free Android emulator LDPlayer to play Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel on PC.

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