How to Play MementoMori on PC With LDPlayer 9 to Have the Best Gaming Performance?


Hey! If you're tired of playing combat games just to enjoy the story and like waifu collecting games with cool animations and music, then MementoMori might be the game for you. There is some fighting in the game, but you don't have to know anything special to play it. Players care more about the game's plot and characters than the actual gameplay in gacha games. For this very reason, they were not designed to consume all of your time.





How to Play MementoMori on PC With LDPlayer 9


With this guide, we want to show you how to progress efficiently, skip fights, play the game with better graphics, and turn it into a simple PowerPoint presentation so you can enjoy it without much hassle. But you have to play MementoMori on PC with LDPlayer to get the benefits of what we'll show you here. So, let's get on with the guide without further ado.


How to Achieve Better Graphics In MementoMori


Even though it's a mobile game, the graphics and character designs look like they were made for a bigger screen. Also, there's a 60FPS mode that most mobile devices can't handle. Here, we'll show you how to use your frame rate and image quality to their fullest.


If you want to get the most out of your computer's graphics technology, it's crucial to always have the most recent graphics driver installed. Staying on the most current version of your graphics driver is essential for a smooth MementoMori experience. So check if your drivers are up to date or update these graphic drivers


The next thing you can do is switch from integrated to dedicated GPU. If your computer has both built-in and separate graphics, you may want to change to dedicated graphics to get the most out of MementoMori.


After you finish the above two steps, you should head to the settings section of the LDPlayer and change the resolution; the higher the resolution you set, you will get better quality pictures. Then you also move to the game settings option, change the FPS settings to your liking, and enable vertical sync if you have a PC with good performance. Doing these will increase your graphics quality. 


How to Progress MementoMori Easily


So because progression in the map is the most annoying part for MementoMori Beginners have to go through, it is better to know how to automate the game's progress. If you use this method, you will not have to keep staring at the screen; you can use that time to enjoy a movie or anything else you like. 


To achieve this, we will use LDPlayer 9 Operation Record; this tool is created to record any action you do while you play games and allows you to play the created record later. Because you can skip battles, this is the perfect game where you can use this tool.


How to Progress MementoMori Easily


  • To get things going, you should first visit the LDPLayer site and install it. After that, you can download the game from the Google Play Store.


  • Once everything is done, open the game, go to the quest section, and Press F11 to start recording.


  • Now go to the Quest and choose the "boss battle" option and start the battle; as soon as the match starts, use the skip option to end the fight quickly, do that one more time, and Press F11 again to stop the recording.


  • Once you do that, a new window with your created record "my script 1" will appear.


  • Now click on the gear icon to go to the settings; if it does not bring up the settings of the record, click on the "Record time" handle that you will see right above the record. 


  • Put a tick mark in front of the setting that says "Run until Manually stops" and save.


  • Now you can play this to progress through the quest section, or you can use this to progress the tower of infinity. When you start losing battles, the only thing you'll have to do by hand is raise the level and equip your waifus with better gear. You can utilize the Record macro feature for that.


Fix the Timing of the Record


Timing changes like clicking too quickly may occur if loading takes longer than expected due to the current state of your computer and network. In the current version of the script, the pace of a record can be adjusted.


If it messes with the timing of the record, you can adjust this pace to one that works better. If you launch many LDPlayers on a less powerful PC, your macros will not function properly. So first, ensure everything is working properly, and then fiddle with the speed settings of the created record.


How to Use Record Macro to Play MementoMori


One MementoMori tip we have for you is to push through the content, like the story or infinite tower, until your heroes are no longer powerful enough and upgrade them with what you have earned so far. When increasing the level, you should not dump all your resources into one powerful hero; instead, you must divide the resources and keep all of them at the same level.


But to do that, you have to go back and forth, dividing resources and equipping gear. Doing this one or two times doesn't feel that much, but it starts to get annoying after a while, but you can use the Record Macro option to do that with a single button press. Here are the steps you need to do to create an upgrade macro:


How to Use Record Macro to Play MementoMori


First, go to the character section of the MementoMori, and set the sorting option to sort by level. Then find the Keyboard icon from the right side LDPlayer toolbar. It opens a new tray with several options when clicked. Simply drag the "Record Macro" button up from its current location further down the page.


Now assign a key to it and click on the play button; go through each hero you are currently using, level them up, and use the "equip all" option (this will equip the best gear that fits the hero). To pause and save your recording, use the stop button from the menu bar located top of the LDPlayer. Now, pressing the assigned button will automatically level up and gear your heroes.


How to Speed Up Your Rerolling In MementoMori 


If you have a specific character in the MementoMori Tier List, you must have; the best way of getting them is through rerolling, but if you do this with mobile, it will take a long time. But by using the LDPlayer, you can shorten the time it requires. Follow the instructions below to try it.


  • Firstly, you can use LDMultiPlayer9 to create many instances of your LDPlayer.


  • Use LDMultiPlayer9 to launch each one individually.


  • Once the duplicates are functional, the game can be played on each one. 


  • You can reduce the number of clones to start if your PC isn't strong enough.


How to Speed Up Your Rerolling In MementoMori


  • Select everything before hitting the "Sync" button.


  • LDPlayer 9 makes it possible to synchronize several instances of the emulator, allowing you to manage them with a single window.


  • After synchronization, you should verify that the primary LDPlayer's state is reflected on all other LDPlayers.


Why You Should Play MementoMori With LDPlayer 9


We've shown you how convenient LDPlayer 9 is for playing the MementoMori, but if you're still on the fence, consider that it incorporates the greatest features of LDPlayer 3 and LDPlayer 4 into a single package. 


Why You Should Play MementoMori With LDPlayer 9


To achieve this, it efficiently utilizes available memory and computing resources to bring about high-performance scenarios. It makes the best possible use of your computer's resources, which in turn improves performance. This allows for simultaneous user participation in multiplayer games without compromising performance.


LDPlayer 9 makes use of improved graphic rendering technology to restore in-game fidelity. Additionally, it addresses the issue wherein some users' mobile devices prevent them from utilizing optimal graphics settings. It also corrects visual issues like poor image quality, red spots, and blurriness. LDPlayer has gained popularity as a speedy and lightweight Android emulator for personal computers.




Playing MementoMori with LDPlayer 9 will vastly improve your experience with the game. The most recent build of LDPlayer also includes support for keyboard mapping, macro commands, and high-resolution visuals. This concludes our guide; thank you for reading, and best of luck with your endeavors!

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