MementoMori Codes to Earn Free Rewards - November 2022


Are you all excited about MementoMori? It is finally released, and this game has turned the whole Idle RPG world into a new direction with its best art. It is actually the design of the best beauty, and we see there are several girls fighting against their fate in MementoMori. They have been punished in the cruelest way for nothing, and now their only hope is to survive. If you want to give them a little bit of help, find some free rewards through MementoMori codes.





MementoMori Codes


As you all know, the only way for a player to rise through their game is to reach more progress. When it comes to game progress, it comes in many forms, and since there are so many witches in MementoMori, you don’t get to make it quickly with the easiest steps ever. You might have to become more powerful than any other in the game, and for that, we have a method that can be easily reached, and that would be the codes.


The codes in this game are responsible for giving you free resources and items from the game, and they will directly help you to progress better throughout the gameplay as a MementoMori beginner. So it is not wise to ignore a chance that allows you to earn free resources, and here is how you can have them. This guide will discuss all the available MementoMori codes for this month, and it’s time to have MementoMori on PC, and let’s have our codes from here on.


Active MementoMori Codes

The MementoMori game has recently launched to the world, and there is only a short time has passed since its release. So, there are no active codes available here currently. But once they are available to redeem, we will update this section for you.


Please note that none of the codes will be going to work with incomplete and wrong-typed characters. They might be a combination of several characters, but still, that is how they will work. Don’t try your luck by changing them and type just the way they are. And as the next crucial part, you have a limited time to redeem them, and they will expire soon. So make sure to make use of them at the best possible time.


How to Redeem Your MementoMori Codes?

We have some simple steps to redeem our codes in MementoMori so that even a beginner can easily understand how they will redeem the codes as follows,


  • Launch your game first
  • Click the profile from the options.
  • Click code
  • You can take one of the listed codes and type or copy them to the given space. It is better if you can copy the codes as it can avoid your typo mistakes.
  • You will then be rewarded with specific offers from your code.


How to Earn More MementoMori Codes?

The most reliable method to earn more codes is to keep an eye on the game’s social media channels. There are multiple social media channels handled by the MementoMori game, like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Reddit, and Discord channel. And you can also see if there are any codes available from their official website because the codes will always be offered to you by the developers.


It seems like these all are a lot of work to handle because there are too many social media channels that you have to keep an eye on. If it makes you bothered and makes you so overwhelmed to check multiple channels, you better stick to our page. This page will be updated with the new codes, and you don't have to look anywhere else.


How to Play MementoMori on PC?

Other than the MementoMori codes, there are so many benefits that you can acquire for your gameplay by playing it through a PC. One such thing is that you get access to a better screen with better support from a keyboard and a mouse. And most importantly, since you can use the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, here, you get access to so much additional progress through the game than you think.


With the Keyboard Mapping-like features, you can access controls you create on your own, making your gameplay way smoother than ever. So if you are looking for steps to ease your gameplay through a PC, follow the steps as mentioned.


How to Play MementoMori on PC


  • Visit the LDPlayer’s official website and download your LDPlayer 9. You have other options available in there as well with different versions for the LDPlayer, but we suggest you go with LDPlayer 9 as it is the latest version made with a lot of improvements and optimizations.


  • Head into the LD Store right after you have installed the emulator


  • Search your MementoMori game in there


  • Install and proceed with your code redeeming


When Will the Codes Available in MementoMori? 

As we said earlier, MementoMori is a game that has just been launched, and there has been no news to see if the developers will offer you codes or not. But since this is a gacha game, we expect them to be added soon with their respective menu option for redeeming.


So it is worth waiting to see what we can get in the future.



So these are the MementoMori codes we have right now; as you can see, they have not arrived yet. But stay with us for a while because it may come in anytime. Using free resources would be one of the greatest help for you to reach better from your game, and this is how you do it with its respective steps. Take them all and make your gameplay way better and smoother.

Download MementoMori: AFKRPG on PC