MementoMori: AFKRPG

Bank of Innovation, Inc.
Last Updated: 2022-10-21
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As many others pointed out, a great amount of effort was put into the visuals, characters, lore and music - they are very good. What I dislike is that after 2 weeks of playing I already found myself stuck with no sign of progression in the near future. It boils down to working towards leveling and then praying to get the right character pulls. It often shows that they want you to invest a fair amount of money to have a fun - the need for diamonds here and there, unusable chest items... Bummer =/


Gorgeous game and fantastic music. Maybe the fighting music gets somewhat annoying after some time, but I love that every character got their own theme which plays when you set them as your favorite. So far I had no issues with the servers or that I got stuck. The only issue I have so far is that in the Tower of Infinity or boss battle I would prefer an option where it just let's the party auto fight till they can't anymore and I don't have to press "continue" and "start battle" every time.


It really pains me to leave a middling score. The artwork and music really carry the game, both being quite pleasant to the senses, and carry the game. The voice work is above average for this genre of game. The low score stems from four things however: Battling requires no skill and is entirely auto focused, the pull rates are abysmal, the servers constantly seem to crash, and there have been no meaningful events since launch. The game is still new, so plenty of time to improve.

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Bank of Innovation, Inc’s MementoMori: AFKROG is identified as the most beautifully designed game with a tale of girls who are fighting against the cruelty brought for them by fate, and they only want to live. But fate is not that kind for them to live in peace. Everything in here will fly with some amazing soundtracks to please your mind, and so many inspiring designs are coming through MementoMori: AFKROG with a new title.

Witches to the Justice

The girls in MementoMori: AFKROG is called the witches and are featured in the game with more powers than ever. Since this power makes others feared, although they didn’t mean it, now there is a witch hunt happening because people seem terrified about the immense power they hold. It seems like the witches are being scolded for the calamity, and now it is believed that only their death can prevent it.

And now, it is time to save the decimated world from the darkness and note that the girls who called the witches are the only ones to remain as the hope. Since the Witches of Qlipha makes your world torn apart, it is time for you to liberate and have hope for this world. The best emulator: LDPlayer 9 is undoubtedly the superior option that you can use to go with MementoMori with the best ever features.

Actions, Battles, and Strategies

You have to maintain many auto battles by using the highest strategies in this game, and everything will be packed up with stunning actions too. If you want to become stronger with girls, you will have to work harder on the idle system, and the more and more you advance from the story, the more the contents will be unlocked too.

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