Girls' Frontline: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Girls' Frontline is the only tactical role-playing game that features all female characters with Japanese voices. A game where you will see the girls handling heavy guns and fighting for you on your command.


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Girls' Frontline is developed in China by Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd. It's a strategy game where the tactics and smart moves matter more than having a powerful squad.


The game revolves around Tactic Dolls, commonly known as T-Dolls in the game. You will have to fight enemies and defeat them, but you will need to know a few things before doing that.


You might have fallen into early game traps in other games and ruin it forever. With this guide, you will be able to dodge all the Girls' Frontline traps and progress faster. So, without further ado, let's get started.


Tips and Tricks to maximize the progress of your Squad Efficiently:


The following are the crucial tips and tricks to maximize your squad's progress without falling into traps or ruining your game unknowingly.



Do not Spam Construction:


Construction is of the major part of Girls' Frontline, but it has its downside, and the downside is that you can't spam construction; if you do, you will end up ruining your game.


Construction requires resources, and resources play an important key role in grinding missions and leveling up your tactical dolls. If you don't have resources, then you cannot grind mission, and if you can't grind mission, then obviously you cannot level up your T-Dolls, and ultimately you end up falling into traps which push you to quit the game or make in-app purchases.


In Girl's Frontline, your resources are the most important among all of the stuff, even important than your squad. It won't matter if you have the best squad or not because you cannot progress even a bit without resources. Keep your resources safe and use them wisely. According to a pro player, you should limit four constructions a day for the daily missions and nothing more.


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Core Management:


The next tip is not getting hungover four-star and five-star dolls and properly managing your cores. Your focus is to gather resources in the early stages of the game, not waste them to get four-star and five-star dolls. Four-star and five-star dolls will come sooner than later, but they shouldn't be your primary focus.


The early game doesn't worry about four and five-star dolls too much; the primary reason being is that you will are more likely get at a point where you will have dolls that are available to dummy link, but you can't as you do not have enough cores or duplicate available.


This usually happens when you focus on leveling up two or three T-Dolls simultaneously. So, instead of leveling up multiple dolls and ending up with several low-level dolls, you should focus on one T-Doll at a time. If you have played gacha games before then, you might know how hard it is to get duplicates of four-star or five-star characters.


However, if you are using cores to dummy link your four-star and five-star dolls, you must know it takes many cores. A five-star doll requires about 105 cores, and a four-star doll requires 63 cores if you want to "dummy link" them all the way to level 90.


The core difference is way too much for any player to fully dummy link multiple dolls simultaneously. That is why it is recommended to use two-star and three-star dolls to progress through the story mode as you accumulate and stash more cores to use in the future to fully dummy link you four-star and five-star dolls.


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The reason to recommend two-star or three-star dolls is that they are a lot easier to acquire duplicate for dummy linking, and even if you use cores to "dummy link," it's still cheaper than dummy linking a four-star or five-star doll.


Story Mission:


Progressing through the story mission should be your priority, and the best way of getting about this is by using your friends' support squads to brute force it. Using your friends' support squads to brute force story missions will help you drastically decrease the time it takes to complete it.


Leveling several squads simultaneously:


If leveling up multiple four-star or five-star T-Dolls can cause trouble for you, imagine leveling up several squads simultaneously and what it can do to your account. This is the hardest part of the game, but it's worth it. Focus on one squad at a time instead of leveling up several squads simultaneously.


As a player who just started playing Girls' Frontline, you won't have maxed equipment, consistent DPS, reliable tanks, and a steady supply of cores. If you push several squads simultaneously, then sooner or later, you will be stuck and lose interest in the game.


Think of it like when you build your first squad, take the first step towards all of these things, and develop your account fully, you need everything and anything, including cores, equipment, etc. So, your first squad should be according to the late game. You do not want to spend several resources and core for nothing.


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Bonus Tip:


This is the most neglected part of the game by many players. Your doll level does not equate to the performances she will be outputting. Leveling up can only increase max Hp and armor (if the gun has it); the other stats remain static even after leveling up.




Follow this guide to dodge all the early game traps and to progress efficiently. The tips and tricks guide includes everything you need to know as a new player or an old player. If you are already playing Girls' Frontline and have made a couple of mistakes, then follow these tips to stabilize your account.


Leveling up higher-level characters is as hard as getting their duplicates, so play wisely and do not overspend resources. Save your in-game resources as much as you can for your four-star and five-star T-Dolls. You will need a lot of resources if you want to maximize your four-star and five-star T-Dolls squad.

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