Basic Introduction of Girls' Frontline


Girls' Frontline is one of the most played simulation games.


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In Girls' Frontline, you will have to follow the gacha system to get different T-Dolls and Guns. You can get up to five-star T-Dolls and Guns. You can then command your T-Dolls to fight against the darkness and unveil the conspiracy behind the war.


The game features real-time combat, a repairing system, more than 100 anthropomorphic firearms, character cultivation, skill upgrade, and much more than you can expect in a strategy game. Today, we will cover the basic features you need to know to start Girls' Frontline.


Tactical Dolls and Resources:


Tactical Dolls are commonly known as T Dolls in Girls' Frontline. You can access it through your main screen by pressing the "Index" button.


T Dolls have different types of rarity from two to five stars and different types of guns. Guns include Handgun, Submachine Gun, Rifle, Assault Rifle, Machine Gun, and Shotgun.


As you progress through chapter mode, you will need to use the resources. Resources are given on the top right of your screen. Resources include Manpower, Ammunition, Ration, and Parts.


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Next up is formations. You can access it from Girls' Frontline main screen. In formations, you will see different Echelon slots in which you can build your Tactical Dolls. To build your team, you will need to click on the specific Echelon slot. Once you have built the formation, you can then click on Formation Preset from your formation screen's bottom right side. Formation Preset allows you to organize your formation buff. Keep in mind in Girls' Frontline guns have different buffs.


On the right upper side in formations, you will see Combat Effectiveness. Combat Effectiveness is the power of your Tactical Dolls team. You can also access show equipment as your tactical dolls level progress. Show Equipment allows you to attach equipment or attachment on your Tactical Dolls. However, you can only attach equipment/accessories at Level 20, 50, and 80.




The factory is one of the parts that need your attention all the time. You can also access it from Girls' Frontline main screen. In there, you will find T-Doll Production, Dummy Link, T-Doll Enhancement, Retirement Disassemble, and Equipment Production.


T-Doll Production:


T-Doll production is where you mainly get your five-star T-Dolls. You can also produce T-Dolls using a T-Doll Contract or quick production. Press on the start button on the Factory screen to start producing T-Dolls. In the next screen, you will see the formula where you use resources to build Tactical Dolls.


Type of Tactical Dolls (Guns) Recipe:


  • AR, SMG, and RF: 430 Manpower, 430 Ammunition, 430 Ration, and 230 Parts.
  • HG: 130 Manpower, 130 Ammunition, 130 Ration, and 130 Parts.
  • RF: 400 Manpower, 30 Ammunition, 400 Ration, and 230 Parts.
  • AR: 30 Manpower, 400 Ammunition, 400 Ration, and 230 Parts.
  • SMG: 400 Manpower, 400 Ammunition, 30 Ration, and 230 Parts.
  • MG: 600 Manpower, 600 Ammunition, 100 Ration, and 400 Parts.


Keep in mind, using more resources doesn't increase your chances of getting five-star guns, so don't waste your resources.


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Dummy Link:


Dummy Link allows you to expand your T-Dolls by using cores. For a two-star expansion, you will need one core. For a three-star expansion, you need three cores, for a four-star expansion, you need nine cores, and for a five-star expansion, you need fifteen cores. However, you can save up to ten cores if you have a duplicate five-star T-Dolls from T-Dolls production.


T-Doll Enhancement:


As your T-Doll level progress, you can use to enhance to get better sets by using Enhancement Capsule, or you can use lower rarity T-Dolls to enhance your five-star T-Dolls. Before using your low rarity, T-Dolls make sure to set "Sort by Rarity" to avoid using your five-star T-Dolls.


Retirement Disassemble:


Retirement Disassemble is where you get cores and extra resources by disassembling your low rarity T-Dolls. For a three-star T-Doll, you will get one core. You will get three cores for a four-star, and by disassembling your five-star T-Doll, you will get five cores and other resources.


Equipment Production:


Equipment production is the same as T-Doll production. It allows you to produce equipment using equipment contracts and quick production. You will have to use resources to produce equipment, but as mentioned before, do not overspend on Resources or T-Dolls.




In repair, you can repair your injured T-Dolls when they get injured after a fight or when you finish a chapter story. Click on the "Repair" tab, and then on the next screen, you will see your injured T-Dolls click on them to repair them. Repairing T-Dolls costs resources and time. You can also "quick repair" your T-Dolls with quick repair contracts.


Combat System:


The combat system is the main story quest in Girls' Frontline. You might want to keep it on your first priority in the game. The combat system doesn't only give you experience and resources; it also gives you a chance to win the limited T-Dolls, which are pretty good.


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In Combat, you will see Logistic Support; it provides you multiple resources and sometimes a Quick Repair Contract. The amount of resources increases as you progress in the chapter mode.


Combat Simulation is also a part of Combat, which uses "SIM Energy." You can get capsules, data, experience, and others. As mentioned above, capsules help you level up your T-Dolls enhancement levels, which I won't recommend in the early game. Data mode helps you get data for your T-Doll skill upgrade, which is pretty useful in the late game.


Experience mode allows you to complete training to get experience for your T-Dolls. It has three levels of training Basic, Intermediate, and Advance training. Every training gives you a specific amount of experience; however, you can get the most experience from "Advance Training."


SIM energy regenerates automatically, but if you want more energy, you can buy extra energy from Shop> Gems.




As the title stated, this is the basic introduction of Girls' Frontline to give new players an idea of what to do and what not to do. In every new game, players get confused and make mistakes early in the game, which pushes them to make in-app purchases or quit the game.


This guide has covered almost everything you should know before playing Girls' Frontline. It will give you a Girls' Frontline's basic understanding so you won't make common mistakes like every other player.

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