Garena Free Fire Max Codes December2022


Garena Free Fire Max has been launched with so many added graphics on it, and it has been a trend among many players around the globe, just like its classical version. No one actually doesn’t know about this game, and it is one kind of addiction with this younger generation. The reasons behind this popularity go with several aspects, and one of the best features to earn this popularity is their amazing gameplay. And this interest has been added more with the Garena Free Fire Max new codes.



We all know that Garena Free Fire Max has been banned in some countries like India, so players wanted to have this experience from another Garena Free Fire version. And that is when they decided to shift into the Garena Free Fire Max, and due to its high graphics, players now seem to be attracted to it more and more. This game comes with overall advanced gameplay for the players, and since it is very identical to the original Garena Free Fire version, they now want to search for Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes.

Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes will offer you many exciting rewards and many more in-game items to aid your gameplay, and those all are given to you free of charge. The same website of the Garena Free Fire will be used for the redemption of Garena Free Fire Max codes, and with these alphanumeric codes, you will be able to win so many things from the game and unlock several steps with the use of these codes.


Garena Free Fire Max Active Codes


  • #FREEFIREBDB3671693E29C8C2FE15557E6FF57346045 Room 2 – a code of Carfighting
  • #FREEFIRE8CD9D4BDF063DB1A2AEE0BB2528326129647 Room 4 – code 1PLUS1
  • #FREEFIRE6075281AB45008D7817CF13E576CD66C6045
  • #FREEFIREAA4B9E788EE81EC0F85F9CD77698209A6728 Room 3 – code of Rush Hour
  • H56J 7OU8 FD65
  • F6N5 4A3Q 2F34
  • F3F6 GMK5 LOQ8
  • DT85 GHU6 RFHY
  • 87TG Q254 ED12
  • 6S5A QS1D FQTS
  • 45B6 Y987 FY9E
  • 3IJJ KIF8 YHO8
  • Y2BF 3JU7 GQOR
  • FFAC 2YXE 6RF2
  • MHM5 D8ZQ ZP22
  • X99T K56X DJ4X
  • YTG4 RT7N GJ2H
  • F7VX BH8J SW76
  • 372T RED9 SXC1
  • FI87 6TGW 34HY


How to Redeem these Codes from Garena Free Fire Max?

Suppose you are a player who previously played the Garena Free Fire classical version. In that case, you can use that same Free Fire account to redeem these codes. The same existing account can be utilized here, and all the account progress with the game items you have earned from your previous account will be linked to your Garena Free Fire Max game as well. It will use the Firelink technology to link both applications.

The steps that you can use on your redeeming are as follows.


  • Visit the Garena Free Fire rewards website.



  • Sign in to your Garena Free Fire Max game with the use of a social media account like Google. Facebook, VK IDs or the Twitter


  • Now copy these given codes and then paste those into the text box provided to enter your redeem codes, and click the button called to confirm.



  • After that, you will see a dialogue box from the game, and it is for the cross-reference of the game. This will be shown after your confirmation, and then you can click the OK button to redeem your codes.


After completing these all steps, players can have their rewards from their in-game mail section.

You need to remember that these all codes take up to 24 hours to credit you, and if you use a guest account, no code will be worked as well. If you want to keep yourself updated with newly available codes, we recommend you to visit this guide often as we are updating this guide with every new Garena Free Fire Max code released.

And don’t forget to type these codes as they seem because these are highly case sensitive. A single mistake for these words will lead your codes not to work anymore, and be sure to use them as soon as you can because they also come with a limited time.


How to Play Garena Free Fire Max on PC?

You can use the best android emulator: LDPlayer, for playing this game on a PC, and by simply visiting their Download Garena Free Fire Max page, you will be able to download the game right after your LDPlayer installation automatically. If not, you can follow these steps to have your game on PC.


  • First, download this called emulator from its two versions of 64 or 32 bits.


  • Then head into its inbuilt store called LD Store, as it allows you to search the game and download it directly through the emulator onto your device.


  • After downloading the game, you can install it onto your PC, and then you are free to have your most optimized gameplay with Garena Free Fire Max from a PC



So these are the all working Garena Free Fire Max codes we have to present for you, and note that they will be changed and updated into new within a short time period. So make sure to visit this guide often to know what is still working and to understand what codes have been updated, as we promise to update this guide with every new release.

Download Garena Free Fire MAX on PC