Free Fire Collab with Justin Bieber on their 5th Anniversary


Garena Free Fire is full of surprises as it comes with many new things from time to time, and this time they have good news for you with a global icon. They are making it into their 5th anniversary, and Free Fire made a gift for their international fans with a huge anniversary celebration to the game. It is Justin Bieber. Sounds impressive, right? We know you wanted the game to be a collaboration with the most popular icon, and here we are.






Garena now takes part in the Justin Bieber, the global icon, for their celebration of the big 5th anniversary. The festival will be packed with much content that is themed on the player’s favorite things. There will be a lot of giveaways and rewards that are going to happen during this celebration, and there will be a whole set of activities. And the events are going to be placed on the game beyond and in-game.

So this is a guide for you to know what things are going to happen with this Free Fire 5th anniversary collab with Justin Bieber, and let’s start.

About Free Fire Collab with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has mentioned that he is very excited to take part in this opportunity as it can please all his global fans. He also mentioned that the collaboration allows him to integrate with his music with many dimensions explored.



Just as Justin Bieber, the producer of the Garena Free Fire team, mentioned that they are very humble to take this collab with such a huge global icon, and it seems like they wanted to include the game with the influence of music and fashion through Justin Bieber. Since the Free Fire community has always come up with the best creativity for battling, this 5th anniversary will treat them better with several events and rewards.

It is also mentioned that the Free Fire players are always looking for an immersive experience from the game in a unique way. And that is supposed to be the reason to participate in this kind of huge collaboration with Justin Bieber. This is a unique gaming opportunity, and the developers aim to have more recognition and engagement through the in-game opportunities provided for the globally identified artists.

When the First In-Game Performance for Free Fire Will Happens?

It is mentioned that this first-ever in-game performance to the game will happen on 27th August 2022, and there Justin Bieber is set to debut with an exclusive track. This track is associated with the 5th anniversary of the game as a part of it, and now the players are waiting to have a really huge interaction set up for the game with many elements.

There will be mini-games and custom emotes, and the game might allow you to perform with the avatar of Justin Bieber on the stage as well. to know more and to gain more information from this game, take a visit to their official social media channels.



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So that is all we have to bring you here as the details on the Free Fire collab with Justin Bieber, and if you are excited to play with such an icon, it is your time to take it on August 2022.

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