Figure Fantasy Working Redeem Codes

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If you're new to Komoe's latest release, you'll undoubtedly want a list of Figure Fantasy cheats to help you through the early stages and beyond. For those unfamiliar, this is a gacha game in which you spend your time assembling a squad of sentient toys. Unlike Woody, Buzz, and the crew, these characters are more concerned with rescuing the world than satisfying their little owners.


Figure Fantasy's unassuming façade conceals a surprisingly complex core, so don't expect to glide through the grid-based combat without first putting in the effort. The tightening of your staff composition is your toughest task, and innovative techniques appear to be rewarded. If you want to get a head start on the competition, check out our Figure Fantasy tier list to learn who the finest characters are in each category.


Even if you know the characters you want, you'll still need the resources to get them. That's when our Figure Fantasy cheat codes come in handy.


Working Redeem Codes


  • LUCKY2022 - 500 clover stickers, 100k coins, and five advanced cards
  • TREASURE2022 - 300 diamonds, 100k coins, and 60 blind box pieces
  • FIGURE2022 - 300 diamonds, 100k coins, and 60k box pieces


Expired Redeem Codes:

There are no active Figure Fantasy coupons at the moment. Any inactive codes will be added to the list below, saving you the trouble of checking them yourself. 


What is the process of redeeming Figure Fantasy codes?

The method of redeeming your Figure Fantasy coupons is quite simple. Follow the steps below:


  • Open Figure Fantasy game
  • To get to the main menu, go to the top-right corner of the screen and press the settings cog.
  • Enter the redemption menu from there.
  • In the redemption box, copy and paste a code from the list above.
  • Activate the redeem button.


Figure Fantasy Codes: What are they?

Figure Fantasy coupons are regular gacha freebies codes given out by the game's creator to commemorate big upgrades or player accomplishments. You'll get a handful of useful resources, like diamonds and money, if you redeem them. They're one of the most efficient methods to advance in Figure Fantasy, so keep a lookout for them and redeem them as soon as possible. They aren't going to be active for long!


What is the best way to get more Figure Fantasy codes?

Figure Fantasy has yet to be released worldwide; it's unknown when or where you'll be able to get more codes. The game's official Twitter and Facebook pages, we'd wager, are the best places to search.


If you don't feel forced to search through social media, you can always come back to this list later, as we'll update it with any new Figure Fantasy codes as soon as they become available.


When will the next Figure Fantasy codes be Available?

We can't tell when the next code will appear because Figure Fantasy is still in beta in a few areas. However, we expect a code to be released once the game is released worldwide, although this has yet to be verified.


Meanwhile, we recommend that you keep checking back with this information to stay up to date. Figure Fantasy vouchers aren't expected to be valid for long, so if you want those freebies, you'll have to be quick.

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