Plant vs Undead (PVU) Guide to play and generate rewards

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Plant vs Undead might remind some players of one of the most famous games known as Plant vs Zombies. But this game is quite different as it contains an NFT tower defense spice to it. You have humans or fictional characters in other tower defense games as NFTs, but you will have them as plants here. You have to cultivate these plants from seeds with different types of seeds available.


Like other games from the same genre, you have a very important resource that will aid you in progressing, which is the Light Energy that can be used to buy items from shops. These items also include some crucial things that are necessary to earn Light energies.


Here in this guide, we will discuss how to play the game properly and what are crucial things to remember while playing the game to enjoy the game to the fullest.


Plant vs Undead Mobile Game


Beginning of the game and story-line elaboration

At the beginning of the game, you do not have any fancy intros that will guide you in any way. You enter the main screen where you are assigned an area, and you need to start cultivating. You can observe things like your dashboard, marketplace, and offers. You can check all the resources and tools that you have collected and how many of those tools you have. Also, you can see the PvU tokens and Light energy that you have earned.


What you need to remember at the start is to get as much light energy as possible. As a courtesy reward, 5 PvU tokens will be given. These tokens can directly be converted into Light energy using an in-game converter. One PvU can release up to 100 Light energies; hence it is a great boost right from the start, getting around 500 light energies. Use these to cultivate your seeds effectively, simultaneously buying necessary resources for progression.


Plant vs Undead Gameplay


Types of resources and tools that can be used for cultivation

The Light Energy that you get can be used for buying essential resources from the shop. These resources mainly include pots, shelters, etc. There are types of pots wherein the small pot is helpful to start your farming journey, and the big pot is like an upgraded version of the small pot. The only advantage of the big pot is that you have an increased duration of 30 days compared to the duration of 10 days for the small pot and a 1% increase in the chance to drop seeds. Now you might think about how the plants will survive without water!


Water is a 'tool' necessary for earning more and more Light Energy. You can water other people's seeds and gain rewards randomly, such as a 60% chance of earning ten light energy or a 1% chance of getting 500 light energies.


Like water, a scarecrow is also important, but it isn't easy to use compared to water. The crows spawn every hour with only a 10% chance of happening and a 20% chance of them appearing every 4 hours. This makes the scarecrow tool quite complex to handle.


The greenhouse tool is quite useful when it comes to securing your plants against harsh weather conditions. This will ensure you don't lose any productivity during cultivation.


Plant vs Undead Resources


Effect of weather conditions on different seeds

The weather feature is quite similar to what happens to plants under harsh weather in real life. Every seed comprises a different element: fire, ice, water, electricity, wind, light, dark, parasite, and metal. The weather conditions might cause a productivity boost to some seeds, while some might cause a loss in productivity. There are many weather occurrences such as cloudy, iron rain, coronal mass ejection, magnetic re-correction, locusts swarm, malaria, cold wave, etc. Let's take one example of Iron rain. When this phenomenon occurs, seeds from the metal and water element get a boost of 120% and 40%, respectively; similarly, if the weather is cloudy, then wind and light elements will take a hit of 10% and 50%, respectively, in terms of productivity.


So to overcome these difficulties of weather changes, a greenhouse needs to be purchased from the shop. But remember, the greenhouse can be used ten times and only has a duration of 1 day.


Weather effects can cause a huge difference in the productivity of your plants; hence remember to use your greenhouse effectively.


Plant vs Undead Weather Effects


How to effectively generate huge rewards quickly

If you want to generate or want a chance to get huge rewards, then the tools you use come into the picture. Water and Scarecrow are also the two major reward-generating tools. Water helps you earn Light energies by watering other people's seeds, and scarecrows help you earn by finding crows. Below the rewards are listed, and what is the chance of getting them once you use the tool:


For Watering:


  1. 60% to get 10 LE
  2. 30% to get 25 LE
  3. 9% to get 100 LE
  4. 1% to get 500 LE


For chasing crows:


  1. 60% to get 20 LE
  2. 30% to get 50 LE
  3. 9% to get 200 LE
  4. 1% to get 1000 LE


The rate for crows to appear on plants also increases to allow more chances for new players to chase them.


Plant vs Undead Rewards


Using the coordinates feature

Every time you start the game, the first thing you will have to do is water your plants. Now you can't water every plant by visiting the specific. It becomes hectic and time-consuming. So to save some time watering your plants, you can use the coordinates system. Here you can save the coordinates of specific land and directly access it via a single click. 


All you have to do is access the land, save the coordinates in X and Y and just save it. Next, you open the game; you will have direct access to the land without searching for it.


Plant vs Undead Android Game


So hopefully, this guide will help many players out there understand how the game works and how to earn rewards quickly. Most of the things are mainly dependent on the tools you use to sustain your area. Keep in mind all the important aspects during the start, and as you progress, you will understand the game more.

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