Fate/Grand Order: Servant Coins System Update Explained


Announced on the 20th of May, 2022, The North America (or Global Server) of Fate/Grand Order is getting one of the game’s most controversial and confusing mechanics to date earlier than its predecessor the JP Server.

This system is called the Servant Coins system and understanding it is a necessity if you want your servants to become stronger for future contents of the game.

This guide aims to explain how the Servants Coins System works and how you can make the best use out of it to further your progress in the game.

Let’s play Fate/Grand Order on PC and find out how the Servant Coins System works



LDPlayer - A Quick and Convenient Way to Start

What Is The Servant Coins System

How to gain servant coins

How to Utilize The Servant Coins Effectively

LDPlayer - A Quick and Convenient Way to Start

As Fate/Grand Order is in the best stage for new players to join, with the SSR pick ticket still available and the Summer Event Rerun coming up, starting the game on LDPlayer on PC is the best option for newer players.

Not only does LDPlayer provide the player with the ability to quickly go through stages easily and quickly using its keyboard mapping function, it also allows for high resolution, high FPS gameplay, helping you find the most enjoyment out of the fullscreen Noble Phantasm of Servants from this update.

What Is The Servant Coins System

First introduced in 2021 in the JP server, The Servant Coin System is essentially a way for you to further enhance your servants and help make them even stronger.

This system served as a way to further increase the strengths of servants for the upcoming difficulty spike that the game was going to experience then. Now, the NA server is about to receive the same treatment, only a bit earlier than the JP servant.

You will gain servant coins when you summon the servants and when you increase the servants’ bond levels. 

These coins can then be used to limit break the servants to level 120 and unlock 3 additional passive skills that will allow them to become stronger.

How to gain servant coins

There are 2 main ways to gain servant coins for normal gacha servants: Summoning and Increasing Bond level.


For each of the summoned copies of a servant, they will gain the corresponding amount of servant coins based on their rarity. The amount is as follow:

- 1* Servants: 2 coins per copy

- 2* Servants: 6 coins per copy

- 3* Servants: 30 coins per copy

- 4* Servants: 50 coins per copy

- 5* Servants: 90 coins per copy

The only exceptions to this rule are the free event welfare servants, whose servant coins can be gained by exchanging them in the event shops.

Increasing Bond Level

For every bond level they gain from battles, you will gain the corresponding Servant Coins amount. This mechanic applies to ALL Servants of all rarity. 

The amount of Servant Coins gained is varied depending on the level of bond, the higher the bond level, the more Servant Coins you gain. The amount is as follow:

- Bond Level 1-6: 5 coins per level (30 total) 

- Bond Level 7-9: 10 coins per level (30 total)

- Bond Level 10-15: 20 coins per level (120 total)

How to Utilize The Servant Coins Effectively

There are 2 ways you can spend your Servant Coins on : Limit Breaking lv100 Servants even further to lv120, and unlocking 3 Special Append Skills that provides various effects.

Limit Breaking Servants to lv120

Limit breaking a servant to lv120 requires you to fulfill 2 conditions: The Servant needs to be lv 100 and you need a total of 300 servant coins, 10 Holy Grails and a whole lot of QPs.

Do Not spend your Servant Coins doing this. This limit breaking process is extremely costly and is not efficient, with very little return in the long-term. Only do this for the servants that you really love and would like to show off to everyone how much you love them. Otherwise, it is not an effective way to use Servant Coins.

Unlocking Append Skills

A servant can have a total of 3 special Append Skills. These are considered Passive Skills and they will always be activated when the servants are present on the battlefield. The 3 possible Append Skills are:

- Increase the servants’ extra attack damage

- Grants the servants NP charge at the beginning of the battle (20% max)

- Increase the attack or defense of the servants against specific classes of servants (the actual effects differ from servant to servant).

Using your Servant Coins on unlocking these skills is the most optimal and efficient use of your resources. Not only does these skill unlocking requirements not take too many servant coins. These skills will enable your servants to be able to deal better in future contents and enable multiple new strategies, with better synergy with other servants. Prioritize the 2nd Append Skill if you have yet to have a Max Limit Break Kaleidoscope, otherwise, focus on the 3rd Append Skill.


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