Fate/Grand Order Pity System Update Guide


After 5 long years of operation filled with many amazing gameplay features and servants, Fate/Grand Order is finally introducing one of the most highly anticipated quality of life functions from the very first day of its release - The Gacha Pity system. Initially introduced in the Japan Server for the 6th year anniversary, the Gacha Pity System is making its triumphant release early in the NA server to complement the release of LB5.5 in addition to many other amazing quality of life settings. In addition, a special new 5* will also make his debut in time for this Pity System introduction - 5* Alter Ego Ashiya Douman.


In this guide, we will go over the details, explain how the new system works, and how players can best take advantage of the new updates coming to Fate/Grand Order. Furthermore, we will also debate on and advises players on whether or not they should roll on the special limited rate up banner for the 5* Alter Ego Ashiya Douman.



Let’s play Fate/Grand Order on PC and find out together.

Fate/Grand Order New System Updates and Events

Along with the Pity system update, Fate/Grand Order is also holding several special campaigns in conjunction, helping to provide players with contents to chew on while they wait for the next new major event at the end of this year.

Lostbelt 5.5 Pre-release Campaign

Being held from the start of November to the end of November, the Lostbelt 5.5 Pre-release campaign continues with 3 new strengthening quests for 3 servants, decreased AP cost for Main story quests and a Special Log-in Campaign.

For more in-depth details about this pre-release campaign, players can consider reading through this article for more information.

Lostbelt 5.5 "Naraka Mandala, Heian-kyo - Thunderous Flash" Release Celebration Campaign

Releasing on the 22nd of November, 2022, the extra main story chapter - Lostbelt 5.5 "Naraka Mandala, Heian-kyo - Thunderous Flash" makes its debut with an entire new story map, several new materials and a brand new character skin for Sakata Kintoki.

Players must make their way through the hellish landscape of an old mystical Japan in order to clear the story chapter and advance further in their quest to reach the end of their journey. Along the way, players will be rewarded with many materials and saint quartz as they clear through the main story nodes. Furthermore, players will be rewarded with Sakata Kintoki’s brand new costume upon clearing the first node of the main story chapter.

In order to unlock this extra main story chapter, players will need to have cleared the previous main story chapter - Lostbelt 5.2 Olympus. In addition players should prepare their roster to face hard fights as this story chapter includes a large difficulty spike along the end of the chapter.

Master Level Cap Increase

After the release of this update, the master level cap of all players will be increased from 150 to 160, allowing players to farm more levels and receive special rewards at the 153,156 and 159 level marks. 

Pity System 

Initially implemented for the 6th anniversary of Fate/Grand Order Japanese server, The Global server of Fate/Grand Order is now receiving this highly-anticipated quality of life improvement earlier than expected.


Unlike other pity systems in other gacha games, The Rate Up Pity system of Fate/Grand Order has a lot of restrictions and nuances that players need to take into account before attempting to go for a banner with this pity system.

Firstly, the gacha pity for Fate/Grand Order will guarantee players the rated up 5* character on the 110th pull (= 900 saint quartz worth of pulls) and can be accumulated by using normal saint quartz summons, paid summoning, ticket summons or 10-pull summons.


Secondly, this pity doesn’t carry over between banners, meaning if you accumulate your pity on one banner, the pity will not be continued when a new banner is rated up.


Thirdly, the pity only works for the 1st copy of the servant on rate up, from the 2nd copy onwards, there will be no pity applicable on the same banner.


Finally, getting a 5* servant that is not the rated up servant WILL NOT reset the banner’s pity. The pity will only reset once you have gotten the first copy of the rated up 5* servant.


Players should absolutely keep these things in mind before attempting to roll on a banner and ready for reaching the pity in Fate/Grand Order.

Special Rate Up Banner - Should You Roll

Together with the new update patch and the release of Lostbelt 5.5 "Naraka Mandala, Heian-kyo - Thunderous Flash", a special rate up banner will be available for all players to roll for, featuring a brand new 5* rate up character - 5* Alter Ego Ashiya Douman.

Ashiya Douman

From foes to friend, Ashiya Douman joins Chaldea as a 5* Alter Ego servant that specializes in buffing Evil and Chaotic alignment servants, in addition to inflicting debuffs and dealing massive damage to all enemies with a chance to instantly kill the enemies on impact with his noble phantasm.


Douman’s kit revolves around having him with other servants with the Chaotic and/or Evil alignment, allowing him to provide them with a massive 50% critical damage up buff ( 100% if the servant has both alignments) and 20% (40%) attack buff for a whopping 3 turns. This is extremely beneficial for a lot of servants, allowing them to deal massive amounts of damage.

Ashiya Douman is also a very big piece in the rise of Curse Damage over Time debuff teams with his noble phantasm inflicting a 3 turns curse status and a 5 turns curse worsen effect debuff on all enemies, allowing curse oriented servants to inflict massive amount of damage over time to enemies, bypassing their shields and defenses.


Finally, Douman is also an amazing wave clearer and farmer with his massive 80% self NP battery and his noble phantasm have a chance to instantly kill the enemies, making him an extremely valuable servant to have for quick and evil/chaotic team comps.

Should You Roll

Yes You Should. As mentioned extensively above, Ashiya Douman is a beast of a servant and is one of the best servants released in this year with his versatility and massive team potential, having him will open players to various amazing team comps to be used in the future, helping to strengthen their team and open them up to brand new play styles that they won’t be able to experience without the help of Ashiya Douman. In addition to rated up 4* along with Douman - Tsuna is also a very solid choice for a single target boss killer Saber, making this banner extremely valuable and should be rolled on for players looking for both a good farmer/buffer servant and a good boss-killer servant.

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