Evony: The King's Return Guide on Currencies, Event Packs and Generals


In this Evony The King's Return guide, we'll be teaching you the basics of the game's currencies, how event packs work, and how Generals can be of service to your cause and help protect your kingdom. So without wasting further time, let's dive in.


Gold and how to get them

While gold isn't the most important currency in the game, it's definitely one of the most critical resources that you can get your hands on. The main use of gold is to upgrade your Generals and make them more powerful. Your troops safeguard your kingdom; they're proving to your enemies that this kingdom isn't afraid of a fight. 


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However, while having troops can serve as protection, you can easily lose all of them. On the other hand, generals are great at reserving power, and if they are killed in battle, you'll simply have to wait for 24hrs to get them back. And if you're in a hurry, you can spare as much as 1k gems to revive them instantly. 


There are many to acquire gold in the game, but the four main ways we recommend are:


  • Collecting Gold from Daily Activities. There are lots of daily activities that you can access from the tavern. And if you complete them, you'll be rewarded with gold as well as some other resources. The amount of Gold reward increases based on your tavern level. 


  • Levying Gold from your Keep. You are rewarded with a certain amount of free gold each day for simply logging into the game and visiting the gold levy. If you want to earn more, you can decide to spend the rewards you get from logging in on levying and acquiring more. 


  • Lower ranked cities also give you gold about every hour, which goes directly to your warehouse. If you want to squeeze them for more, you can simply set the cities on 'economic mode' and collect extra. 


  • Goblin! While this is considered the most time-consuming way of getting gold, it pays off handsomely. You can roam the map and kill goblins for gold. Depending on the level of the goblin, you'll be rewarded accordingly. Killing level 1 goblins rewards you with 100k gold; level 4 goblins, on the other hand, get you 200k gold after killing them. Killing them is easier said, but an army with at least 190k strength should be able to handle a level 4 goblin.


Goblins don't only drop gold after you kill them; they can also drop honor and experience points. Unlike other mobs that drop basic items after you kill them, goblins are special as they drop unique items, making them a fantastic choice for farming. And remember, higher-level goblins offer more rewards. And if you're a newbie in the game, killing goblins and picking up their rewards is one of the fastest ways to progress faster in the game. 


Using Event Packs

Whenever the game has a special event underway, they'll be massive discount sales on selected items from the event screen. You can check out the game's event center, where you can choose an event of your choice, and you'll find a cheap event pack that you can purchase. 


The pack prices increase as time passes, and if you purchase a few $5 packs, it'll seem like double the value with more resources. But if you purchase a few of them, then the best packs climb on to $20, $50, and up to $100. 


Anyhow, the event packs are a nice way of gathering resources and spending real money on valuable items in the game. Of course, not everyone likes to take out their Credit cards, but Evony The King's Return is one of those games that sort of forces you to do so, but for good reason, of course. 


Generals explained

Generals are powerful leaders who lead your troops to battle and help you win resources, destroy monsters and battle them out against foes. You can recruit or add Generals to your troops by visiting the tavern and other subordinate cities. Note that you can only unlock subordinate cities after you've upgraded your Keep to level 11. Think of subordinate cities as outposts that help you increase your empire's overall strength. 


Generals also come in different varieties. There are Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common Generals. Similarly, they also have varying strengths and weaknesses that heavily depend on the general and the rarity. Generals with higher rarity, such as Legendary and Epic, are much more powerful than lower ones such as Common and Uncommon.      


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It also helps to know that Generals come from separate lands with 4 primary attributes – Attack, Leadership, Politics, and Defence. By specializing in different attributes, generals possess extra stats in certain aspects based on their history. 


  • Attack – This increases your troop's attacking efficiency.
  • Leadership – This increases your troop's march speed and their overall HP. 
  • Politics – This increases the speed for gathering resources and the death of your troops to injury rate.
  • Defence – This increases your troop's defense level towards enemy attacks.


We advise carefully going through each generals' history to know how to place them during battles. Generals differ, and times you may want to assign them to separate tasks. Some generals are more efficient in defending than attacking. Some are more suited to farm and help you collect resources.  


The game also allows you to dress up your Generals by equipping them with boots, weapons, clothes, pants, rings, and other wearables. Ultimately, you can improve your Generals by equipping them with powerful items and training them every now and then, which will eventually increase the overall stats of your general and make them more powerful and capable of leading your troops to war. 



That's it for our Evony The King's Return guide on the game's currencies, event packs, and Generals. We hope the guide has been helpful in some way, and as you play and level up, you'll see yourself discovering guides and tricks of your own. 

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