Evony: The King's Return Beginner's Guide - Choosing a region, forming Alliances and Researching

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Evony: The King’s Return is an interesting and captivating real-time strategy MMO combined with an easy one-touch puzzler. While the game’s various genres might make it sound uncommon, playing interesting puzzles and trying to solve them is one of the best ways to kill time while constructing or upgrading new buildings in the game. 


The purpose of the player in this game is to regularly upgrade, build, research, and finally expand your kingdom to prove dominance and become the most formidable force in the entire Ebony empire. The game has some sneaky mistakes that are just waiting for you to set them off, such as expanding your kingdom too far out or too fast will lure enemies to it. 


To avoid that, it’s best to form an alliance with neighboring nations and protect your empire. Evony: The King’s Return offers tons of activities to do other than simply building new locations. And in this beginner’s guide, we’ll be giving you detailed information on the game’s features that will get you up to speed as you start out. 


Introduction: Choosing a region

As you start the game, you’ll be required to choose a leader from seven regions: China, Europe, America, Russia, Arabia, Korea, and Japan. Each of these regions comes with its own set of unique bonuses, so the choice is really up to you on which of them you decide to go with. 


Before choosing your region, remember that your objective in the game is simply to build your empire from scratch to a formidable empire. Once you’ve done that, your shields will be raised to block enemy attacks, at which point you are entirely on your own to defend yourself in real-time strategy battles that’ll take place on a world map. 


The battle will be live, which means just about anyone can towards your empire and stand outside your gates at any point and challenge you to a fight. After building your castle, you can decide to storm off into ancient ruins and look for treasures. Things can get really challenging, and your skills will be tested through daring one-touch puzzles. But if you plan on becoming more powerful and upgrading your equipment, you’ll need those treasures. 


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After you have chosen your region

So, after choosing from one of the seven regions, you will see your City Walls and their surrounding areas. This is the inside of your city where you will be able to build new buildings. After you’ve gotten enough gold or gems to build a new building, you can also upgrade it to a bigger size for a wait time of around 5 minutes. Wait times that are less than 5 minutes can be skipped for free. 


Forming Alliances

If you’re not competing with other players, you can actually set the game on auto-pilot. It means you can go off to play puzzles or quit the game entirely while the COM looks after your kingdom and protect it from threats; however, you only have 3 days of immunity from PvP. To keep things interesting, players must participate in PvP matches every three days. 


This commences from the day you launch the game and is represented by a blue-looking force field that is surrounding your city. It is also known as a bubble. It comes in different varieties such as 8 hours, 1 day, and 3 days varieties. Attacking or scouting another player is seen as an act of war and will break your bubble. So you need to take advantage of this 3-day window and build up your armies and solidify your defenses before you have to go up against another player. 


There will be quests to complete and be rewarded as you are building. There are also quests that will require you to join an alliance, which will reward you with gems. Alliance is highly recommended because, like guilds and clans, it lets a group of players team up and fight together as one. 


To join an alliance, pay close attention to the game’s world chat. Locate (preferably) an alliance group that matches your attitude and style and just find out what they require from players that wish to join. If you don’t want to do that, you can simply join a random alliance. But you might want to go with one with lots of members that don’t require you to possess lots of equipment or buildings to join. 


You can easily tell the difference because the difficult alliances that are hard to join usually have the “Apply” button while the regular ones have a “Join” button on the screen. Those with apply are for advanced and experienced players, but as a newbie, you should join the lesser alliance and learn as much as you can from them before moving on to higher ones. 


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Researching is a core aspect of the game after building up your empire because you’ll need to research in order to improve your troops and your base. Performing research is also an important mechanical aspect of the game by making your kingdom stronger.


In Evony, there are four different types of research that players can do to improve their kingdom:

  • Advancement – Allows players to advance their respective buildings by adding resource collectors. 
  • Defence – This helps bolster your kingdom’s defense by increasing the number of traps and overall defense capacity.
  • Medical Aid – As the name goes, this simply helps heal your troops after the battle and also revives them. It can also increase their lifespan and allow them to survive longer. 
  • Military – This increases the strength of your troops and gives them new abilities. 


Evony: The King's Return Researching


Research types vary, and the more advanced it is, the more resources you will acquire in the game. However, before committing yourself to perform advanced research, be sure to have enough resources available. 


Resources are vital, and you can acquire more of them by dominating the open map, completing quests, and defeating enemies. Your progress in Evony heavily depends on how many resources you can gather. So you have to collect as many as you can and upgrade your resources-generating buildings to help speed up the process. 

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