Evony: The King's Return Guide for Building Overview, Understanding Troops and Using Speed-Ups


Evony: The King's Return is a game that allows you to create and build your very own civilization empire and command troops, challenge other empires, build walls, raise an army, and ultimately, create a civilization, and become the most formidable ruler of your empire. 


The game also requires you to battle other players in real-time strategy PvP as you can either become allies or enemies. An interesting part of the game is that you can recruit world-famous leaders and generals of the past, such as Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, Genghis Khan, and many others. 


In this second edition of our guide, we'll be helping through how they can build their walls, use speedups, understand the game's currencies, etc. So without wasting any more time, let's get into it. 


Evony: The King's Return LDPlayer Gameplay


Building overview

Like in many other strategy games where you have to fight to protect your kingdom, buildings are an important part of Evony: The King's Return as well. Buildings allow you to build powerful troops, collect resources faster, and overall help you improve your empire. 


Building new buildings and upgrading existing ones require you to have a lot of resources. You might even be promoted to meet certain requirements before you are allowed to upgrade some of your buildings. So, the higher the level of your buildings, the more resources you'll collect from them and the stronger they'll become. 


Evony: The King's Return Mobile Game


Below is a detailed overview of some of the game's most important buildings that you should upgrade first and foremost:




What's more important than the wall that acts as the line of defense protecting you and your empire from enemy attacks? That's right. Your wall is one of the first buildings you should upgrade. And you even perform several activities such as collecting gifts and patrolling the area for suspicious activity.


Upgrading your empire's wall will increase the overall defense HP and the total capacity of your traps. If you've noticed that foes are dominating your cities easily and too often, then now you know what you must do.




The Keep is just as important as your wall, perhaps even more important. This is the giant castle that's built at the center of your empire. The Keep's level is always and will always be higher than that of every other building. 


If you want to upgrade buildings that have reached or nearly reached the same level as your Keep, you'd have to level up your Keep as well. Leveling up your Keep lets you unlock new buildings, increase the amount of your gold levy, general capacity, and many more. 


However, upgrading your Keep can take quite some time to complete. But afterward, it'll be totally worth it. 




This is where you can research for upgrades. It's an essential building that is also very vital to your progression because it lets you increase your empire's strength by using powerful upgrades. So if you want to progress faster, you should concentrate on upgrading the Academy and using it more often. 


Rally Spot


This is where you can multiply or increase the size of your army, which also increases their total strength. Before you start a fight, explore the land or attack an enemy base, we advise that you first try and upgrade your soldiers through the Rally Spot.  




This is where you can purchase various types of resources. You can also check back at the market daily to find new inclusions on certain resources that will be useful to you. You will also discover the Black Market in this building, where you'll receive special offers that you wouldn't want to miss. 




This is also an important building that needs upgrading because you can agree and accept reinforcement from your allies when your city is being attacked. If enemies are attacking your empire often, utilizing the embassy's support will go a long way to help you.


Understanding the different types of Troops

There are many types of Troops in the game that you can recruit from various empires, such as Japanese Archers and Arabian Knights. Each troop comes with its own strengths and weakness, so by spending time in the game and progressing through the stages, you'll be able to discover the combination of troops that suits your style of play.


Evony: The King's Return Troops


However, diversifying your army is strongly advised, regardless of how much training your troops have been through. Having troops from diverse regions helps conquer enemies better than having troops from a single troop. Below is the complete list of the game's types of troops:


  • Archer
  • Ballista
  • Battering Ram
  • Cataphract
  • Catapult
  • Cavalry
  • Pikeman
  • Scout
  • Swordsman
  • Transporter
  • Troops
  • Warrior
  • Worker


Using Speed-Ups to Progress Faster

Players will be able to receive lots of Speedups that they can use in Evony, regardless of whether they are playing for free or spending real money in the game. Speedups are critical resources, but the game tends to waste them by default. For instance, if you have, say 24 minutes of research, you get to speed up, and select 20 minutes of speedup, you'll be left with 4. 


If you're low on Speedups, you can also request help from members of your alliance to spare a few minutes. You should save your Speedups and avoid automatically speeding up items because the game might just automatically speed up different items right after.


Additionally, your monarch can also put on a crown that speeds up things by a certain percentage. These are remarkable because they can take you up from nothing to a permanent 10 or 20% reduction on construction for as little as 600-800 gems. The same thing applies to troop training and research. 



Well, there you have it. Our gameplay guides of Evony: The King's Return were written to allow you to understand some of the game's basic concepts and features that if you're not familiar with strategy games with real-time PVP, you may find it hard to get around. 


We hope our guide and tips and tricks have been helpful to you in your journey of conquest and the will to fight for peace and protect your empire by battling enemies and forming alliances. 

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