Epic war Thrones Season 2 has Now Been Released

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Epic War Thrones is an MMSG developed by a Japanese gaming company named Archosaur Games. When you are playing the game, you have to play the role of the lord of the troops who will capture a nameless island. You have to take control of the bases of enemies and destroy their alliances. When you are a player in this amazing game, you need to make it clear for having general skills up to date. Epic War is an adventurous game for you all.


Epic war Thrones Season 2 has Now Been Released


This is the second coming on the world of Turbulent again and this arrival from the turbulent world has begun on the 16th of June for iOS and Android platforms. With the massive attraction to the game, the developers of Archosaur's will launch the second season of Epic War Thrones. There will be new military commanders, new powers, and new martial arts in the game in the latest season. This will surely go to provide you with some unique yet newest experience on the Epic war Thrones world.


Just download Epic War Thrones on PC and enjoy the newest season.


Game posters


This Romance of the three kingdoms poster is about the settlement and combination of the game. The chat of the cross servers will start on the same day at 8.30 pm (UTC+9). After that, there was some integrated server maintenance that happened on the game on some dates of the game. The main reasons for the maintenance are,


  • The seasonal settlement is rooted in the existing data available at the date of the event settlement.


  • The changes of the data that happen after the closing time will not take into account.
  • Only the players who have reached up to level 10 during the event can get the rewards.
  • The players who complete level 10 after the event will receive rewards.


When you log in and enter the new season, the system will automatically offer the season's rewards.


Details about the Epic War Thrones season 2


With the latest season, your server will not adjust. So, you can still go with the original server. But, with the system integration, if there are two characters from the same name, one randomly selected term will be saved by the system, and the other name will be renamed. The renaming progress will happen free of charge. The renamed player can change the user name once during 72 hours of their first login. The season two integrations are as follows.


  • For the servers S001-JP, S020-JP, and S014-JP, the season two number is S2003
  • For the servers S002-JP, S023-JP, and S011-JP, the season two number is S2004
  • For the servers S007- Global, S012- Global, and S026 TWHK, the season two server is S2005
  • For the servers S013- Global, S017- Global, and S028- TWHK, the season two server is S2006
  • For the servers S008- Global, S015- Global, and S030- TWHK, the season two server is S2007
  • For the servers S009-JP, S019- Global, and S027- Global, the season two server is S2008
  • For the servers S022- Global, S025- TWHK, and S029- Global, the season two server is S2009
  • For the servers, S018- Global, S021-Global, and S024- TWHK, the season two server is S2010


Event reset


The double of the first jersey will reset. Then, the players can get double the gems as the charge for each rank in Season two. The bonus obtains by daily login will automatically reset. The events named Power ranking, Federation upgrade, Federation national power, Crown issei, and Federation goal will reset. The events like Purchased rare, Tribute, Encouragement zuji, and Scheduled replenishment will not subject to reset.


With the beginning of Season 2, the character data of some main characters will reset. With that, the main characters can undergo the delight of ruling the world. The data mentioned below will not change.


  • The remaining time for the rare tributes, seals, and gems will hold back.
  • The acquiring status of Encouragement zuji is hanged.
  • If you did not collect the bonus by the end of season one, it will resume obtaining after acquiring the proper power value in season 2. 
  • If you have received a bonus during season 1, you can't accept it again.
  • The exchanged plots and obtained armors like equipment and horses will hold back.
  • Points obtained by personal achievements will hold back.
  • Warlord's wakefulness, warlord cards, released troops, researched and researchable martial arts, research progress, are on hold.


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Epic war Thrones Season 2 has Now Been Released


Season system


This is the game system that is restored with the progress of each server and a given period of the cycle. In the beginning, all the players will reset to the same level of points. This will not count the individual progress limits. So, they can appreciate territorial exploration and defeat the turbulent world from the beginning.


The reset of points doesn't mean all the collected attributes are turning zero. Some important assets will not subject to change. By considering the performances in season 1, players will reward with incentives. In season 2, new gaming methods like military commanders, new powers, and contemporary martial arts will have applied with the difficult gaming challenges to the players.


For more information


If you want to get further information or wish to participate in this event, you can follow the official website, Twitter account, and Discord pages named Epic War thrones. By referring to these mentioned sources of the game, you can get details about the updates also.




The game Epic war thrones is always a fantastic choice for all the game lovers in the world. The game itself is exciting with the adventures and characters. So, this summer, they will release season two of Epic war thrones to their players. The latest season is equipped with many martial arts and characters. At the same time, there are few adjustments in the game regarding the scores. So, this will be a thrilling event for you all.

Download Epic War: Thrones on PC

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