Epic Seven Moonlight Hero Headhunting Event Winter Edition - Who To Pick


With the Massive Epic Seven Winter Update Patch, players will have the chance to participate in a massively important yearly event that rewards players with a Free 5* Moonlight Hero, one of the most important and rare types of heroes in the game, with only a 0.2% chance of rolling them in the normal gacha pool.


In this guide, we will go over the moonlight hero headhunting event- winter edition and avises players on how the event works and on the top 5 targets for the 5* Moonlight Heroes that players should aim for when participating in this event.


Let’s play Epic Seven on PC and find out together.

Moonlight Hero HeadHunting Event - How to Obtain a Free 5* Moonlight Hero

A 5* Moonlight Hero is among the rarest heroes in the entire game with a 0.1% chance for players to obtain 1 for each Covenant Summons and only 2% Chance on each Moon Light Summons. Therefore, the news of a special Moonlight Heroes Headhunting event which guarantees players a Free 5* Moonlight Hero of their choice is one of the most shocking and best events in the history of Epic Seven as a whole.

How does it works

The Moon Light Heroes Headhunting Event is available for all players who have cleared chapter 10 of the 1st main story chapter, and is available for 90 days.

Players will be rewarded with special points once they complete specific tasks such as daily missions, weekly missions and spending energies on stages. These points can then be converted into a Headhunting ticket that will headhunt a hero and fill up 1 of the slots in the event screen. Each headhunt can only be done once daily and cost 800 points for each slot (40 for the first headhunt).

Headhunting Process

Once players have spent the points to headhunt moonlight heroes, the slots will be filled with the heroes they can pick once the recruit system unlock. Players will need to headhunt a total of 20 heroes (= 15240 points) in order to unlock the recruitment system. Players can also spend points to re-headhunt some duplicate heroes in order to broaden the selection of moonlight heroes that they are allowed to recruit.

Once the recruit system is active, players can recruit a hero from the slots for 2400 coins and add that hero to the roster Permanently with no strings attached.

Exchange Shop

In addition to the headhunting system, a special exchange shop will be available for players to exchange their points for special items, including the Promotion Potion which instantly promotes a hero to 6* without using up any resources.

However, players should only start exchanging things in the shop once they have managed to unlock and recruit the 5* Moon Light Hero of their choice.

How to Quickly Recruit a 5* Moon Light Hero

The quickest and less resource consuming way players can get the recruitment system to open is to finish daily and weekly tasks for each week in addition to spending as much energy as possible. 

Each Daily Tasks are worth 50 points, each 100 energies spent are worth 5 points and if the player reaches 100 points for the Weekly tasks, they will be rewarded with 2800 points, therefore, the most surefire way to get there quickly is to clear weekly and daily tasks constantly. With this, within ~ 7 weeks, players will be able to recruit the hero of their choosing.

Top 5 Moonlight Heroes To Recruit

5. Astromancer Elena

Astromancer Elena is a 5* Light Ranger Hero that punishes any heroes that relies on counterattacking as their main source of damage by completely preventing the enemy from counter attacking while she has her special Star’s Blessing buff.

Astromancer Elena skill kit revolves around debuffing the enemy’s team and preventing them from healing and receiving combat readiness buffs and grants herself the special Star’s Blessing unique buff when she uses her 3rd skill. When Astromancer Elena has her special Star’s Blessing buff, she will completely prevent the enemy’s team from initiating any counterattacks, effectively rendering a portion of the current PvP meta’s heroes useless.

4. Briar Witch Iseria

Briar Witch Iseria is a 5* Dark Ranger Hero that specializes in punishing any enemies that revives themselves and other allies. Her skill kit also allows her to effectively deal with enemies that rely on dodging and evading as her attacks have extremely high hit rate.

Briar Witch Iseria’s skill kit is quite simple with the main point lying in her 2nd skill passive which completely prevents all heroes on the battlefield from reviving as long as Briar Witch Iseria is on the field, increasing her hit rate by 50% and grant her Immortality when she receives lethal damage. In addition, her 3rd skill deal massive amounts of damage to all enemies, debuffing them with unbuffable and decreasing their defense, making her a good counter against a large portion of meta PvP picks.

3. Lionheart Cermia

Lionheart Cermia is a 5* Light Warrior hero that specializes in increasing her own defensive stats and uses that defensive stat to deal massive amounts of damage to all enemies proportional to her own defense, allowing her to pierce the enemy’s defense and sweep the entire enemy’s team in 1 attack. 

Lionheart Cermia skill kit allows her to become a monster when used correctly. Lionheart Cermia’s 2nd skill passive talent grants her 20% combat readiness increase whenever she activates her passive skill, allowing her to move faster and deal better damage. Furthermore, Cermia’s 3rd skill allows her to deal massive amounts of damage with its damage, allowing her to sweep the enemy team with relative ease.

2. Last Rider Krau

Last Rider Krau is a 5* Light Knight Hero that specializes in both helping the entire team by granting them a beefy Shield buff whenever the team is hit with an AOE attack and also deals massive amounts of damage that pierces the enemy defense.

Last Rider Krau’s main strong point lies in his extreme versatility in the current PvP Meta, making him an extremely powerful offensive and defensive options to pick. Last Rider Krau’s 2nd skill passive allows him grant a massive barrier buff to all allies when the team is hit by an enemy’s AOE attack in addition to reducing the skill cooldown her his 3rd skill by 1 every time this happens. His 3rd skill is a massively powerful skill that ignores 50% of the entire enemy team’s defense , with its damage increasing the more times you use the skill, making Last Rider Krau both an extremely tanky hero and an extremely good damage dealer.

1. Zio

Zio is a 5* Dark Mage Hero that specializes in completely cutting off the enemy’s movement by always moving first and inflicting the enemy with Silence, decreasing their combat readiness and disrupting the enemy’s flow of battle right away.

Zio’s main strong point lies in his 2nd skill passive, which grants him a 20% Combat Readiness increase right away when he enters the battle and negates all enemy’s effects that reduces his combat readiness increase effect, allowing him to always go first in a fight. Zio’s 3rd skill allows him to target the enemy’s fastest enemy and enabler and inflict them with the Silence debuff in addition to decreasing their combat readiness, rendering them unable to use their skills and ensuring that your team can set up and gain the battle advantage first before the enemy can. This makes him a powerful hero to have as an enabler for both the cleave and bruiser teams.

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