Dragon Ball Legends PVE Battle Tips


When we surf in the gaming world, we found Dragon Ball Legends, which comes as an anime-themed action role-playing game. The game comes in both PVP (Player Versus Player) and PvE (Player Versus Environment), and the missions in this PVE mode are pretty tricky for all the players to surpass. What if you have some battle tips specially made for PVE mode battles? It will be a piece of cake.







Here, this game has a card battling system, and at the beginning of every match, there are four cards with different attacking and defending powers. There are so many characters classified into different tiers; these have very distinctive capabilities and various card sets. You can find these uncommon heroes with uncommon powers only in this Dragon Ball Legends, and the players must know which characters are suitable for PVE modes. To ease that, we have provided you with all the battle tips needed to succeed in this mode. 


At the end of this guide, you won't be defeated anymore in the PVE battles because we have covered every aspect everyone must know to achieve victory here. Though this is a game designed for mobiles, players can use LDPlayer, an emulator that gives you the chance to play this game on your PC with a broader screen and many more benefits. And for now, it's time to see the Dragon Ball Legends PVE battle tips. 


Choose Your Fighters Correctly

Before entering into a battle, you need to choose your fighters correctly and to have some ideal characters, and there are two options to earn characters; summons and rewards. 


Each character you gain from the above methods has different elements, mainly five elements blue, green, red, purple, and yellow, and two other elements, dark and light, can only be used for Non-Playable Characters (NPCs). Each of these elements has weaknesses and strengths over others. 


  • Blue: Superior to red, inferior to green.
  • Green: Superior to blue, inferior to purple.
  • Red: Superior to yellow, inferior to blue.
  • Purple: Superior to green, inferior to yellow. 
  • Yellow: Superior to purple, inferior to red. 
  • Light: Superior against the darkness but neutral for other elements. 
  • Darkness: Superior for all the main elements but inferior for light.



All the characters in this Dragon Ball Legends are classified into five tiers making tier Z the best of the best rank with the super-powerful characters, while Tier C is weaker than all other tiers. You can check more about these characters from our tier list of Dragon Ball Legends.


And there are three hero types in this game as; Ordinary Warriors, EX (extreme heroes), and SP (Sparkling heroes). The SP heroes are the most powerful and rarest to obtain, and you need to try your best to get these SP heroes. 


As you know more about elements and heroes, when you choose your fighters for a match, players need to check the advantageous elements section to select a team that consists of elements that can beat the enemy team given by the Dragon Ball Legends.


In your team, do not forget to include damage dealers as the primary heroes, and you need to have supporters too. 


Do Not Take Too Many Risks

After the battle starts, players must not act recklessly and not take too many risks. If you are running with a tank, there's no need to be worried about the risk, but if not, you must be careful in the match because the enemies can do combos that can lead your team to death. So it's better to know when to act and how to act. 



When you get attacked by enemies, you should prepare yourselves to dodge the attacks. In your turn of attacking, always keep a distance and attack with blast cards first. After landing a blast, you can do a combo with the rest of the cards, and in doing so, the player can do a single dash or a forward dash to strike combos, or you can combo your cards to perform a rising rush. So, whenever you battle, wait until it's your shining moment. 


Try to Complete All the Challenges at Once

Each chapter of this Dragon Ball Legends has given many numerous missions and challenges to complete. So please look at all the seven challenges presented in the Dragon Ball Legends game and try to complete them in one battle. Completing challenges rewards you with precious resources like Chrono Crystals and rare medals. 


Do not waste time by completing one challenge at a time, and if the players need to level up faster in the PVE battles, they need to complete missions and earn rewards that will help them win battles. 



Upgrading the Characters

To have more fantastic winnings in the Dragon Ball Legends, it would be best if the players upgrade their owned characters and upgrade these characters; players must earn more EXP by participating in PVE modes such as training mode and story modes. 


The limit break is one of the options players can use to increase the characters' number of stars, and the maximum star level is seven stars. 


And another way of upgrading your character is to upgrade the characters' equipment, which helps increase their overall performance.



Taking Control of the Gameplay With Ldplayer

As mentioned above, the Dragon Ball Legends game can be played on your PC using the best android emulator: LDPlayer. Instead of playing the game on a narrow screen, you can now enjoy the game playing on a broader screen, thanks to the LDPlayer. 


The keyboard mapping and macro commands in the LDPlayer have given all players an excellent opportunity to control the gameplay reasonably. 



When you open the game in LDPlayer, you can enable Keyboard Mapping settings from the toolbar. There you can see different icons for different tasks in the game, and you can assign keys for each job to make the whole gameplay easy. 


When talking about the Keyboard Macro Commands, you can assign one key to perform multiple actions and to create such macro commands, go to Keyboard Macro in the toolbar and find the macro command, drag it into the game interface and write down the order you want to be done by the assigned key. 



We have given the best battle tips for the players who wish to be the best in PVE, and all you have to do now is, follow this guide and have more win combos. To play the game more smoothly than ever, try it on your PC with LDPlayer and have more fun!