How to Play NIKKE: GODDESS OF VICTORY on PC With LDPlayer 9


NIKKE: GODDESS OF VICTORY is an RPG game with a sci-fi theme. Here you will have to lead a group of beautiful girls that have unique skills to save the world from alien invasion. Each Nikke is equipped with its own impressive arsenal. Weapons , as varied as shotguns and rocket launchers, are best suited to neutralizing certain types of danger. For instance, you can deploy machine guns and other rapid-fire weaponry to intercept incoming missiles.





How to Play NIKKE: GODDESS OF VICTORY on PC With LDPlayer 9


When you can bring a squad of five Nikkeis on a mission, you have a lot of room to customize and try new things. Because the game's five unique characters are not interdependent, you may switch between them at will. If you want to get large daily rewards in NIKKE: Goddess of Victory, you should try to finish as much of the game's story as quickly as possible.


Lets have NIKKE: Goddess of Victory on PC, and then see how the LDPlayer 9 can enhance your performance with the best features. 


Why Should You Use LDPlayer 9 to Play NIKKE?


Playing NIKKE in LDPlayer 9 is a smart move for a number of reasons. The improved graphics rendering technique it employs provides superior visuals and unrestricted access to 120 frames per second, which is one of its finest features. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy Live2D animations without experiencing any screen tearing or red patches on the screen. 


Why Should You Use LDPlayer 9 to Play NIKKE


Forcibly Lock Landscape Mode


This game is designed originally  to switch to portrait mode on its own. When you play the game on your phone, you have to play it this way. You have no other choice. Because of this, you have to move between characters by hand if you want to see each one. With LDPlayer 9's Forcibly Lock Landscape mode, you can play the game on a widescreen so that you can see more than one of your characters at once. Please follow the instructions below if you would like to play the game in a widescreen mode.


  • First, go to the LDPlayer 9 official website and download and install LDPlayer 9.


  • Once the installation is finished, open the LDPlayer 9 and go to the LDStore and download the NIKKE: GODDESS OF VICTORY


  • Once it is installed, open the game and go to the LDPlayer settings by clicking on the Hexagon in the upper right corner.


  • Once you are in the settings, go to the other settings tab.


  • Now find the Forcibly Lock Landscape mode and enable it.


  • Once you save the settings, you will see the settings take effect.


Please follow How To Play NIKKE: GODDESS OF VICTORY Widescreen for the video explanation of these steps.


Bypass the Geo-Restrictions


There are regions where this game is not yet available for download, leaving you with the option of installing an older version of the game or downloading it from an unreliable source. However, with LDStore, you can safely install the most recent version of the game without worrying about damaging your device.


Bypass the Geo-Restrictions


Keyboard Mapping Tool for Easy Control

Once you turn on landscape mode, it would be easier to play the game if you could just press a few buttons instead of dragging your thumb all over the screen. With the Keyboard Mapping tool, you can assign keys to all the game options so that you can only use your keyboard to control the game.


Another one is that if you find yourself doing the same things repeatedly while clearing stages, you can use the Record Macro feature to record what you're doing and then play it back when you need to.


Get the Most Powerful Nikkeis With Multi-Instance Sync


In this age of mobile games, it's common to use multiple guest accounts to get the best heroes before even playing the game. This process takes forever to complete if you are not lucky enough to get them on your first try. But if you combine LDPlayer 9's Multi-instance Manager with Multi-Instance Sync, you will be able to run multiple accounts at once to get the best heroes. If you want to do it yourself, follow the instructions below.


  • First, download the LDPlayer 9 and the NIKKE: GODDESS OF VICTORY.


  • Then close LDPlayer 9 and open LDMultiplayer.


  • When you open the file, there will be an instance that has already been generated; check the box next to it.


  • Now click on the batch option, create five new clones, and wait for the process to finish.


  • Now click on the optimize option and Disable sound to use less CPU, use fewer graphics.


  • Memory and RAM and close the window.


  • Then using the batch option, launch all the instances. 


  • Now open the games on all instances, choose one instance as your main, and press Ctrl + 9 to start the sync.


  • You will see when you play the game on your main instance; it replicates in all other instances.


  • Now play the game and collect all the preregistration and achievement rewards and summon all of them at once


Get the Most Powerful Nikkeis With Multi-Instance Sync


You can refer to our Nikke: Goddess of Victory tier list to see which units to be summoned from here. 


Low CPU & GPU Consumption


The features that make LDPlayer 3 and 4 great are combined in LDPlayer 9. Through careful manipulation of memory and processing power, it strives to make high-performance experiences a reality. It optimizes your computer's use of its resources in a way that boosts performance in the most effective way possible. That way, you will not have to worry about the game's performance dropping when you play multiple games.


Faster Processing


The best Android emulator: LDPlayer has gained popularity due to its small size and speedy processing capabilities on personal computers. LDPlayer 9 enhances both the responsiveness and stability of the game, allowing players to perform better in competitive multiplayer settings.


Multi-Language Support


If you are not fluent in English, that is not a problem. With LDPlayer, you can switch the language of the player and the games to one that better suits you. The emulator's ability to handle many languages is what makes this feasible and ultimately helpful to you. No need to stress over language barriers. To continue working in a language you're already familiar with, consider using the LDPlayer.



With this How to Play NIKKE: GODDESS OF VICTORY on PC article, we have shown you the benefits you can get from using LDPlayer 9 and how to set them up easily. We hope that you have seen how LDPlayer helps you to get an improved gaming experience. Now it's time to end this article; thanks for reading. For more guidance for the game, Refer to NIKKE: GODDESS OF VICTORY beginner guide as well.