Disney Mirrorverse Tips for a Better Start


Disney Mirrorverse is finally here with a lot of Disney and Pixar characters who are ready to fight against evil, and this is a good chance for you to handle your favorite Disney characters with an action RPG game. This is a new experience that you have never experienced with Disney characters, and all these heroes are set in an alternate reality. These are not just cartoons because they will be your heroes to take your adventure to the next level. So here are your Disney Mirrorverse tips to sharpen this battle and the progress from your gameplay.






We need some of the best skills and abilities to beat the levels in this game since we have to face an unknown enemy. So we must assemble our best team to face this evil, and those guardians will help the players fight against them and protect this microverse. Several quests are here with so many heroes, a summoning system, and a separate developing system on it, and it is a must to have a good start here to have the best result from your gameplay.


So in this Disney Mirrorverse tips guide, we will teach you how things can be used to your advantage and make things easy to assemble with the highest chance of winning. Things will not be easy at your beginning because you are just a starter to the game, and we will give you the best help to rise through this game with the best tips as follows.


Learn Your Controls

One of the best Disney Mirrorverse tips you should be aware of on your gameplay is to learn the game's controls. This game will allow the players to move freely from their battling phase, and it is something challenging to understand at the beginning. But if you manage to learn all the controls from the game, the gameplay will not be much complicated anymore.


Learn to dodge first. You can use the movement button in a specific direction to do a dodge effect. So your hero is going to dash in that direction, making it very easy to dodge the enemy attacks. If you get more familiar with and master this function, handling your most challenging enemies will be very easy. Dodging is a very good function that you can utilize to handle many enemies.


The next thing that has a special impact on your battles is the specials. You need to learn it as we supposed it from this  Disney Mirrorverse tips guide.  You need to use them correctly, and every guardian (or the characters) in this game will come up with a unique special. Every special will help the players to deal with great damage, or they will debuff or buff the gameplay. Specials are very helpful for a player within a battle because using them properly can change the entire result of a battle.



If you don't make yourself familiar with these default controls from Disney Mirrorverse, it is better to take your turn with the best android emulator: LDPlayer. You can set up some shortcuts for all these controls via a personalized keyboard and engage with the best key bindings. It is coming from the feature called Keyboard Mapping. So you don't have to put much effort into learning these all default settings as you can easily dominate your battles.


Take Part in a Best Alliance

If you see an active alliance in the game, don't think twice about joining them. That is our next tip from this Disney Mirrorverse tips guide. If you manage to be in the best alliance, it will help you participate in more exclusive events.


These events are very helpful for a player as it is a great way to earn resources since every one of them offers us rewards. So don't miss this great chance at all. There are these Laurels you can earn by joining an alliance and trying to save them because those are helping players buy things from the mission store. By going into the mission store and using the Laurels, you can have more crystals, items, and many other resources as well.



Take Part in the Bonuses and Events

Disney Mirrorverse is always coming up with bonuses and events, and taking part in them is one of the best Disney Mirrorverse tips for a player. Every bonus and event will help players progress quickly from their game, and you know. Usually, RPG games want more money spent to have speedier progress. But if you manage to engage in these kinds of bonuses and events, you don't have to spend your money anymore, and the things you earn from them will help you speed the development of the game.


Earn Books and Save Your Crystal Prizes

There is a prize listed for the Guardian crystals in this game, and you need to check as we suppose you do with this Disney Mirrorverse tips guide. This will allow you to know which guardians are available to eat you and give you an excellent chance to see what star rate is there for these specific crystals.



And on the other hand, books will be your method of taking resources, and they can be used to upgrade the talents of guardians. Resources will be specific to a genre or for a class, and you will be able to check them through the tab of Rank Items. It will allow you to see the total number of books you currently have in the game.


If there are Easy Battles, Just Autofight

Not every battle in this game is hard, and some of the battles in Disney Mirrorverse are very easy. So it is a waste to spend your efforts to deal with such easy fights unless you want to make yourself practice for the gameplay. So whenever you encounter such an easy battle, just use the auto mode. That is the next thing we can suggest for good gameplay from this Disney Mirrorverse tips guide.


You can turn on or off the Auto Fight option whenever you want, and if you are in an auto fight, your guardians can fight enemies on their own. But know that during an auto fight, you cannot use your characters' special skills automatically as they have to be activated manually from the special abilities section. If you need this ability to move with auto-fight and control the guardians, you can choose the Show Auto Fight Button option.



Use Different Types of Guardians

In the Disney Mirrorverse gameplay, you will be fighting against two other types of guardians as we are facing the battle as a three-member team. But know that you don't have the ability to control your other two characters in your team because you will be only offered one guardian to control within a battle. While you control one, the other two members will automatically move and attack.


So to have a great impact in a fight, diversifying their traits will be very useful. That is another thing that we want to let you be aware of from this Disney Mirrorverse tips guide.


Although players cannot control the other two members, they can activate the skills they hold, and if they don't seem to use those two, they can be switched at any time as well. Try your best to diversify your characters when you form a team and make them play with different roles rather than having the same role for each. It is beneficial to create your team with an attacker, a tanker, and a supporter.


If your team has diversified roles for each, it makes it very easy to handle enemies, and suppose you face a damage dealer as an enemy. That will be one of the best tip from our  Disney Mirrorverse tips guide. So you will need a tanker. Ranged guardians will help a player deal with slow yet powerful enemies since that hero can help them to kill them quickly. So if you have guardians coming with several roles in the game, they will be pretty helpful for a player to deal with the battles.



Using the Specials

There is a cool down with every special attack in this game, and it is wise to use them with guardians. That would be our last trip to discuss in this Disney Mirrorverse tips guide. It is unnecessary to control a particular guardian if you want them to use the special ability. But it is always necessary to pay close attention to the tanker's positions and the melee hero's positions as they help you come up with the most output from the specials.



This concludes the Disney Mirrorverse tips guide with the best recommendation we have, and use these tips to progress with your gameplay. We are very sure that if you utilize these tips better, it will make you top at your gameplay and make it easy to rank for a top place in the Disney Mirrorverse game.

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