Disney Mirrorverse Beginner Guide and Walkthrough


Disney Mirrorverse is finally here by Kabam as an action role-playing game, and now we have the perfect chance to take our favorite Disney character to the fighting. As you know, Disney heroes are made pure and are indeed the good in this world. So in this new game, we have to use them to fight against the evil coming to us from several Disney universes. We are going to let you know how to do it properly and effectively with this Disney Mirrorverse beginner guide.






Our fighting in this game will happen by forming a team, and they will fight against this evil with all their efforts. Every character coming from Pixar and 3D Disney will fight their best in a world surrounded by the evils. So you have to go through a lot of exploration and guidance as a beginner, and that is why we are here with a Disney Mirrorverse beginner guide.


This Disney Mirrorverse beginner guide has been made to have your guidance over the gameplay, and we will provide you with a starting point here. From basics to the mechanisms you should use in this game, we are trying to cover everything. So let's start.


Disney Mirrorverse Beginner Guide for the Basic Gameplay 

Every player should first know and learn the game's basics from a Disney Mirrorverse beginner guide. So if we talk about Disney Mirrorverse's basic gameplay, it will revolve around a three-member team fighting against the enemies. Every character here will have their own three special abilities to the game, and those all come along with their regular attacks.



When a player wants to switch their character, it is possible in this game whenever they want, and every character will have their own skills. Those skills can be customized further according to your wish. So the characters you will utilize in a team will come in a total of 4 classes, and every class will have its own method of performing the gameplay as follows.


Melee Characters

These are detonated by red, and they will be the warriors who are faced at the front. Melee heroes can be crowd controllers, damage dealers, or an assassin as well. They will have a unique skill set and a unique building with them.



Ranged Characters

The orange detonates rangers, and they will be the ranged attackers to the Disney Mirrorverse. Some of the rangers can give you support, while some others can do the crowd controlling.


Support Characters

Supporters are in green, and they are going to heal you and provide you with debuffs and buffers. So basically, these heroes are of much use in your later stages.



Tankers are in blue and more suitable for frontline damage since they have great DPS with defense.


When you build your team in this Disney Mirrorverse, it is very necessary to know how each of these characters should be used according to what you face, and it will not be an easy go as a solo player. This game gives you a chance to ease your gameplay by giving you many characters for free, and although it takes some time to take up to 6 stars, it will always be helpful. But know that having a 5-star character requires money or your best luck.


Every hero will have basic skills and some advanced skills at the elite level. It will be offered for the players when they reach 12, 18, and 25 skills. Know that the skills you get at this point are important because they are unlocking the full strength of a character.



The heroes you can have in this game should be summoned with a rerolling system. Usually, this system takes some time and doesn't guarantee you to earn the best hero either. But still, if you have this Disney Mirrorverse gameplay from the best emulator: LDPlayer, you have a chance to earn the best hero with the best chance.


The Multi-Instance Sync feature is the one that helps you here, and it will create some of the clones for your game which gives you the chance to reroll from each clone. Those all will be performed at the same time, making you go forward and earn the best hero within a glance, and you don't have to wait for more. This is the perfect chance to earn the best hero with a great method with the best free emulator: LDPlayer.


Have Your Resources 1st 

The resources are the second thing we want to emphasize to you from this Disney Mirrorverse beginner guide. Those can be earned by engaging in quests, and there will also be 4 of the daily rewards types in the game. They are the dawn of hope, welcome calendar, and May are the dates and the golden week. Since these are provided for you daily, try to claim them for you every day because it gives you a chance to own a top-tier guardian with crystal shards.


The quests also offer you many resources and know that you must complete every daily mission within 24 hours. There are some quests called Journey quests that you will see attached to the main story, special quests, and for the achievement, and those rewards you when you complete their respective goals.


Story Chapter 03 to 10 

Chapter 3 to 10 is the phase where you can unlock all the game modes in Disney Mirrorverse, and that is something we need to note for you in this Disney Mirrorverse beginner guide. Throughout these story chapters, you can have dailies that will directly influence upgrading your character, as well as those that will give you diamonds. XP motes, and also the gems.



It will always be good to go through the story modes here because whenever you face challenging levels, it will unlock you more into the resources. If you manage to unlock a tower, it will give you more resources like pages, boos, and gold. XP motes can be acquired through the dungeon mode, and it will always be wise to engage in these modes because they absolutely give you the benefits.


A Balanced Team is a Must

You need to create your team with a balanced combination like a supporter or a ranger, melee guardian, and a tanker as it creates a good team in Disney Mirrorverse. And having the most balanced team is the next thing we want to discuss under this Disney Mirrorverse beginner guide.


Usually, the tankers are taking the greatest damage against the enemies, and melee guardians are great to utilize in your closed combat. When it comes to the ranged guardians, they are perfect to debuff the powers and HP from the enemies. So if you have this kind of team for your fighting in Disney Mirrorverse, It will always make you clear the stages effectively, and you are going to have great power against the hard enemies.



Crystals are taking an important part in this Disney Mirrorverse beginner guide because they are helping you to summon your guardians. If you want to collect these crystals, you must complete your main story or take them from the supply ruins. Most of the time, it takes up to 280 diamonds to summon a guardian but using one crystal can be done very easily.



In this game, you will see this free crystal called Timekeeper's crystal, which can be used to have energy, gold, or guardians. But know that this free crystal is taking so long to have a full completion, and more than that, it has four parts as well. Each of those parts will take up to 2 and 8 hours to complete.


Disney Mirrorverse PVE

This game has three difficulty levels in its main story, and you need to know them from this Disney Mirrorverse beginner guide since you are only a starter for the gameplay. Expert, hard, and normal are these three modes, and one chapter should be finished to unlock another in this game.


Not only the story but there are also these supply ruins where you will earn your farm resources, helping a player upgrade their heroes. The special mode in this game is dedicated to defeating our enemies who are coming from the floor. Players must climb the tower step by step until they meet the top of the tower because we recommend doing it from this Disney Mirrorverse beginner guide.



There are also some limited-time events where you can have special rewards, and there is this dungeon boss mode where you can test how powerful your hero is.



And that is the end of this Disney Mirrorverse beginner guide, and follow up this guide to do better at your gameplay. Since this is just the beginning, these recommendations will help you do more in the gameplay, and here is your chance to dominate your fights with Disney Mirrorverse.

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