Disney Mirrorverse Best Team Building Guide to Defeat Your Enemies Quickly


Disney Mirrorverse comes as an action gacha RPG game, and you know how RPG games work if you have a real love for the genre. These kinds of games come with a lot of battles on them, and there will be so many enemies and bosses to defeat as well. Nothing more changes with the Disney Mirrorverse as well because it comes with so many levels and paths where you have to defeat so many enemies and the bosses with your best efforts. So for the best success, you need the best team. And here is your Disney Mirrorverse best team-building guide.






This Disney Mirrorverse best team building guide will review each hero's capacity to see why they are put into the best team composition. We also intend to let you know how these teams will work on giving you the benefits. Since you have to team up with three different heroes in the Disney Mirrorverse, it will always be helpful to know what hero to be put under a team that suits different occasions.


Four classes are coming under the Disney Mirrorverse tier list, and they all have their own traits. You need to combine these heroes for a better output, and the one you use for the standard game modes will not be ideal for damage output. And that is how the characteristics of the players work, and let's move with this guide to know what heroes need to be put under your team to create a Disney Mirrorverse best team.


Creating in Disney Mirrorverse Best Team

Overall in this gameplay, there is a specific method of where you need to adjust your heroes for the team. And that is how a player will be managed to form the best hero for the entire gameplay. As we mentioned before, in Disney Mirrorverse, you will form a team with three heroes, which are the ones you will utilize in your battles.


First, players will have one slot and can start with it to proceed with the game. As you proceed from the game, you can unlock some other slots as well by progressing through your gameplay. From levels 1 to 4, you will unlock the second slot, and in stages 2 to 2, you will also be able to unlock your third slot. Once you have all three slots, it is time to decide what team members you need to put on your team to form a powerful formation for the gameplay.


In Disney Mirrorverse, you will see all the characters are divided into three main roles and several categories. If we talk about the categories, they come in the form of ranged, melee, supporters, and tankers. Normally the ranged and the melee heroes fully fill the team's DPS role while supporters are providing us buffs and the healing skills. And then, the tank role will fulfill the tanker role for the tram.



Our overall team for the Disney Mirrorverse should be created with one tank, a DPS, and with a supporter. This might be changed with other alternatives, but it is always better to hold a guardian with you who has a higher skill and capability to do damage. And when we get hurt by the enemies and have damage from them, there should be a healer for your team to heal you. And there are also some other combinations you can try here, which should complete the basic idea of a balanced team.


Overall Performers in Disney Mirrorverse Best Team


For the overall gameplay, you can use the heroes like this.

  • Gaston
  • Ariel
  • Jack Skellington


This is actually a really good team composition that you can use in your game, and as you can see, all the three heroes are made out of the top tiers with every base. Ariel will be the ideal hero that you can use for the close-range melee attacks, and for the long-ranged attacks, you can easily use the Gaston. And the Jack Skellington will be perfect to use on your team healing; he is also providing you with the buffs.


Since these all are top-tier heroes, it won't be easy to have these heroes, but with this Disney Mirrorverse best team composition, there is a lower percentage of failing the game.


We can suggest the best tips for Disney Mirrorverse from here for a better start for the entire gameplay.


All Rounder Disney Mirrorverse Best Team

When it comes to defeating our powerful enemies and the bosses that we have to face, it will be a lot easier to utilize some all-rounder heroes for the entire gameplay as they are capable of doing pretty much everything for this game. The suggestion for the all-rounder Disney Mirrorverse best team goes with:


  • Hiro
  • Jack Skellington
  • Mr. Incredible


Mr. Incredible in here will be a great tank you can use, and he got some best DPS to deal with heavy damage. He will be immune to the knockbacks he receives, making him an ideal hero that you will use with ease and smoothness.


On the other hand, Jack and Hiro will support Mr. Incredible, and these two heroes work to increase Mr. Incredible's defense. So they will let him deal with the greatest damage, and especially Jack can come up with damage buffs that will last for some time. So he will increase the entire attack of his team. Since you have Mr. Incredible here, you don't have to search for another damage dealer for this team, and he will make you survive throughout the battles with the help he takes from his other two supporters.


OP Sustain Disney Mirrorverse Best Team


This best team for the Disney Mirrorverse has been made with three heroes as

  • Belle
  • Baymax
  • Mulan


As the name suggests, this team is suited for any game phase as they can do great things for the entire battle, and if we take one by one hero, Mulan can be used to control the enemies with power. And then the Baymax is really helpful for giving us heavy armor as this guardian uses the special on it. Finally, Belle can support the entire team by healing them.


You can use this team for battles where you don't have to deal much with brute force, which is more suitable for surviving the offense. Since Ariel is a melee DOS who works more towards defense than damage, you need to use her on controlling, as we mentioned before. She has the self buffs so that the Mulan will be more suitable for the defense.


Mulan's defense here is powered by two other heroes named, especially from the Baymax. And the Baymax's passives are improving the team's whole defense capabilities.


More of these heroes can be learned by referring to our tier list of Disney Mirrrorverse.


Lure Team for the Disney Mirrorverse Best Team


This team comes with three heroes like this.

  • Sully
  • Genie
  • Mike


Here, Genie needs to be controlled by the players until Sully comes in charge of the Signet triggers. And when this happens, players must switch to the hero Sully and defend all the enemies. The rest will be perfectly done by Genie. If Genie doesn't work much for you, you can also opt for Jack as a replacement for Genie.


Super Debuff for Disney Mirrorverse Best Team


Here are three different heroes for the team combination as follows.

  • Malef
  • Oogie
  • Ursula


These three heroes can balance the overall performance of this whole team by putting Oogie as an attacker. It will fit your game's role as a damage dealer, and Oogie is a hero who can attack through the bugs. And then there is a defender for the team, Ursula, and she will defend anyone who is attacking her. Then for the third choice, there is this Judy who will root the team, shock enemies, and then defend them for the better.


Earn the Best Performance from your Best Team

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So that will be the whole for our Disney Mirrorverse best team building guide. Take up the recommendations and do your best in the battles. Have your best team from our suggestions, and you won't fail a bit for sure.

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