Demon Slayer: HUNT - An Ultimate Guide with All Gameplay Tips


Welcome to the Ultimate Demon Slayer: HUNT guide, where we aim to provide you with valuable insights and strategies to enhance your gameplay experience. In this Demon Slayer: HUNT guide, we'll explore various tips and techniques that can assist you in progressing through the game more effectively. From prioritizing story quests and managing your heroes to acquiring valuable resources and utilizing powerful tools, we'll cover it all.

Demon Slayer: HUNT - An Ultimate Guide

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Demon Slayer: HUNT offers an immersive and captivating adventure, and our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and advice to excel in the game. Play Demon Slayer: HUNT on PC with LDPlayer 9 and experience the best visuals and the easiest gameplay you've ever had.

So, let's dive into the strategies and tips that will help you make progress in Demon Slayer: HUNT without overstating our achievements. Together, we'll conquer the challenges that lie ahead and achieve greatness in this thrilling gaming experience.

How to Progress in Demon Slayer: HUNT?

When you first start playing Demon Slayer: HUNT, it's crucial to focus on the story quest. Not only will this allow you to enjoy an intriguing narrative, but it will also unlock hidden options within the game. Completing story quests rewards you with a variety of valuable resources such as gems, silver, and hero assertion materials. Make it a priority to finish these quests to enhance your gaming Progress.

How to Progress in Demon Slayer: HUNT

Once you've started playing for the day, it's important to prioritize the daily quests. These quests reset every 24 hours and offer significant rewards. By completing them regularly, you can accumulate additional gems, silver, and other valuable resources. Make it a habit to tackle the daily quests as soon as you start playing to maximize their benefits.

One of the early tasks you should undertake is upgrading your Slayer Hall. This will unlock two additional slots, allowing you to take more heroes into battle and increase your team's effectiveness through their buffs and support. Upgrading the Slayer Hall is also crucial for leveling up other buildings in the game. Therefore, it's advisable to rush the construction of this building during the early phase of the Demon Slayer: HUNT.

Construction time can hinder your progress in Demon Slayer: HUNT as it takes time to complete building and upgrade processes. If you are willing to invest in the game, purchasing the second construction queue is highly recommended. This investment enables you to simultaneously build or upgrade two buildings, significantly reducing the time required and accelerating your progress.

Currency and Resources

In Demon Slayer: HUNT, there are various currencies and resources that play a vital role in your journey. These include gems, silver, wheat, woods, and arcane essence. Gems and silver can be earned through the process of cleansing the land from corruption; whole wheat and wood can be obtained from specific areas within the game.

Currency and Resources

Arcane essence is a valuable resource that can be used for brewing Exp potions, which are essential for leveling up your heroes. You can acquire arcane essence by fighting monsters, exploring the world, cleansing the land, or collecting them from the defense altar. It's recommended to collect arcane essence from the defense altar multiple times a day to maximize its yield.

Managing these currencies and resources efficiently is crucial for your progression in Demon Slayer: HUNT. By strategically earning and utilizing them, you can ensure a steady supply of essential items and upgrades for your character.

How to Get Free Resources?

How to Get Free Resources

Obtaining resources without spending additional currency is a valuable skill in Demon Slayer: HUNT. One way to achieve this is by utilizing the slayer sense, which helps you navigate the game and indicates available resources. By following the slayer sense, you can easily locate and collect resources such as silver, wood, and crates containing valuable items. Always make sure to utilize this feature and collect everything it leads you to.

Another method to acquire free resources is by breaking clay pots and boxes scattered throughout the game world. By simply clicking on them to attack, you can obtain additional resources that will aid in your progression.

Heroes of Demon Slayer: HUNT

Heroes are the cornerstone of success in Demon Slayer: HUNT. Properly managing your heroes is essential for making progress in the game. Not all heroes are equally valuable, so it's important to carefully select a few to invest in during the early stages. Investing your resources wisely in a well-balanced marching squad will significantly improve your chances of success.

Heroes provide boosts to your units' stats, including damage, defense, and attack. There are four types of Heroes in the game: infantry, cavalry, archers, and heroes who boost all units. Utilizing versatile heroes when deploying a mix of troops can be highly beneficial. Additionally, having a leader-type hero in your team is crucial.

Heroes of Demon Slayer: HUNT

To maximize the potential of your heroes, it's important to power them up. You can use Experience (Exp) potions to level up your heroes. Every ten levels, you will need to perform a breakthrough using ascension materials. The level cap can be increased by leveling up your summoning altar. As heroes level up, they unlock new skills and improve their basic stats. 

You can brew Exp potions using the arcane essence found in the potion ultra of your first base. Acquiring arcane essence can be done by various means, including fighting monsters, exploring the world, cleansing the land, and collecting them from the summon ultra.

Esotericas: Enhancing Troops and Tools

The Demon Slayer: HUNT comes with a new system called Esotericas, which enhances your troops and provides an edge in battles against monsters. Esotericas offers a collection of powerful tools that augment your combat abilities and allow for strategic planning.

Demon slayers don't rely solely on their bare hands or regular weapons; they also employ tools to amplify their abilities and weaken their enemies. The Esotericas system introduces two key elements: Gadgets and Runes.

Esotericas: Enhancing Troops and Tools

Gadgets (Active)

Gadgets are specialized tools designed to exploit the weaknesses of certain monsters. They can be actively used before battles to gain a significant advantage. It's important to note that all Gadgets are of Blue quality.

Runes (Passive)

Runes, on the other hand, possess both skill effects and boosts for specific types of troops. These passive tools are triggered at certain points during battles under specific circumstances. Runes come in two quality types: Purple and Orange.

Obtaining Gadgets and Runes

Both Gadgets and Runes can be obtained through boss fights. By examining specific monsters' rewards in the Bestiary, you can gather information about the Gadgets and Runes they offer. The level of the Gadgets or Runes you acquire depends on the level of the monsters you defeat.

Using Gadgets and Runes 

Utilizing Gadgets and Runes is crucial for maximizing your effectiveness in battles. Let's explore how each of them can be utilized.


During boss fights, you can actively select one or two Gadgets from your collection before the battle commences. As each monster has its weaknesses, choosing the right Gadgets will provide you with a significant advantage. If you haven't encountered a specific monster before, the game will offer hints to help you select the most effective Gadgets. It's worth noting that Gadgets cannot be used in PvP battles.

Your hero skills and gadgets are vital for taking down the hordes of beasts and bosses that await you. But using them with just two fingers can be tricky. That's why you should try the LDPlayer's Keyboard Mapping feature, which lets you assign easy-to-reach keys for all your skills and gadgets. You can also use the WASD movement control to pan the camera around the map and enjoy the game in a more relaxed position.


Before engaging in a fight, you can equip a Rune to enhance your troops' capabilities. The effects of Runes are triggered automatically during the battle, granting additional benefits to your forces. It's important to consider the specific circumstances under which the Runes will activate and strategize accordingly. Remember that the power of Gadgets and Runes stacks provide extra effects throughout the entire battle.

Utilizing the Esotericas Collections

When accessing the Esotericas feature, you will be presented with a page displaying all the Gadgets and Runes you have acquired, sorted by their highest levels. You have a total of 8 slots for Gadgets and five slots for Runes in your collection.

To keep track of all the Gadgets and Runes available in the game, an Index button can be found at the bottom left corner. The Index provides a comprehensive list of all the Gadgets and Runes, with the unowned ones displayed in gray. This allows you to track your progress and work towards acquiring new tools to enhance your demon-slaying abilities.

Trophies: Enhancing Your Heroes and Troops

When engaging in intense battles and emerging victorious against large monsters, you have the opportunity to sever their heads and earn trophies as rewards. These severed heads will be displayed in the prestigious Hall of Glory. However, the real significance lies in the trophy you choose to hang on the gates of your base.

Trophies: Enhancing Your Heroes and Troops

Each trophy provides a unique boost to the stats of your heroes and troops. Some trophies enhance attack power, while others bolster defense and other useful attributes. It's crucial to understand the specific stats that benefit your current army composition and select the appropriate trophy to display on the gate. Choosing the right trophy can significantly impact the outcome of your battles.

Bestiary: Tracking and Hunting Monsters

In the corrupted world of Demon Slayer: HUNT, evil monsters lurk in every corner. As a demon slayer, it is vital to keep track of these formidable foes and devise a strategy to hunt them down. This is where the Bestiary comes into play.

Upon reaching a certain point in the game, usually after the Prologue and hiding from the Crimson Nightmare, you will unlock the Bestiary feature. The Bestiary acts as a comprehensive gallery and Index of all the monsters you encounter. However, you must first find and engage with these monsters before unlocking their information in the Bestiary.

Bestiary: Tracking and Hunting Monsters

Unlocking and Locating Monsters

As we discussed in the above section unlocking new monsters in the Bestiary provides you with valuable information and clues on how to track and hunt them down. Here are several ways to unlock new monsters:

  • Progress through the main story to encounter and unlock new monsters with each new chapter.

  • Engage in the Trial Ruins to discover and unlock additional monsters.

  • Increase your Intel levels to reveal new monsters in the Bestiary.

  • Wait for the overall progress of the entire server to unlock new monsters.

  • Participate in specific events that feature event monsters.

Once you have unlocked a monster, you will need to fulfill certain requirements to locate them. The Bestiary provides clues and information on how to proceed. Some monsters can be found directly on the map, while others require meeting specific level requirements or following the main story. Defeating a monster in battle will mark it as "Slain" in your Bestiary, and you can claim the rewards associated with its defeat.


Demon Slayer: HUNT offers an immersive and exciting gaming experience for players seeking adventure. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can enhance your gameplay and progress through the game more effectively. Remember to prioritize story quests, upgrade your Slayer Hall, manage your heroes wisely, and utilize the resources and blessings available to you. With perseverance and strategic thinking, you will conquer the world of Demon Slayer: HUNT and achieve greatness.

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