Survive the Best with an Ultimate Beginner's Guide for Mutant Division - Top Tips to Play


Mutant Division is a game that lets you tame the mutants, make them your loyal partners and use them to battle against enemy troops. When you have the best mutants with boosted power, you will always be victorious regardless of how tough the battles are. But you have much more to learn if you want to be a pro player in this game. So, here in this guide, we will cover the most useful tips and ultimate guidelines you need to survive the best here. 

Ultimate Beginner's Guide for Mutant Division

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Joining an alliance and surviving together through tough times are some beautiful concepts you can see here. The mutants play a great role in this game as they support you in your battles once you tame the mutants. And also, you have to build your base in this game by placing all the facilities a city needs. With better guidance, you can succeed in all these aspects; that is why reading this guide is a must. With the help of this game, you can make your Mutant Division on PC gameplay fantastic and become the best in every aspect. 

Tame Mutants in Gameplay

This game lets you enjoy more explorations, so during those explorations, it is very common to encounter wild mutants who wander here and there, disturbing the environments and their beings. 

Therefore when you encounter a mutant, it must be tamed by you. Otherwise, these mutants will become a huge hazard. The mutants are large wild species like beats with a higher power. Since you are a normal being, you will find it hard to tame mutants. But with enough patience and sneaking abilities, you can tame the mutants successfully. 

When taming the mutants, you have to identify the weak spot and then shoot it with the weapon loaded with antibodies. If your hit is successful, you have successfully tamed that mutant. You need to adjust your aim correctly and tap on the shoot option right after the mutant appears in your aim spot. 

This is how you will tame mutants in this gameplay. The mutants have various rarities such as common, rare, epic, etc.; the higher the mutant's rarity, the higher their combat power is. So, it is very important to tame mutants in this game as they are the beasts that fight for you. 

Once you tame mutants, you can level them up using the required materials. Leveling up the mutants increases all of their attributes. Since it is good for your whole Mutant Division gameplay, you should level up them. When investing in mutants, always try to prioritize the mutants with higher rarities. 

Wipe out Giant Enemies

During this gameplay, you have to go through different troubles dealing with giant enemies. Most are different kinds of mutants, so you are no match for them. But the mutants you have already tamed in this gameplay will be very helpful for you during these fights. Therefore you should use your mutants to fight against these giant enemies you will find in your exploration. 

To fight the enemies, you should first create a squad to start marching to the enemies. Every fight has given you a recommended combat power required, so when creating the squad with your mutants, you should always build your team of mutants with a higher combat power than recommended. After that, your mutants will take on the giant enemies on your behalf. These mutants can search for enemies and attack them wherever they are. So you don’t have to guide your mutants to where the enemies are as they auto-search the enemies and attack them. 

Your mutants have specific skills, and you can activate them when these skills are ready by tapping on the mutants’ avatar shown at the bottom of the gameplay screen. The skills of the mutants are very important in these battles as they deal mass damage to the enemies. 

Every skill has a skill countdown time, so you can re-activate the skills when the skill countdown time is over. Besides activating these skills by tapping on the mutants’ avatars, you can start playing the Mutant Division game on your PC using LDPlayer 9. You get your hands with the Keyboard Mapping feature here, which lets you assign the key shortcuts for all the actions we should take care of during battles. So once you set keys to activate the skills of the mutants in the battles, you no longer need to use the touch system to activate the skills. 

Mutant Division Chapter Tasks to Complete

In this Mutant Division gameplay, chapter tasks play a great role. These chapter tasks are important to complete if you want to achieve higher progress in a short time, and also, if you want to get used to the Mutant Division gameplay quicker, you better complete these chapter tasks. 

Every chapter has a list of tasks or missions, and these missions will be unlocked for you one by one with your completion of the tasks. You can claim rewards besides the benefits you get from these chapter tasks. Since these chapter tasks come with a great payoff, it is always better to complete them by putting effort into them. 

Repair Buildings to Build Your Sanctuary

The base purpose of this game is to build a sanctuary for you and the other survivors to live peacefully. Therefore it is your duty to fortify your buildings to protect your base. When you find this base for you, you might see how corrupted it was. So you need to repair all the buildings to make them function for you. If the buildings are ruined, you won't be able to get the maximum use of it. So, you must repair the buildings to make them function for you and your base. 

When the buildings are repaired, you can have more uses for them, and because of this, you should repair the old buildings to build your sanctuary perfectly. Repairing these buildings will cost you some essential materials. But regardless of the cost you have to pay, you should repair buildings in your sanctuary. 

And also, you should upgrade those buildings once you repair them because upgrading will increase their functioning, making your sanctuary a better place. Besides repairing the existing ruined buildings, you can add new buildings for your gameplay to improve your base's military and economic aspects. 

Upgrade the Headquarters in Mutant Division 

You already know that this game lets you build your sanctuary by adding new buildings while repairing and upgrading the existing ones. To do any of these things, one of the main factors that affect is the level of your headquarters. Your sanctuary has a headquarters that is like its heart. So, you must upgrade your headquarters first to make other things happen easily. When you upgrade the headquarters, the combat power in your base will increase, and the troops will be increased along with other benefits. 

Dispatch Scout Aircraft to Explore Unknown Zones

During this gameplay, you will see the vast map but haven't explored most of its areas. Since you don't know what is in those areas and what these unknown zones look like, you will always feel danger. So, you can deploy scout aircraft to explore unknown areas. When you do so, you can see whether any settlements of enemy troops are in these unknown areas, and you can collect lots of intel on these unknown zones by dispatching aircraft scouts. 

At the beginning of the game, you only can dispatch one aircraft at a time, but when you upgrade your helipad, as we said above, you can unlock more aircraft to be dispatched into different zones at once. The unknown zones are covered with fog; when you dispatch the scout aircraft to these zones, they become clearer by removing the fog. You can dispatch the scout aircraft easily and find details about those unknown areas, whether there are airdropped materials, wandering mutants, etc. 

Quicken the Things with Speed-Ups

When you upgrade various buildings or do things that take considerable time, you may find yourself searching for how to speed up these processes. Here we suggest you use the speed-ups to quicker things in this Mutant Division gameplay. The speed-ups come with different time limits; you can use suitable speed-ups according to the time you want to shorten. With speed-ups, you can quicken your progression in this game. 

When you upgrade buildings in the early levels, it takes only a few seconds. But the upgrading time will increase with the level of the building. So in those times, you have to wait longer until the process is completed. But with these speed-ups, you can reduce the time a process takes to complete in this Mutant Division gameplay which is one of the best tips you can use to increase your progression in this game.  

Mutant Division World Map

Outside of your base is the world you can see, and when you go to the world map, you can see the bases of other players, mutants wandering freely, etc. In the world map, you can see a search icon, and when you tap on it, it lets you search for the hordes, water plants, farms, smelters, and oil wells at different levels. As you are still a Mutant Division beginner, we recommend searching for anything with level one. 

In all these search options, you can have different rewards and benefits, so you better start searching for what you need to get. For example, if you search for hordes on a certain level, you can get tons of rewards for attacking them. This is a great opportunity to loot more by attacking hordes, and also, you can gather the resources you need by going through other search options. As mentioned here in this Mutant Division ultimate guide with tips, go to the world map and search what you need and get 'em. 


With these guidelines and tips we have provided, you can be the most successful player in this game. Therefore there's nothing to worry about in this game, even if you are still a beginner. As you know the best gameplay strategies, you can now look for the Mutant Division codes that are useful for you. Knowing the Mutant Division codes that give you free rewards, you can create a base with plenty of resources.

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