Counter Side Global Tips for a Starter (Line Battle Arena)


After a long waiting through CBT and with the SEA server release, Counter Side Global is here for global players with the same exciting features you had to experience on its SEA version. None of any excitement has been changed even a little bit here because, just like the SEA version, the global version is also entirely made to please the gamers without any problem. It already spent a year to release a global version of the game. Now, we are here to provide some Counter Side Global tips.






Counter Side Global is not just an RPG that asks you to only battle and with just tower defending. It will be a lot better for the players to have immense knowledge on carrying their gameplay through the lanes like fields. There are PVE stages that really need your attention here, and it is a must to say, this game has one of the best graphics that any other RPG games have. So this time, you can start your battle much easier and more excitingly.


As you move forward from the Counter Side Global gameplay, you will need a lot of guidance and a push towards it as this gameplay is not just simple, and it kind of needs a big brain to succeed in everything. So today, in this guide, we will make you ready for the game with Counter Side Global tips and here is your starting way with the best potential tips to make gameplay more successful.



Counter Side Global Tips: New CEO Favored Recruitment – Cards Saving

This is the first thing to talk about under the Counter Side Global tips list, and if you are a beginner at Counter Side Global gameplay, you will not know what a reroll actually is. This will happen during your tutorial, and the game generally forces players to do ten pull.



The window that you can see for the recruitment doesn’t allow you to click anything. So if you don’t want to spend your free cards for this, you can just force exit and then restart the game. So you basically save your 1000 cards because this ten pull is actually not worthy for a player.


If you are a beginner, you can also give check out our Counter Side Global beginner guide as it will make things easier and faster.


Counter Side Global Tips: Rerolling 

This game comes along with 30 rerolls for a player, and it is actually a very good start for a beginner because the game gives several 3-star heroes for you to pick as a beginner. Some of the excellent recruitment you can take here are Constantine, Evelyn Keller, Gaeun and Elizabeth Pendragon. You also have a chance to gather the Chief, who is not a hero that can earn from the selector.


The rerolling for the Counter Side Global is actually worth it because it gives you the chance to earn some high powered commanders. The game will even allow you to earn Chifuyu for free, not from the selective summon. Most of the heroes you can see from the Counter Side Global are actually pretty good to start, and the starters of this game should definitely go through this to earn a super commander for the gameplay.



If the rerolling takes so long for you, try to go for the best android emulator: LDPlayer, as it gives you the easiness of the whole rerolling process through the Multi-Instance Sync. This will allow you the chance to create multiple copies from the same game instance, and all those can be used for the rerolling to do it with less time effectively. So you will have the best time for rerolling with this best emulator: LDPlayer.


Counter Side Global Tips: Operations


As a player, you will get to meet two options from this game Repeat operation and Stack operation. So this makes a player so easy to go along with the game. Because this game allows you to stack and then repeat as usual.This new feature comes along with the new global version, and we must say that there is the most excellent quality added for everything in this game right now.


Counter Side Global Tips: Top Picks 

There are several picks available in Counter Side Global just like it has for the SEA servers, and there are top 5 of them that a beginner should aim for.



The first one is the Gaeun, and she is a pretty decent character who came from the SEA server. Overall, she is doing well in the PVE as well, but she is way better at the PVP. When Gaeun fails to do most things in the PVE phase, you can go for Rosaria, and she does more damage than Gaeun because she is a ranger.


Karl Wong will also be a good ranger because he can make things very easy throughout the game. There are not so many characters to identify as the best rangers, but this one is your best pick. For the players who are seeking an ultimate sniper, we recommend Xia Ling. She might be somewhat complicated to use on the PVP, but overall she can make a good contribution to your gameplay.



That ends the Counter Side Global tips guide for now, and you can go through these things to play the game that has been just released. Go through everything we discussed here, as they can contribute well to your gameplay and have an excellent start for the Counter Side Global by utilizing everything right here.

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